Best Smartwatch Under 5000 Rs in India (Tagg Verve vs Colorfit Pro 2)

The latest smartwatch from this brand is the tag verve prized at 4199. The tag work is an affordable smartwatch in the already crowded smartwatch market segment. It does have a plethora of features that we quite commonly see in smartwatches, but as a consumer who wants to buy a smartwatch under 5000 rupees. Is it the best one in the segment and that’s exactly why, in this video i’m, going to compare tag, verb smartwatch with noise, color fit pro 2, which is currently among the best selling smart watches in india so guys this is suliban khan and let’s start Music. Let’S start with the design at a glance both the smartwatches resemble apple watch in terms of design which its square watch face and a button on the right side. The physical button on the right offer good tactile feedback and can be used for turning the display on or off the colorfit. Pro 2 case is made from polycarbonate and feels quite cheap as compared to this tag. Verbs zinc, alloy body construction, which feels very premium and sturdy, and this is the main reason why i bought this watch. Also, the weight distribution of the watch is quite good. It is a little bit on the heavier side as compared to color fit pro, which makes it feel premium, because if you go and look for a smartwatch under 5000 price segment, you won’t be able to find any watch that offers zinc or any other alloy construction Body previously, i have also used some other smart watches like amaze fit bip and cross beats ace, both of which comes under the same 5000 price bracket, but offers a cheap polycarbonate build now, for me, looks always matter nowadays.

Most of the smart watches offer similar set of features, and the main distinguishing feature remains the build and design so a big thumbs up for tag for such an amazing design. Both the wearables have been launched in two color options that is green and stilt black. Both the smartwatch has smooth edges, making it comfortable to wear on the wrist. The silicon straps are detachable, but i must mention that the strap quality on tag verb is far better than the colorfit pro 2, as it is little bit thicker and quite flexible i’m. Not saying that this traps are bad on the color fit, but the verves strap is much better and feels comfortable. The haptic motor on the both smartwatch is on par and feels very satisfying. Both smart watches use a proprietary magnetic charger, and the pins for this are on at the back of the watch casing right below the optical heart rate sensor. Overall, the build quality is quite satisfactory for the price point that this variable comes in at and the design is minimalistic yet striking. But the tag verb has the upper hand due to its zinc alloy body and better quality straps. Now let’s talk about the specs and features now both the smartwatches offer a similar set of features, so i will not go in depth regarding the features. But yes, there are some differences about which we are going to talk. The tag vervis smartwatch has a 1.4 inch.

320 into 320 pixel tft lcd color touch, display and offers multiple watch faces and the color fit pro 2 has 1.3 inch 240 to 240 pixel display. So at least on paper. The verb has a better display quality, also thanks to small bezels in the tag verb. It has a smaller form factor as compared to the color fit pro 2.. Both the smartwatches has built in gps and supports bluetooth, but the colorfit pro 2 has bluetooth 4.2 and the verb has latest 5.0. So theoretically, it will offer better range with less battery drainage. About which we will discuss in the later part of the video, both the smartwatches are compatible with the smartphones running android, 5 and above and iphones running ios, 9 and above both has an accelerometer, gyroscope and optical heart rate sensor. Both has ip68 water and dust resistant, which means it can survive exposure to water at a maximum depth of 1.5 m for up to 30 minutes. If we talk about the features both the smartwatches offer, similar set of features like step, counter, breath mode, heart rate and sleep monitoring, etc, with an exception of blood oxygen tracker, which is only available in tag verb, each device lets, you see caller name information and reject Incoming calls both also supports the useful find my phone feature. You can check weather forecast, information control, music, playback and the camera shutter on your phone and set timers and alarms. There is a wake gesture vibration alerts, dnd mode and more also, if we talk about the battery backup of both their smart watches, it offers similar amount of battery, which is of around eight nine days on a heavy usage and a standby time of around 45 days.

So in terms of specs and features again, tag burp has an advantage over color fit pro 2 due to its better display bluetooth, 5 support and blood oxygen tracker. Now we tested both the smartwatches for over two weeks and had a fairly satisfactory experience. Overall, the screen is bright enough outdoors and indoors. It seems to have an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint smudges. The font is very easy to read even on a screen. This is small. The only difference we have noted is that the build quality of tag verb is better and premium than color fit pro 2, which in my case, matters the most now. If we talk about the pricing, the color fit pro 2 is retailing for around 3 000 rupees. On amazon, whereas the verb retails for around 4 200 rupees, but you can get it for the same price as the color fit pro 2 by using our coupon code, extroit 1300. And you will get a straight discount of around 1300 rupees, making the final price 2900 rupees, which i think is a great deal at this price point, so guys that’s it for today hope you have enjoyed a lot. If you do, please do considering subscribing liking and sharing our channel.

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