fossil 5 smartwatch blindness accessibility review comparison with Galaxy S3

I am going to review and sort of compare two watches uh. The review will mostly be on this die here, which is fossil five juliana series. I’Ll give you my thoughts as i go along um, comparing it with the samsung galaxy 3 model of some sort, and that is this guy here on my witch on my wrist. This is a great watch. This is not the original band um in case you’re wondering i changed it to some kind of heart thing with this lovely feminine color fossil five. Let me see if i can get the screen reader going last time. I had some issues with it, i’m going to kind of so first i want to show you: it’s got three buttons: the middle one is the power button and then the two on the side on either side are volume up and down. Let me go ahead and try well. First i’ll show you the band. I had to adjust it quite a bit because it comes super large it’s, a bit masculine for me, which is one of the reasons i’m, not a huge fan, these three buttons that it has. They stick out quite a bit. I don’t know if you can tell that, but um that’s one of the reasons i find it quite masculine, a bit masculine for my tastes and so maybe i’ll step a little closer um kind of get lined up with the camera. Here in case i’m, not so that’s that the bands button now um adjusting – this is quite a bit challenging um you’ve got to move this big part, this big part here.

It comes like this out of the way and then not this round bit here, that spins, but beneath it you’ve got ta, take a toll, pointy tool and flip it and put it underneath going down toward the watch and flip this portion back out of the way. Then you move it then i put it on to a flat surface, that’s sturdy. I did the floor and no carpet because you need a hard surface and take two fingers and push this on either side back into the it’s. Actually, this back into the ridges uh, the ridge is extremely adjustable, so you can really adjust it, but the band is really hard to adjust. Now, if i can put this on um without messing it up, i’ll go through this setup with you a little bit and show you how i’m setting it up as a blind person in case blind people are wondering about its accessibility now getting it on. I hope i don’t drop it it’s kind of difficult too you got ta. You got ta, get this big portion out of the way put this pointy into the spot, where you can feel it goes, then you flick this back and it’s on now. Hopefully, it’s probably gon na be upside down because i’m left handed. Let me get things lined up here. Um don’t know how much you can see i’ll just sort of stand out of the way and show it to you now, i’m gon na try to turn on accessibility mode i’m, holding two fingers on the screen to get this to come up.

Um, the samsung watch is quite a bit more feminine. Looking um it’s one thing i like i’ve had the samsung watch for quite a long time. I do like it, but it’s not wear os. It is um samsung’s tyson os now we’re gon na activate my phone here turn the volume up so that the accessibility can be heard i’m going to go through and we’re going to set up with the os um. Where is my where i was here? We go. Okay, all right, so we have to agree, start setup, and then we have to agree to everything. See i’ve already done this at one point, so i’m, just uh i’m. Already familiar with this, i had a lot of problems setting this up initially, when i got the uh fossil 5 a couple times, i guess the battery isn’t good, so it would completely die and it would have no indication that it’s charging no light. It should have apparently a red light and a lightning bolt, but it would have no lights at all and it would not turn on i’d have to leave it alone for several hours and then plug it into the charger. Then it would turn on all right. So we are looking for the watch. We are not finding it here. Hopefully we don’t have any issues, because if you have turned back on accidentally launch tutorial okay, i really don’t want to launch the tutorial for talkback i’m trying to get out of it and i’m still not signing this launch tutorial.

I really don’t want to launch the tutorial i’m covering the speaker, apparently okay, so i’m just scrolling this by spinning i’m spinning this middle button. It spins and rotates. Now this on the samsung rotates, and i like that, a lot better. You just kind of flick. The whole ridge of the watch, but the middle button on here um i figured the samsung watch – may block the buttons because i’m left handed, but the buttons here in the middle is just that middle button turns. I don’t know why that’s not the volume, but it it navigates through things now i’m gon na. If you have to go ahead and try to get out of this by launching the tutorial Music, i just want to be done with the tutorial, because i know how to use it. Basically, so it says tap to begin um i’m trying the tab to begin. I don’t know what’s going on, but okay choose your language: okay, english, okay, we’re gon na choose english for this purpose, um and in case you’re interested it actually doesn’t speak the chinese characters. Well, because talk back on here is experimental and it does speak chinese characters. Um, some of them, but the ones that talkback recognizes and doesn’t speak. If you have an android phone, you’ll kind of know what i’m talking about and if you use um other um languages that are not really part of the latin alphabet, then you’ll kind of have an idea what i’m talking about, but it doesn’t speak them at all.

So now let’s look at the phone looks like it’s locked on me and it just says it’s going to take a few minutes um. I hope this doesn’t take too long, because i don’t want to make this video super long. I guess, while we’re waiting i’ll go through some of the things i’ve noticed, uh i’ve noticed that this juliana 505 does not work well with phone calls. It often crashes when i make calls it makes calls on the phone, but doesn’t even tell me to check my phone. So until i pick up my phone, someone might be on the on the line and i wouldn’t even know it. Um wechat, which is the main thing i got it for actually doesn’t, allow you to take calls, although it vibrates and alerts you, whereas the samsung galaxy um does not, and i like the fact that it does alert you, but it says it basically says it: it Crashed um and you have to take the call on the phone i don’t know, if that’s a wear, os problem or a model problem. This is my first wear os device, so i don’t know how much of this has to do with wear os and how much of it is related to the processor or the um firmware on the fossil itself. Um just kind to kind of check and make sure i’m not missing anything here, um all right, so we’re going to choose my account here and let’s see: okay, there we go so we’re copying.

