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Amaze fit is already at it. So now the gtr 2 has been joined by this fresh new alternative, the gtr 2e, where the e stands for essential and the amaze fits gtr 2e looks almost identical to the original, but some of those more premium features have been stripped out to reach a more Affordable asking price like the ability to store music on there and the built in speaker now, i’ve had the amazfit gtr 2e sat on my wrist. For the past week, i’ve been fully tested out all other features, including that fitness shenanigans that’s how dedicated to the cause. I am this is my full amaze fit gtr 2e review and from all the latest greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers. So, as i mentioned, that design is practically unchanged for this essential, remodel and that’s. Absolutely fine by me, because the original gtr2 was sexier than a barrel, full of brangelinas and no i’m, absolutely still not over that whole split god, damn it. The misfit gtr 2e does drop the stainless steel casing of the original, however, and replaces it with a cheaper aluminium alloy just to shave a few extra quid off and, to be honest, you won’t really notice the difference. This watch is still a beauty, and so far, despite my banging the thing of several counter tops and hard edges in various states of let’s call. It disarray. The amir’s fitwatch gtr2e remains in pristine condition.

Now for anyone who’s debating with themselves whether to get the gtr 2e or whether to go for the more compact gts2i, i mean look i’ve got notoriously slender wrists they’re, so pathetically skinny. That if i tried something like juggling, my hands would probably just snap off, but even i found that the gtr2e was a perfectly fine fit helped along by that really skinny finish. Certainly, a lot less chunky than most smart watches and it’s also pleasantly light as well as you basically forget, you’ve even got it on as well as proven rather durable. The gtr 2e boasts that same 50 meter water resistance as the original watch. So you can keep it on in the pool or shower, and that 22 mil silicone strip can once again be removed and replaced with another band. Now you can control the amaze fit gtr 2e, using the zep, app, formerly known as the amaze fit app, and this works like basically any other wearable app that you download. It basically stores all of your vital stats and data, and you can also be used to set up the watch exactly how you like it. So the first thing you’re confronted with when you load up the zep app, is all of your health stats and let’s. Not dwell too much on mine because, as i’ve made perfectly clear in previous smartwatch reviews, the furthest i walk, these days is generally to the karzian back. But if you want to, you can tap your way into any of these elements.

Get a bit more of a detailed breakdown, and quite a lot of these sections do actually go into quite a surprising amount of detail. For instance, the sleep tracking on the gtr2e is definitely a step beyond what you get on a lot of other smart watches, where it feels kind of tacked on and a bit pointless let’s see on the amaze feet. You get a nice clear breakdown of exactly how much deep sleep, you’ve managed exactly at which points during the night you walk up even get scored on your sleep quality. So basically you can feel bad about yourself in a whole new way: oh you’re, so goddamn useless. You even suck at sleep. Meanwhile, the profile section down here at the bottom allows you to change up your goals at any point and also track your records for your running sessions, cycle and stuff like that, and then you can change up the smartwatch settings by actually tapping on the name of It under my devices, you can change pretty much everything in here, exactly which apps will give you notifications, for instance, change up the haptics, whether you have 24 hour heart rate monitoring or not you’ve got security options you can see which wrist you’re wearing it on as Well can actually rotate the screen, depending on which side you rock it on and if you’re, in the habit of losing your there’s, even a find watch feature in there as well it’s, pretty comprehensive stuff.

Now, back to that sex, horrific hardware and the gtr 2e’s 1.’ inch amoled screen is the same tech as that original model. On top brightness, you won’t have to squint too much when the sun’s shining, while the 326 pixel print resolution, helps to keep tiny text sharp and clearly legible and a misfits ui is quite colorful and those colors look fine, not particularly punchy, but certainly not lifeless, either. We’Re talking about a happy medium and speaking of that ui it’s, actually not too dissimilar to the likes of wear os and a lot of other smartwatch arrivals you’ve got fast access to all of your sort of main information by swiping every which way so, for instance, If you swipe down the display where you got fast, access to the gtr 2 is shortcut. Icons which are absolutely teeny, so you’ll definitely have to be very careful when you’re tapping to make sure you get the right one and here’s a fun little tip for you. As well, if you’re busy listening to some music on your smartphone using some earphones and you’re messing around on your amaze fate watch, definitely do not accidentally tap that find my phone icon when you’re fumbling around in the settings. Because what you’ll do – and this is the fun part – is blast insanely loud noise direct into your locals you’ve got a variety of watch faces that you can choose between just by long pressing on that home screen.

As you can see, you’ve got various digital efforts. Uh analog efforts, as well, most of which will display your sort of health stats and all that good stuff on that main screen, and you can adjust some of the elements as well. As you can see there to pick up the stats that you find most useful and because it’s an oled screen, that also means you have full always on display functionality as well. The eod actually matches your watch face as well. So you get a nice consistent approach to it all swipe this away and you’ll drag up the notifications urban. This is definitely one area where the amazefit gtr2e could do a lot better, as i mentioned before, using that zip app, you can actually dictate exactly which apps cannotify you on your smartwatch whenever something pops up on your phone that demands your attention. Unfortunately, it is very, very bare bones. Basically, you can get a sort of quick summary of exactly what the notification is all about here on the smartwatch um, but you can’t do anything else with it. You can’t directly reply to a message you can’t archive it on your phone and i did find occasionally the smartwatch simply wouldn’t notify me either when something buzzed onto my phone generally. If there were other notifications sort of piled up so yeah, it would definitely be good to see amazfit improve that over time. Meanwhile, if you swipe right or left, you get fast access to basically the most important apps to you.

