TAGG Verve Smartwatch Review : Best Low Budget Smartwatch with flagship features

Keeping that in mind the indian company tag has designed a smart watch called tag war with the best in class features. This smart performs a plethora of functions rather than just providing you information about time. It is a pedometer heart rate, monitor sleep, monitor, music player, blood, oxygen level indicator and so much more and all this amazing features in one smart watch with its zinc alloy body and a display big enough to control. It will surely leave the users amazed. So let us have a look at the contains that you will get inside the box Music. Coming to the specification of this smartwatch. It has got a display of 1.4 inches, which is an ips lcd display the sensors. It includes are g sensor, heart rate sensor and blood oxygen sensor. It supports bluetooth, 4.0 connectivity. It is ip68 rated that is, it can withstand up to 1.5 meters under water for up to 30 minutes coming to its battery. It has got a 170 image of battery that delivers up to 10 days of battery life. The operating system compatibility is it supports, android, 5.0 and above and ios 9.0 and above looking at the design. It has a familiar look somewhat like a gta smartwatch or the number one gtx device having a curved body edges with a single physical button on the side that works as a power or home button. The smartwatch is partnered with a sporty silicon, strap with stainless steel.

Buckle so for the glossy finish, gives the smart watch a premium attractive looks its rectangular design is somewhat looking like an apple watch when it comes to display it has a 1.4 inch ips lcd with the ultra narrow bezel. It has a 93 screen to body ratio, giving the device a much wider screen and it is a vivid display. It is a full capacitive touch screen with the intuitive ui multi sport mode. With its motion sensor, the variable has running feature: climbing skipping exercise and playing and swimming the smartwatch support, call and message notification with the option to read the messages right on your wrist and also support, reject call option. It also shows you all your social application notification. Additional functions include: are music control with its loaded function, you can remotely control the music on your phone right from your device. Another bloated function is a remote camera connect your smartphone with this smart watch and just shake the smartwatch on your wrist to take the photos from your phone. The tagware smartwatch uses the wi fi support app available in ios and android platform. You can see all the information, graphs and statistics when you sync your smart watch with the support app. So here i am showing you the functioning of the wi fi app. I had given the smartwatch to my friend, so he is walking around the room in and out so that i can count his tabs. So now i am going to show you the heart rate sensor working on this smart watch Music.

Again, one more exciting feature of this: smartwatch is its blood oxygen level sensor. So here i am showing you the working of the blood oxygen level sensor, so the pros that i have identified using the smartwatch are the product is stylish and very useful. It adds up to the style statement of a person, it has a classy look and it has a varied design. It provides effective health monitoring too. The most important features that i liked on this smartwatch are its heart rate, monitor blood oxygen level indicator and the remote camera functionality. Seeing this smartwatch, i have not identified any disappointments, but what i like in the smartwatch is it’s always on display. Nowadays, smartwatches are becoming the best companion for an individuals who want to look after or to monitor their health or want to stay fit. So we need a smart watch which has gotten always on display. So this is the main feature that is lacking in the smart wall so other than this. All the other features are good and it looks like a complete value for money package when we compare the smart watch with other smart watches available in the market for a price of 3 000 indian rupees. So this is the best smartwatch that offers amazing features. If you want to buy this smartwatch, i have given the link in the description. If you like, the video please hit the like button, do share this video among your friends.

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