I guess my phone locked or no it just probably asked for confirmation. Okay, i have to enter my password, so i’m gon na pause the video just a moment. Okay, so now, we’re back on uh entered my password and it’s, asking for permission to access location i’m going to give it all the things now it says. Setup is complete. Now, um, all right so now, we’re going to looks like we’re going to kind of work on the watch. We are setting it up, see if it’s asking me android, auto installs. I have initially reset it because i’m returning the watch due to some things that i dislike about it um, including the wechat problem, the phone call problems. I also can’t get it to successfully text messages. Um and now it looks like it is on the home screen. Welcome to um, so it forces me apparently to go through this um tutorial. I want to see if i can get past it. I’M. Turning the middle, listen to new music looks like it’s installing spotify music. I did this last time when i set it up, so i didn’t really ask for that. Um man i like spotify, but i mean i could save space updates. It says to finish, put the watch on the charger which my view it’s been on the charger for a couple hours, and i don’t know why it wouldn’t okay, so learn more now. Let me see if i can skip past this or tutorial i’m swiping with two fingers right: nothing’s happening Music i’m, not able to get past it.

I guess uh. I guess i have to click to learn more swipe in each direction. Watch face 505 p.m. This is the home screen. It’S gon na probably monitor my heart rate. I’Ve got this on pretty tight, so 505. I found times it it’s, probably accurate. I did find one time i was doing a fit workout. It did not accurately measure my heart rate, because my heart rate was not um up and it was um measuring me as like 136 and that’s, not normal. So i was not doing a heavy workout um see if we can add it, it doesn’t have it yet because it hasn’t monitored it so i’m going to turn this middle button. If you turn it, it will go into notifications that’s not working. Now it actually does quite a good job of notifications. Oh here we go Music let’s see if we can swipe through these and clear them now we don’t seem to be able to here’s the quick setting. It’S got some things in it um, but this is talkback. One of the things about talkback, if you’re interested in accessibility um as a blind person, is that it can be hard to get it going. I had a lot of trouble getting it to set up when i tried to do this video yesterday. Another issue to think about is, if you like, to change the speed rate it has that old feature of android, where it doesn’t have um a lot of granularity for changing the speech rate, as in percentages like on android phones.

It has this older version of talkback experimental, which says there basically starts from very slow, slow, uh normal. It ranges up to something called very rapid. I think that i just i think i just had it on rapid when i had it set up, but right now i think it’s on normal 507. um i’m swiping it to wake it up, which is kind of cool um. I didn’t have that feature turn on. I turned that on and turned that off immediately when i first got it i’ll show you how well i kind of showed you how to close it. It actually feels quite warm on my hand right now. I want another direction, probably trying to update some things, but you flip this out, and then you flip the other one out, and that is how you would get it off. This part will pull one of them it’s really hard to do. Oh one of them will pull off and it will open up and come right off um. I don’t like the band on it, but it is very adjustable. I like that it’s just there are so many things about this watch that i was kind of disappointed with um. I want to get another one, a tick watch which there’s only one that has the latest processor with weareless. Unfortunately, though, i can only find a men’s version and being someone who kind of has the feminine taste and style i’m not really interested in going any more any more masculine 508 people already in another direction.

Those are my takes from it i’m, not terribly impressed like. I said i am returning and gosh i can’t even get it to shut up, although i think i’ve got to turn off that activation. I don’t know i couldn’t get text messages to send, but you could i couldn’t read them uh they’re supposed to be some shaking gestures and things raising and lowering and my hair’s caught on the band. I was not able to get any of that to work. I don’t know what my problem was. I don’t know if it’s, because i’m left handed, but none of that stuff was working for me, so i’m not terribly impressed. I just don’t know what causes these things to happen. I’Ll be waiting for another wear os watch that has the latest 4100 snapdragon processor uh. That is, has a more feminine kind of build, but that’s where i am. This is supposed to be feminine it’s juliana’s series there’s another called carlyle, i guess more masculine style. This has got, rose gold around the edge and i get a lot more complex. Compliments on the galaxy watch in case you were interested in the fashion aspect of it. With my samsung galaxy watch, i am able to um receive and and uh take calls very easily by. Actually, i can reject calls by spinning this rotating this counter clock and i can answer my clockwise and so that’s very convenient because literally just flick the side here.

That’S it i can do all kinds of things with it um i we i get wechat messages, i get messages alerts, but i can’t i can’t respond to voice messages or respond to whatsapp or anything just um, maybe text messages. Wear os has a very cool feature where music comes up very easily uh. It comes up right away. So if you were playing music on your phone, even youtube videos, it’s kind of right up there in the front, i, like that, a lot you can play. You can turn the volume up very easily with the middle button, and even if you’re casting to your google speakers, you can spin this middle button and it will go up and down uh the volume and you can even, of course you can. You can touch it on the next button pause and you can control all that with the samsung watch to go previous and next tracks. You can do a similar thing, but you do have to go. You have to go a little bit. You have to do a little a little bit more work to get into the music controls you have to tap on the music control. If you want to um, you can rotate this and it will go next. Counter clock will go previous track. Uh. You can control the volume because for some reason it only turns up the media volume on your phone. So if you’re casting it’s not going to um connect to that speaker, it’s only going to turn the media volume up on your phone.

So, if you’re playing music on your phone, i suppose it would work just fine it can. The samsung watch can also do the youtube video thing so that’s nice. I like the fact that google fit is incorporated with wear os. I really like all the google connection. I wish samsung health was either syncing with google fit, or i just wish that this was wear os. I like a lot of features of wear os. I just kind of wish that this watch had a few well, i wish it worked.

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