So you can see, for instance, what your heart rate measurement is doing. You’Ve got fast access to your music controls, all that good stuff, so very similar to the likes of the huawei watchers and aware os, of course, and this is fully customizable via the phone as well. So if there’s any views you don’t want, you can just get rid of them, you can add in different ones and yeah the performance in quite perfect. You will see your judder here and there as you’re flicking through the various menus and everything. But you know what on the hall, it is pretty bloody good and here on the miz fit watch. Gtr 28. You once again have two physical buttons here on the right edge of the device. The top one, as before, brings up a list of your apps that you’ve got available. You can also tap it again to go back to that main watch face. Meanwhile, the bottom button brings up your favorite app in this case as a default it’s the workouts not sure about you, but definitely my favorite and you do have a small but uh, pretty useful selection of apps here on the amir’s fitwatch gtr 2e, including, of course, All the fitness stuff you’d expect like the heart rate tracker. You work out your activities, stress levels, sp02, measurements it’s, all that good fitness stuff and then tools that you’d expect, like music controls, alarms events with the music controls, though unfortunately you can’t actually store tunes on the watch 2e.

Unlike the original gtr2, which came with three gigs of storage uh, so all you can do here is actually control the music that is playing on your smartphone and again it’s a small but pretty comprehensive set of controls, and you can change the volume if needed to And one of the other main features that amir’s fit has stripped out of the essential version of this watch compared with the original gtr2 is the built in speaker as well. So you do have a mic in here, but you do not have a speaker, so you can’t actually take calls via the watch um. You will get a call notifications that literally just pop up saying, hey somebody’s ringing. You might want to pick up your phone and like the huawei watch and a few other smart watches as well, there’s, no ability to download fresh new apps from an app store, unlike the likes of wear os and the apple watch you’re, basically stuck with what you’ve Got although it means that it can add new apps in future updates, so, as i already mentioned, the gtr 2e does still have a built in mic. This means you do still get voice commands as well, so you’ll notice that uh when the watch is powered down. If you then power it back up, you’ll spy, this little blue icon pop up here right at the very bottom, and what that basically means is that for the first five seconds or so, when you wake up the watch, gtr 2e is listening for any specific voice.

Commands so, for instance, you could say open weather and it will recognize that and open the weather, and you can use this feature to basically access most of the apps and other bits on the watch. Gtr 2e, without having to touch the touchscreen, although i’m not really sure what the point of it is to be honest unless maybe you’re wearing gloves, and you can’t actually get the touchscreen to work personally. I’Ve got to admit. I forgot that that was even really a thing now for all you, fitness fans out there, the amaze fit, has got all of those usual features as we’ve run through including the likes of built in gps and support for all the standard exercise. Shenanigans, although if you are into something a bit more specialist, you might want to check out the huawei watches or a wear os rival. Still that bio tracker, 2 sensor seems perfectly accurate when it comes to measuring the likes of your heart rate. I did find that my spo 2 measurements were almost always 100, though, which seems a little optimistic, but as always of course, the amaze fitwatch gtr2e isn’t, a medical device it’s just there for sort of general guidance and the misfit is actually added in a feature to The watch gtr 2e, which wasn’t found in the original, and that is the fresh new temperature sensor, and this could be handy for diagnosing a fever and potentially warning you that you might have a certain virus.

That’S proven super popular right now. You start tracking your exercise session here on the watch. Gtr 2e, with just a couple of quick button, pushes the door. It also comes with a built in automatic exercise, detection feature as well. Personally, i found that was about as useless as a pair of cotton. Candy y fronts only twice during my entire time with the watch gtr 2a did it actually detect that i’d started doing exercise? One of those times was when i was changing the tv channel using the remote control and the other was when i was enthusiastically removing the lid on a jar of nutella. However, it did not detect that i was doing exercise when i was doing my daily boxing session on a bit of fit exit or or when i was dancing around my living room like a or the one time i actually walked to the shops to stock up On booze again so yeah, if i was you, i would just stick to the manual tracking now the battery size on the amis fit watch. Gtr 2e is exactly the same as the standard gtr2, but amir’s fit still reckons that the battery knife has increased from 14 days to 24 days with regular everyday use. However, with the always on display active and that 24 hour, heart rate tracking and the occasional bit of fitness tracking thrown in there for good measure, i found that that certainly was not the case.

The watch gtr 2e certainly performed well. Definitely impressed me give me around 10 days of full use on a single charge. Definitely one of the better efforts for a modern, 2021 smartwatch, and certainly a lot better than likes the apple watch and a lot of wear s devices as well. Even the tic watch pro and it’s, probably about on par with the likes of the huawei watchers likes the gt2 pro. Meanwhile, charging backup is nice and swift as well. You got that bundled magnetic proprietary dock in the box, just slap that into a laptop attach the watch it’ll be back up to full again from zero in about an hour and a half or so so that’s. My review of the amaze fitwatch gtr 2e. After using it as my full time smartwatch for just over a week – and i really really enjoyed my time with it – the design is absolutely stunning. It’S got most of the features on there that you’d expect and if you’re not bothered about having a speaker to actually take calls via the watch or have that built in storage for carrying around music. Then you know what you’ll save a few quid on the original gtr2. There are some elements that could use a bit of tender, love and care like the notification stuff, for instance, not quite as good as a lot of rivals like the huawei watches, for instance, in that department, but still very, very solid and the battery life, while nowhere Near as good as amir’s fit reckons, it’s still pretty bloody good, so that’s.

What i think would be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below i’ve done, a full comparison side by side with the watch, gtr 2 and the gtr 2e and the gts2 and the gts2e as well. So go check that out to see exactly what the differences are between all four of these bad boys and i’ve also got the mini to review as well. So that’ll keep me going for a bit longer. So thanks very much.

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