Apple Leather Link Review: California Poppy

It comes in this box and has a bit of information at the back leather link with the magnetic closure says right there, so i am excited let’s open it Music. So, just out of the box Music, this is the information sheet that was also in the box, and here we have the box Music, and here is the band just getting it out of the package. It feels not as light as i thought it would. It feels quite steady and i think it’s the magnet in between the the leather, the material. So i like the combination of the colors, so it’s got that brown on the other side, which is the saddle, brown and it’s got this california poppy color. On the other side, i got the 40 millimeter band because i have very very small wrists and the sides just suit me much better Music wow. I like the pop of color already, and it just goes so good with this screen. It feels so nice in the hands. As i mentioned, i bought mine in the 40 millimeter um length. Speaking of the band and in the small medium the band fits about 140 to 180 millimeter and the medium large band fits from 165 to 105 millimeter wrist. So let’s try and put this on it’s a lot easier than when i try to pin this in and flip this around. So yes, i am definitely liking this magnet it’s, so easy and it’s on there quite steady.

I just have to tighten it and it feels good and steady. Now i really like it so apple says that this leather is handcrafted in france and we all know that apple’s products are quite pricey, so let’s hope that this will be worth it Music, as you can see, there’s a really good combination going on here, and i Am so excited i’m waiting for my california poppy colored iphone case, so the bands are not two sided, because the magnets are don’t work on the other side, so this is the only side i’ll be using with the california poppy side. So this is on the silver watch now i’ll, try it on the black. So just before i had almost put the brown side of the band and remembered i can’t actually do that now. This is quite annoying, because why would apple not make these bands two sided? It makes no sense to me, i mean you already have the color there. Why not just make it two sided. Okay, so comment below and let me know if you don’t mind that it’s one sided or you prefer. It was two sided that does it for my unboxing of the apple leather link, netic closure in the california poppy color.

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