Apple Watch Series 4 in 2021 Review

Thinking of what the i think, it’s called watch, os and 7. I i can’t remember if they called him always called it. Watch os or if it was just an extension of ios. I should remember this because i’ve had an apple watch since uh 2016., but i’ll have to look that up in the settings but as far as this is a series 4 in 2021 but i’m, not sure if any watch os updates come out if that’ll change anything With the experience of this particular series uh to start out, i had the original apple watch, which would have been the series zero, the original one from 2015.. I did a video on it about a year ago and it was it was this higher end model? That is stainless steel sapphire with this milanese loop. This is from the original of apple watch, because this one came with the sport band. So i still like to use this from time to time and that one was good because i don’t that’s one thing i’m going to really emphasize on this review. Is i really basically just use it as a watch with complications and notifications and that’s all i use it for so i’m using it in the most basic most traditional watch style, just with the notifications tied to my phone that’s, the only difference so to me, any Of them like that’s, why the original series zero still did very well for me, because that was all i was using it for uh.

The problem was, it was very slow and the main problem was the battery had expanded popped. The glass out i did replace it and i got really good battery life again, but i decided i wanted to upgrade my favorite part about the series. 4. Is the rounded screen so i’m not sure how well it’ll come across because you have to have certain things open to where this isn’t? Really you can’t really see that rounded edge too much, but all of them are like that now. So i think most people know about that it’s, so much faster. I was really happy with it. This was the one i wanted, but now that well, i think they’re on the series six now, but now that the series five has they always on display. This one was really good so fast. I like the rounded edges and all the different, the speed of it it’s all good, but now it kind of makes me want to upgrade to the series 5 for the always on, but i don’t have to have it. Oh, this is actually a good watch face to show the rounded edges now with the conflicting white. It does make that bezel a little more pronounced, but i like to keep it usually on this one and i like all these complications. This is what i use: temperature precipitation, sunset, sunrise, wind and i just have the moon phase and they’re just for fun. I really don’t care, but it’s, just something nice and then the date a day and date really.

And then i like to keep i like to keep an er. Obviously, the analog face both a digital readout, just a real, quick glance to know exactly where we’re at and that’s how i use mine again, it’s very fast um that i had a sync to my phone and i really don’t even know how you can close out. Apps so i’m, not sure if you can take that out of ram but it’s pretty speedy, but i never really and then, for when i have an alarm, i can just mute it on here. I use it for messages somewhat. I don’t use the message on here, but i can look at the messages. Rarely do i use it for phone calls, but sometimes and it’s, really just the fact that it works. I don’t use any of the health stuff. I have that all shut off uh. I liked the heart rate, but i didn’t like that you had to keep it on all the time, so i think it would eat at the battery life and i think, to turn it back on you’d. Have you couldn’t just open the app and get it to work? I think you have to disable it in the settings and then to use it again. You got ta enable it, so i just don’t bother with it, because i don’t need it most of these things. I just don’t use walkie talkie, so at least for right now, let’s talk about.

I actually use this as a beater watch and i learned that with the original series zero is, i thought you know it’s kind of a premium watch kind of cost a lot because back then i really didn’t have a watch more expensive than that. So i didn’t want to wear it all the time, but i noticed the stainless steel cleans up so easily and skill like i use a mother’s, mag and aluminum wheel polish on a rag you can get there’s like the pads for stainless steel, so there’s different ways. You can do it and since it’s a sapphire display, you can just kind of rub the side and if you get it up on here, it doesn’t matter because you’re really not going to scratch it. And then you have this ceramic back with the upgraded sensor over the older ones, and then you get the two speakers or maybe one’s a mic. I don’t know i think that’s the mic and then the home button is recessed or it’s really flush on the series. Zero it stuck out. This is uh. I think all stainless steel models are cellular enabled i don’t use that because i use mint mobile and they don’t offer a cellular plan for the apple watch, which i don’t care because i’m not gon na, be in a situation. If i’m gon na be out i’ll just bring my phone with me to me: that’s, not a problem i’m, not sure why it would be.

Unless someone i don’t know if the apple watch is a standalone product. Yet if it was and you didn’t have an iphone, then i could fully understand the advantage of having a service directly on this, but as i use it, i don’t need that. I have my phone with me and i’m not doing that much on it. So it’s, just like you know, my notifications are and then pick up my phone. So again, the condition of this is excellent. You really can’t scratch these screens um, probably not the wisest thing here to do, but that does put like some grooves or impressions. Just from i don’t know, maybe just the materials rubbing each other and then they wipe it off on the shirt, but that wasn’t an actual scratch. You can see that’s just some of the residue from oils or something, but it doesn’t scratch so that’s. The main reason why i like this watch, i have different bands. The only apple bands i have is the milanese loop and the sport loop that came with it and then the rest are all third parties, and this is the 44. But the 42, like this old one, fits on it, so they’re, just a great versatile watch. I’M glad they haven’t changed like they’ve slimmed it down a little bit round to the edges, but obviously they kept the compatibility with all the bands which i love, there’s, really not too much else to say again for my use case, you know to me it’s, just It’S, nice and so again, not too much to show i used to use instagram, but they got rid of that instagram app like instagram app years ago, but you can see speed wise if you do need to do anything on it.

It’S great. But at this point i think i’m, mostly just rambling, oh the battery life, i mean that’s good. I don’t know what else to say if you’re, using all the health features and everything or you have uh cellular, yes, it’s not going to be as quick, but for me it’s, just it gets through a whole day a lot of times. I don’t even keep it on all day so for just like work or something i only lose like 20 percent – maybe 30 percent. If that, if i’d, keep it on all day, i’d, probably still only be down to 60 or something so you could easily get two days out of it if you’re, not a heavy user, but i keep mine on the charger every night, so the battery life’s great Works fine sounds that it’s loud enough, and i do like the haptics and the crown and everything so it’s, just a good watch. I would really recommend it if you have uh anything newer than like, maybe a series three three or newer. I don’t know if i would get this one i’d, probably just get the series five or six, and this is always talking about the stainless steel model. I don’t like the uh more basic sport model, the aluminum just doesn’t, look as nice in the screens, not as the glass is uh, just a regular glass or crystal so i i would recommend always getting this one get.

If you get it on ebay, you can get it very like the price of an aluminum one, if it’s a year behind. So i got the series 4 when the series 5 came out and i do kind of want the always on display and now that the series six and i think the seven will be coming out soon. I could probably get a five in the stainless steel, but i really this was a used model. I really hit the lottery. It was basically like new. I don’t even think the person really used it much or if they did it’s just so robust that you don’t notice. So i think the four is good. If you do not need the always on display, then i would highly recommend the four. But if you want that, then i would go with the five in stainless steel, so that’s about all. I can come up with because there’s not much else to show if my use case so hopefully at least tells you what the status of the series 4 is in 2021 i’m really happy with it so uh.

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