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I am also i’m interested in these high tech gadgets and gizmos. We have nowadays like, for example, small watches, so when we started looking into it and i of course, automatically facebook timeline uh overflown thanks to cookies, with all kinds of ads for small watches and stuff. Now, to be honest, i think these these things are pretty expensive. Uh 250 dollars for pretty decent samsung, for example, not to mention an apple watch or something or take, watch beautiful stuff. You may gorgeous display resolution, but because of my job well pretty well pretty physical. I move i’m, a technician, um i’m afraid such an expensive smart watch would be broken, uh damaged or else pretty pretty soon or pretty pretty quick, not my cup of tea, these expensive things. So we started looking into the cheaper versions and we all know the stories of things made in china. However, most of those watches are being made in korea, taiwan or china. I started looking into these cheaper versions and i saw some pretty interesting things. I also want to be able to to use a smart watch doing sports. I wanted to have gps tracking. I wanted to have uh to know the elevation on a mountain biking to keep track of my where i’m going, but also the heart rate, the blood pressure and stuff my blood pressure, most smart watches can measure the blood pressure. However, due to regulations and the various countries, uh, not all smart watches to have that function, functionality working it may it may be hidden in the software.

It can be activated by an update, but due to it regulations, for example, here in the netherlands, it doesn’t allow smart watches, aren’t allowed to have the blood pressure function working now i noticed many brands or alex press wish. Tell you just to mention to there will be more um and the information yeah well was pretty vague um. I stumbled onto this watch pretty good looking watch and i missed the information on the display resolution now considering the price which was fifty dollars. In that case, i don’t expect you know i don’t expect too much it. It will not be like a thick watch or you wear with a 454 by 454 resolution, but i just wanted to know what is it the resolution, so i sent did send these guys on their website and a a message with the question. What is the resolution and it took them about four to five days? Okay uh to answer me, but i didn’t get a real answer. It was a question on my question because i asked what is the resolution and they ask me: what is your order number? I know how hard can it be because you give me a solid, simple, straightforward answer. Tell me what the display resolution is so and it was, it was a pretty. It was kind of russian with russian corrupt letters and stuff and uh. I had a throw and thrown some screenshots in this video, but then i stumbled onto this brand valente um and pretty decent website watch looked on screen.

Pretty interesting. Pricing was pretty okay in euros. It was 69 euros and that will be 65 or such, but they also didn’t mention the display resolution. I think that’s pretty interesting to know so we did send them a message at uh four minutes over nine in the evening in the evening. Four minutes over nine believe it or not. Within four minutes i had an answer back. Had i thrown a screenshot at 9.8 hours, i got. I had an answer and i had a real answer by some lady in dutch. She replied to me in dutch with a straightforward answer: ilya the resolution is it’s simple as that: well, black friday came and they had an offer of over 10, the 10 euro discount. That was kind of interesting. You know it was 69 and i was 59. So i talked to my girlfriend, he said. Well, you know what i i contribute something uh for christmas as a christmas present, and i thought okay, my mother it’s, now on there for 59 words that’s a steal, i think so i did order it and of course they were very clear about it. This will be sent from china. It may take a while don’t expect it tomorrow there will be maybe some old chinese giza with a huge beard, a great huge beard in a roman boat uh, all the way from shenzhen or hong kong towards the harbour of rotterdam. Where will baby put in the mail? I don’t know something like that.

Then it came in just a few a few days ago, just before christmas, because it’s it’s monday after christmas now uh it came in with the mail, and i i waited to draw back the skies, because because i wanted to unpack this with you, i want to Do you do want you to see what the first impression is? I want to know how this works, how intuitive it will work for me and what my first impression is alright guys. I talked too much already over to the unpacking part: okay, ready to impact the chisel. This is the envelope. It came in, of course, it’s written to make it clear for customs and which what i didn’t expect it’s a return andres address in case undeliverable in the netherlands, because i’m in the netherlands, as you may have guessed by now, if you didn’t already know but let’s Open this up small little box, nice working box, simple, i make it difficult step counter is, of course, this moist water resistance, don’t know what that means. Heart rate sensor is this is this is a sleep monitor which seems to be fun all right, blood pressure? Yes, the brightness adjustable, of course i don’t know the wrist yep. You can make a selfie with it, while we’re using the watch. Okay, that’s interesting, all right, all right! Well, let’s slide this open already. Looking nice, i see a nice satin black finish and i thought it was turned on, but it isn’t it’s fake.

This is always in there a very interesting moment, a very special moment, beautiful black, i don’t think it’s a super emulated display, but not for the surprising. This is stainless, steel, wristband is, is silicon, but has a really nice feel to it. These are the sensors for the heart rate and oxygen blood oxygen in the blood. Of course, this charging, cable and manual. This has to be a regular charge. Oh no! No! No! No, no! It isn’t! Oh wait! Oh oh, that okay, wait! These are the charging connectors uh, no it it which is this. This is how it works. Okay, now it attracts that’s episode. So you cannot go wrong. You simply cannot do this wrong. Now, that’s smart thinking, magnet isn’t all that strong though, but it will work. I guess it will work all right, checking the manual Music it’s all written in chinese, but i saw some english there. Okay, here we go. This is the english part. Now things are making more sense. Okay, i will start reading into this. This is all blah blah have to download the app. These are there’s a qr code. All right, i think, it’s time to turn this puppy on. I did charge it for a while that i just be sure, but i think it’s pre charged, so i came pre charged, i believe 65 percent or something it’s, a guess. Nice. Looking finish, though, the blue set in black okay let’s press the button there’s only one button there.

So this doesn’t turn simple basic. Okay, all right, let’s push the button, see what happens. Oh it’s, a life that’s fast, it starts up really fast, must be some basic software. Okay, it goes off pretty quick, maybe that oh swiping, okay, no blood pressure or heartmate 775. wait that doesn’t show anything uh hello. Am i dead now, okay start reading into it is the messages connectivity, selection, double tap on the screen? Nothing happens. I’M. Just exploring here guys just exploring here. Oh wait, you can it is. You could change the language, it has to be dutch in my case and it’s the last option. I really already read that dutch was added just just recently the newer versions. Okay, now we downloaded the app – and this is what i noticed you can adjust the brightness of the display in the app. This is the app and it starts up in sports mode, but i was looking and i didn’t uh – to take a good look down. There notice this the menu button and you can go down there’s the display brightness and you can adjust the brightness up, dark and right ta da okay. This is something i have to look into, because i see a lot of things that not immediately make sense me. Be because the screen turns off very fast, it goes dark again, i guess to preserve energy. Now this is my spotify. I i think i i found how this works.

I don’t know there will be no music here because i don’t want to get in trouble with youtube, but you can’t touch that next song and it goes to next song. This is the top to 2000 of the netherlands by the way can adjust the volume up high as the play function. Pause, punch, pause, function, interesting, interesting, okay, set the timer to 10 seconds. So, no now the display stays on for 10 seconds. Things are starting to make sense now guys, but i will have to come back to you in another video, because this video will take much longer for now. I think there will be more interesting stuff in the next video to come.

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