Digital Distraction Watches! Freestyle Shark and Armitron Rubik

Nothing! You really want at the moment. We need something to fill that void now. I’Ve done a video on using vostok for this purpose before but there’s. Another niche of watches that i like digitals and i’m, not just talking to run of the mill casios here, i’ve got a few, not so mainstream watches that i’d like to talk about. So i got a quick unboxing of something really cool up front and then we’ll take a look at a couple. Others so let’s get to it, i’m pete and we are chilling with watches first things. First, where i’m a scuba do today. This is the one with that cool aftermarket, bezel, it’s kind of the it’s done in relief and it’s filled in much like the breitling super ocean, and you ever seen a scuba dude on a jubilee before, but you can buy sets of end links for like a Couple bucks on aliexpress: i take them to my drum sander and you know a little tweaking here and there and you can make end links for almost any watch all right. So what we have in here, this is kind of funny. This is a an unboxing that you’re not going to get anywhere else. I don’t think so. It doesn’t even say that’s right, an armatron unboxing yup armatron. Who does that? I caved on the armatron. You guys might have seen this on instagram, i don’t know. Oh yeah check that bad boy out see if i get close on that dial super fun dial.

This thing is tiny. I will put it on wrist, so you guys can see but it’s funny, because it’s really small water resist i don’t. I wish they would just give me some kind of number. I need to know what that means: has a very timex q, casio type clasp on the bracelet there, but oh it’s, heavy surprisingly heavy, for what it is looking at this armatron rubric that we just opened. The first thing that jumped out of me with this watch is the awesome blue dial, with the little swimmer dude on there right very cool dial, just a lot of fun – very 80s. 70S. 80S. I guess anything ending in tron is from the 80s. I think so that two tone blue, is just a lot of fun, but on closer inspection, you’ll notice, it’s, just a really cool case, shape right, almost like an elongated, octagon and it’s even got these very cool lugs that you know. I love the flat cut out from the case. It lets you use kind of universal bracelets. They don’t have to have be fitted end links, but just a really cool look again very fitting with that 70s or 80s look. But if you look even closer you’ll notice, this is a full metal case right. It is not that silver painted plastic case you find on so many casios. This is a full stainless steel case, which is really great at this price and cool for a digital watch period, and you can, you can feel the it’s heavier than you would expect this watch to be when you pick it up.

It’S got a stainless steel bracelet and they are just folded over links, but it’s still very heavy with that case and all it feels solid. It feels quality and looking at the case from the side, it’s pretty much flat from the side view. But there is just a little turn down on those lugs. You can see just enough to take up the addition of the case back there to make it even and level the case back itself. It is a snap on case back. It gives it 50 meters of water resistance, though so i assume that’s a real 50 meters. I got a swimming dude on the front right, it’s got to be able to get wet. I haven’t taken it swimming, but i’ll have to give that a try, so yeah the bracelet, very cool links, very reminiscent of what you would find on. You know any of the vintage inspired casios or maybe even like a timex q. You want to take a closer look at the button, so the reset button. This switch is between 12 and 24 hour mode. The mode button cycles between time alarm, stop watch a second time zone even and then back to time. The start stop button up here. I think will show you the date and year, if you hold it, but otherwise used just for the stopwatch and time setting function and the light. The light is absolutely awful on this. You can see that little green glow in there i’ll show it to you with the lights off later, but it’s not much brighter.

Now these little guys come in they’re 55 bucks at full price on the armatron website, but there’s almost always a 10 or even 20. Promo running i’ll put a link to the website in the description, if any of you are so inclined to check it out, but it also comes in a gold cased version and a black pvd case version all with matching bracelet. So if we want to take a look at the dimensions of this watch, it is a 34 millimeter case with ‘ millimeters lug to lug. Now, if you’re looking on the website, you’re gon na get different numbers. They are wrong. My numbers are right: it’s, nine and a half millimeters thick, and it has 18 millimeter lug. So you’re you may have some natives laying around you can try this on the bracelet’s great. I wouldn’t use it on anything else and on this bracelet. It came in at about 80 grams, so the other digitals i want to talk to you guys about are freestyle shark watches. Now these guys played a huge role in my early watch collecting i’m talking way back, so i started like many people collecting watches with swatches. They were huge and when i was in like middle school, i remember everyone had a few of them and used to put mixed color, swatch guards on them and stuff a lot of fun. But by the time we were in high school um me and my group of friends were wearing very much into the surfer style and look, and we love these things.

