5 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 over Samsung Galaxy Watch 3!

I want to talk about five reasons why you should prefer or buy samsung galaxy watch active 2 over samsung galaxy watch 3.. Now samsung galaxy watcher 2 came out over a year ago and samsung galaxy watch 3 is the most recent samsung smartwatch. So why is galaxy objective 2 relevant still now? The first thing that i want to talk about is the look of galaxy watch active 2, its design, so it has a very clean, simple and straightforward design. It has a round shape. There is no rotating bezel here we don’t have any bulging buttons on the side. It’S made of aluminium, it looks nice and easy and clean on the wrist as well. It is also much more lightweight than galaxy watch 3., and the reason why that is is because of the lack of the rotating bezel on this watch, which gives it such a straightforward and plain look now. The reason why i like this is because it matches perfectly with the casual dressing as well as formula tyre. All you need is to put on a perfect watch face and you’re good to go now. One more reason why i would prefer galaxy watch active 2 over galaxy watch 3 is because of its suitability as a sleep tracker. If you want to wear your watch to bed to track your sleep galaxy watch. Active 2 is a perfect candidate for all the reasons that i have stated earlier, plain simple: clean: look: no rotating bezel, no bulging buttons on the side so easy to wear to bed.

It will not disturb you. It will not. You know get entangled with your clothing or your you know sheets or whatever, so it works perfectly as a sleep tracker as well. Next up i want to talk about the software on galaxy watch. Active 2. So recently samsung has updated this watch with one ui 2.0, which is based on tizen os So this is the same exact software that is available and running on galaxy watch three. So if you get galaxy, watch active two, you are getting the latest software. The same software that’s running on galaxy watch three and all the latest features such as running analysis, fall, detection, smart replies, scroll capture and the list goes on. So, even though this watch is a year old, it is still running on the latest software and all the latest features that are available on galaxy was three except few features that are hardware based, such as the spo2 sensor, which is a hardware component available on galaxy Watch 3 and not available on galaxy watch active 2, but that should not be a deal breaker because not everyone needs an sp2 sensor. If you don’t need it, you will get 99. Almost 100 features on galaxy watch active 2. With this software update that are available on galaxy watch 3, so you don’t lose anything when it comes to the software, and this becomes even more relevant when i combine it with the next thing that i will talk about, which is the hardware specifications, so both of These watches galaxy watch 3 and galaxy watch.

Active 2 have the same exact specifications under the hood and by specifications i mean they are both running on the same exact processor, which is exynos 9110 processor. It is a 10 millimeter processor, they have the same gpu. They have the same screen size and resolution. Even though galaxy watch 3 comes in 45 millimeter size and 41 millimeter size. The screen size is 1.4 inches and 1.2 inches, respectively and galaxy watch. Active 2 actually comes in a 44 millimeter size and 40 millimeter size, but guess what the screen size is same 1.4 and 1.2 inches respectively and resolution is same on both of them as well, so you’re not losing anything in terms of the screen and screen resolution And display, or even the processor and processing power, and they both have the same exact battery capacities. So 44 millimeter and 40 millimeter versions of galaxy watch. Active 2 come with 340 mah and 247 mah battery inside and same is true for 45 millimeter and 41 millimeter versions of galaxy watch 3. They both have 340 mah and 247 mah batteries inside respectively, and if there is any significant difference that exists, it’s in terms of the internal storage and ram galaxy watch. 3 comes with 8gb of internal storage, which is double of what galaxy watch. Active 2 comes with, which is 4gb and galaxy. Watch 3 comes with 1gb ram, which is more than the bluetooth version of galaxy watch. Active 2., so galaxy watch 3 has 1gb ram and galaxy watch.

Active 2 has 768 mb ram, but the lte versions of galaxy objective 2 have 1.5 gb ram. So when it comes to the internal hardware specifications it turns out you’re not losing much when it comes to galaxy watch active 2.. Now, moving on to the next reason, i want to talk about the touch bezel on galaxy watch active 2.. Now the touch bezel on this watch works exactly like the physical rotating bezel on galaxy watch 3.. The only difference is that it is a capacitive touch bezel. So there is no moving rotating bezel here. There are no physical parts here, but still the functionality is exactly the same. It also gives you haptic feedback and haptic clicks when you are moving your finger over the bezel, so it feels like a real rotating bezel, which obviously it is not, but it gives you that feeling it interacts with the interface and the software of galaxy watch. Active 2 in exactly the same way, the rotating bezel does on galaxy watch 3.. However, it does take some time getting used to and it is not accurate and as precise as the rotating bezel as well. But after a while, you develop this muscle memory and your finger just goes in the right place and you move your finger and you know you get where you want to be. But it is also not as responsive and also a little bit slow to react to the touch of your finger, which for me should not be a deal breaker, because it does provide the exact same functionality as a rotating bezel.

And if you are able to get past this initial learning curve and develop this muscle memory, it should be fairly easy to use this capacitive touch bezel on galaxy watch, active 2. and the lack of rotating bezel actually also works in favor of the galaxy watch. Active too, because it gives it that simple, clean look that i have talked about earlier, which makes this watch a better proponent as compared to galaxy watch three now. Finally, i want to talk about the price of these two watches galaxy watch. Active 2 is retailing for 243 us dollars on amazon us, and this is the 44 millimeter version, whereas galaxy watch 3 is retailing for 429 us dollars. The 45 millimeter version on amazon us so for almost 200 dollars cheaper in galaxy watch active 2. You are getting almost same internal specifications, same processor, you’re, getting the same screen same resolution, same processing, power, updated software, you’re, getting same water resistance. Everything is same, except for a few features that are hardware based and you’re, getting all that at a much cheaper price. So if you’re in the market and you’re looking to buy a very capable smart watch that does not break your bank, i think galaxy watch. Active 2 is a very suitable candidate for that so that’s about it from this video guys. Let me know what you think about this video, what you think about galaxy watch, active 2 or galaxy watch 3.

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