AED: 35 T55 Smart watch Replica of Apple Smart watch 5 Series

com yesterday and today it got delivered excellent stuff of packaging from just right in front of you. I’Ll, Music, Music, Music um is a Music Music, Music, foreign Music, exactly Music foreign Music Music, and if you want to use it and have a full track on it, you have to install this fit pro app, which you have to download from play store. So i’ll uh yeah, so i’ll click on it and after once the interface opens you have to click and log in i’ve i will choose a facebook to login and yeah it’s logging in and loading yeah. So you interface, okay. First of all, you have to see whether it is already paired with uh already paired with bluetooth, so it’s an easy process. I mean anybody can pair it just to go and check for the check for this things and whether your t5 watch double 5 watch is connected or not. On the upper hand, you can find it and you can check uh by clicking on find that whether it is already connected or no, but you have to check on the top of the screen whether it is connected or no uh. When it is connected, it will show the t double five symbol on the top of the mobile and you have to. If you want to connect the whatsapp notification messages and all you have to click on the message, push as you can see the button as you can see the menu over there, and once you click over it, it will be connecting it will take some time to Load and yeah it’s already connected, and you can see the i think which is already connected.

So there are several you know: options uh as per uh, your as per your uh use. You can just click on it and the set specification please subscribe.

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