These uh freestyle shark watches i don’t know what happened to any of the original ones. I remember had a blue and white one and a black and yellow one, but this orange and white one here is pretty dang old. You can probably see some wear on on the bezel. It came on a different uh. It had a fitted rubber, strap originally, but that long sense broke but yeah. If we take a look at their website, real quick you’ll see these come in all sorts of different styles and colors. Some really out there patterns, maybe not for everyone, but pretty cool. If we take a look at their straps, they also come in a lot of different colors and patterns, but they have like these two piece: velcros there’s, the clip like i showed you before. It’S, like these one piece, velcro, leashes and even fitted rubber straps in all sorts of different colors. If we take a look at the k, shape of these freestyle shark watches you’ll see that it’s really similar to the k, shape of the rubric larger and not as defined but really similar in that almost octagon shape it has to it. Even the lugs have that flat cut out from the case, so looking at these guys, they have all plastic cases, including the screwed on plastic bezel and, like i said this orange one came with a fitted rubber, strap that has since broken um. This one came with a this is actually like a limited edition shark week, collab let’s see if i can show you that there and it came with what they call a shark clip bracelet.

These ones kind of i can get these kind of just clip together. Not my favorite, but the cool thing is these: have 20 millimeter lugs, so you are really open. As far as strap options go, you can see. I have this one on. I have both of them on mn style straps that just match and really kind of bring out the colors. I think they’re pretty cool, like that. I think i’m going to go on their website and grab another fitted rubber and maybe like one of those velcro shark leashes for this one or this one. One of these, i think those will be really cool. It’Ll, be a little nostalgic for me as well. Now these actually have looking at the functions. These actually have a really awesome. Backlight and we’ll take a look at that with the lights off in just a minute, but looking closer here, the mode button switches between time alarm stopwatch these actually have a countdown timer as well back to time start and stop switches between time and date, very similar To what you saw with that armor charm rubric, actually, besides being start and stop functions for the uh stopwatch timer and time setting now, these ones also support a second time zone. You can switch between time zones using this reset button, pretty cool functionality all in all, and these guys run about 65 bucks like we saw on the website, but again, there’s, almost always some models on sale for ‘ dollars and there’s, usually 10 or even 20 promo Codes running all the time, taking a look at the dimensions of these.

They are 37 millimeter case 44.5, millimeters lug to lug 12 millimeters thick and, like i mentioned they have 20 millimeter lugs, so nato’s all kinds of straps will be open to any kind of rubber. I bet this would even look cool on a black tropic strap, but on these uh mn straps. These come in at a very light. 37 grams super light, great dimensions, very wearable and here’s. How the little rubric wears on my seven and a quarter inch wrist, not bad at all, obviously you’re getting some very retro vibes here: it’s, not a big watch, it’s small, but i think it wears just great the bracelet’s quite comfortable it’s, light it’s fun and as Far as what this would compare to, i don’t know maybe like a casio, the ae168 or if the gold has a different number very similarly size to that, even the display size is almost the same, but again you get that full stainless case might even be comparable To say, maybe the pac man pac man, a little bigger, bigger display, bigger numbers, and here is how the shark watch wears on my seven and a quarter interest. I think these were really nice they’re, just a lot of fun, they’re so light you barely even feel them really nice size, not too small, not too big. Now, how do what do these compare to you know? Actually, i think they compare closely to a g shock square. I have a pretty similar size display but much larger numbers, but it also might be comparable to say like a world timer world timer is a little bigger, but i think they wear pretty.

Similarly, so how do they function in the dark? Like i said, the rubric light is absolutely awful, and the shark watch, as i mentioned, actually has some pretty decent el light. So there you have it some really cool digitals, with swagger coming in around 50 bucks. Definitely not something you’re gon na see every day, if at all, and definitely still attention grabbing and a lot of fun with all the color and use. Let me know what you guys think share your thoughts in the comments before i let you go sneaker check where my fours today, all right, that’s it.

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