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Let me watch like so join me as i unbox this me watchline right now. Thank you. Thank you. Music me, Music, um, Music, uh, hi, guys i’m mitch doballo and welcome back to my channel we’ve just seen the unboxing of the me watch live, and here it is in my hands. Let me watch live and you can see it’s pretty small. It kind of resembles that of the atmosphere a bit so small, so light and really it’s really really light in my wrist. So right now, i’m, just dropping it around. My wrist and let’s see some basic function from this watch so before that i just want to show you how we can charge this watch. So all you need to do is just clip this around. All you need to do is just clip this around. Just like this snap and there you go, it will be charging in no time so it just roughly take me around two hours to charge this watch and it can last me roughly around 14 days, more or less so right now, we’ll be strapping it around my Wrist and how it looks like okay, so this is let me watch light as you can see, it’s pretty much a very, very uh trendy watch in my uh wrist, and i can say that whenever i hold my hands up, he can show me the time for Roughly five seconds before shutting it down again so right now we’ll be checking what we can see on this watch.

So this is basically my watch face. So whenever i long press it, you can see that i can freely select whatever kind of watch face here on my watch. So basically you can store up to five uh watch face. So let’s just try this one for a change. So there you can see uh, it has changed its uh display and you can see that it’s cloudy today. Here in my place so swiping to the left, you can see my heart rate. Then uh, you can see my sleep data, then, of course you can check the weather how much calories burn for out for the day so step counter is also there, and here you can see that you can also play music uh control. It control your phone’s music library, so swiping down. You can see the notifications swiping up. You can see everything that you need to see so uh. This one can turn off rise to wake is off that would save you some battery, of course, in the process. Turning on the flashlight, this one is screen lock, okay, so to unlock you just need to press the home button for a while, then do not disturb mode. This one is just stay. Wake way for five minutes the screen display. Then this one is, you can change your watch right. Uh watch face your brightness and, of course, do not disturb everything. Is here? Okay, so about checking the menu on this uh watch.

So you can see you can check all the workout modes here so there’s other running cycling, there’s a lot to check so freestyle uh trail run. So swimming is also here and, of course cricket. So this is the activity records. You can also see your stats for on a daily basis. Is your heart rate monitoring your sleep monitoring? This one? Is your breathing technique. Okay, it teach you how to breathe properly. This is a compass, okay, so uh to calibrate this. You should move it on uh figure of eight. Basically, this one uh pressure and, of course this is the music here’s, some other stuff that you want to check. So you have the alarm, you have your stopwatch. You have your timer. You also have your weather notification. Vibrate find your phone, this is for the flashlight. This is for help and for the settings so so for system setting here you can reset this watch over here. If you want to pair it to another phone, so just feel free to do so. You might be wondering where i can download and pair my watch to my phone, so it’s so simple. All you need to do is just hit the google play store or your ios app store. Uh just need to download xiaomi where, after downloading this app, of course, remember it’s not immediate at this time, so open this app. There you go so you need to register if you don’t have any xiaomi account.

If you have, then just key in your xiaomi me account, so my just keep my account is i have my me account, so we can see here it’s my status. I had my sleep analysis over here. My heart rate over here, then, of course, how many times i stand for today. My stress data and, of course, my vo2 max so that’s a little bit of the limitation for the me watch live. So, of course, i assume that the new watch has more function compared to this one and check out here are some of the workout that i can do after running treadmill walking after cycling uh this one. You can probably connect to the gps and make it more accurate now, of course profile. How can we forget so the watch light right now has 69 battery. Then, of course you can calibrate your watch face over here. These are my basic watch face. You can also download some online and sync it easily to your watch. Okay, so let’s say i want this one bar, so all i need to do is click download after downloading it will sync itself to my watch. Of course, it will probably ask you which one to take out since the most you can save up to five watch space on the watch, make it for one for monday, one for tuesday one for wednesday, another one for thursday and another one for friday, so saturdays. Whatever you want, so you can see that my watch face is already marked.

Look at that so easy now down here. You can see your app notification which app you want to probably show your notification on this phone. So here am, i then incoming calls uh yeah. I can set that the band will vibrate upon receiving a call, then user guide. Well, i wonder anyone still missed that and, of course, background activity permission you should probably best is you can turn off battery saver, so you can maximize this app on your watch regularly. I would really highly suggest that you check for updates uh. It will make your watch perform a lot better. Okay guys. So you have seen the xiaomi mi watch live and i’m really happy and satisfied with uh, with the design on this it’s really really light, and it reminds me a lot of the amazing bit which was really really popular back then, probably three years back. It was really one hit uh everybody’s buying that watch, because it’s, cheap and it’s really really handy, but of course, the graphic still ain’t nice, but this time around it has improved a lot over time. So what do you think of this watch? Is the function already enough for you, or do you still crave for some more probably it’s in there on the me watch itself on the higher version? Let me know what you think about this watch. Do you like it and please hit the comment section below so i know and we’ll have a short discussion about that on this watch.

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