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This is larry welcome. Back to today, i feel like today, we’re going to check out the you win mo smartwatch. This model looks like an apple watch clone, but we’re going to unbox it test. It out see what it looks like and maybe it works just as well, maybe it doesn’t but we’re going to find out – and here we go okay. So here is the watch right here we can see it says new design, smart watch and it has uh the uinmo branding on here on the sticker, with their uh with their website and email address on there that’s pretty much it an amazon barcode on the back. So uh yeah let’s go ahead and uh and open this up here and see what this is going to look like and uh, and just try this out so let’s uh see if we can get this thing open without cutting the packaging too much there. I like to try and keep my packages nice and neat in case i uh. I give the products away later. I want people to have a good unboxing experience and so uh yeah let’s see if we can get this thing opened and it’s uh it’s feeling a little tight. So you know what i think. Actually it slides open, so i’m gon na have to probably cut the tape on both sides there. So let’s get this part uh on on done there and slide that open and yeah there.

We have it as we can see there. This is going to look a lot like the the apple watch here, it’s going to have a very similar design. We can see here it says press for five seconds press and hold for five seconds. I believe that is to get the thing to power on so let’s go ahead and take that off and we’ll just press that and hold it for five seconds and see if that’s going to uh. If this is gon na, do anything so let’s see one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand so yeah doesn’t, look like it has any battery and any juice in it. So we’re gon na have to charge this up before. We can use it um here, uh here’s, the band right there um it looks like it has some sort of quick release on there, so we’ll have to try and see if we can uh see how that works out. Um yeah so we’ll get that going in just a moment and we also get a charging cable and uh paperwork in there. So it looks like the charger um i’m, not exactly sure how this charges let’s see. Okay, it looks like it’s going to be a magnetic charger, so it’s, going to snap on to the back here, let’s see yeah, so it’s going to be a magnetic charger that snaps on to the back right there and this part is going to go into a Power banker or your computer, or whatever the wall so yeah, okay, there we go let’s, uh let’s, get this charged up and uh, try it out and then see how it performs all right.

Everyone i have my watch here: uh it’s all set up and going and i’m actually heading out for a walk because i’m going to the local bike shop. To pick up my bike, it was getting fixed, and so now i am walking over there so i’m, going to check out the walking information and, on the way back, i’ll, be able to check out the ride information, since there is a cycling mode on the watch. As well now, when you’re wearing the watch, you’re going to get some cool information like i’m, going to get my for a walk mode i’m going to get my steps in it’s going to show me my distance it’s, also going to show me it’s going to show Me my calorie burn and it’s going to show me my heart rate information as well, along with the amount of time lapsed of my workout, so yeah all right, well, i’m, going to walk along and get to my bike and uh, and then we’ll see how this Uh we’ll see what kind of information i get from the walk and then we’ll see what kind of information i get from the ride. Music. Music, all right, so i made it over to the bike shop and i actually picked up my bike here. If we can see that there so there’s my bike i’m about to ride that home i’m going to go ahead and stop the uh i’m going to stop my walk, uh exercise and start a cycling one.

So, but just to let you know, it says that i’ve walked uh 4 235 steps. I went 2.00 miles burned, 709 calories and my current heart rate is 102., so let’s go ahead and start the cycling and see what that gives us on the way back. All right, so i am back here and yeah. The watch did pretty good um let’s go ahead now and hop into the app and take a look at some of the the data. From my walk and from my ride and we’ll just take a look at some of the data in general since i’ve started using the watch here. So we can see right here on the main page we’re, going to get sort of just an overview it’s going to show me how many steps i’ve walked today. How many calories i’ve burned! It’Ll give me my distance and my goal there so um you can tap on anything and get a little bit more detail about uh about various stuff. As far as the the week and the month and the day, you can also come in here and check your sleep, so we can see right. There it’ll tell us how how our overall sleep was our deep sleep, our light sleep awake time, overall, the how long we slept you can see. I didn’t sleep very long last night it’ll give us heart rate information, so we can check that out there and you can uh and you can just see what you’re looking at per per day as far as average, the highest and lowest and you can uh you Can check that out so yeah and let’s go ahead? If you want to go into your workout section where you’ve uh, where you’ve worked out, you can click the little uh.

If you didn’t see that there’s a little guy looks like he’s running there, you can click that it’ll, give you your uh your workout activities there and you can see here. Mine, says gps it’s connected there. I don’t think the gps is really working with the watch. In the in the app together, because it didn’t record any gps data for my workouts. So if we click on here where it says two total activities two times – and we can see here that we have one for the walk, if we click that will give us more details about the walk, and we can see that it’s showing that i walked for 47 minutes – and i was at a pace of about 23 minutes a mile – and i was at burns 716 calories at 2.5 miles an hour – is the average speed. Total steps is 4 235 and uh yeah. You can get some other information there, like your average heart rate line was 121., so you can see that you can also do a diagram if you want to and check that out as well. So now on the uh, the bike, one when i wrote home this was a little disappointing because, as you can see here, it doesn’t really give me a lot of information. It doesn’t give me any uh route information, it’s, not giving me any distance information. All it’s telling me is my average heart rate and my time that’s it i’m not getting any uh any pace information.

As far as how fast i was going, um max speed, average speed, nothing, distance, nothing it’s, just uh. I get the calorie burn, average heart rate and time that’s, it diagrams same information, but just a different uh different format, so yeah that that part right there with the cycling that’s a little disappointing. So i was hoping for something better. Just you know that’s that so um yeah anyways, the app is the app is pretty basic here. As you can see, um you can’t do a blood pressure monitoring from the watch as well um, so yeah it’s, i mean it’s a decent it’s, a decent app it’s. Not bad it’s, not great, but there are a few things that i like about. The watch and a few things that i don’t so let’s go ahead and jump into that right. Quick all right, let’s go ahead and talk about some of the good and bad points of this watch, and some of the good points that i want to mention are that this watch has a nice bright touch screen that is very responsive and easy to read. Even in bright sunlight, it is just very very easy to see you also have a number of sensors on here that are going to give you heart rate, monitoring and blood pressure monitoring, so it’s really nice to have that on your wrist. Okay, so let’s talk about a few bad points, and one of them is is that? Well, you cannot respond to messages on here, so you can receive your messages like text messages.

Social media updates all that stuff, but you cannot respond to messages from the watch. You also can’t answer phone calls from the watch whenever i’ve gotten a phone call that comes in the only thing i can do is simply reject the call from the watch. I can’t actually answer it. So that’s a bit disappointing, also there’s, no personal assistant with the watch, so you’re not going to get anything like google or alexa. So you’re not going to be able to ask your watch to do things like set a timer or set an alarm, or do anything like that. So you’re not going to get any of those things, and those are some of the real basic functions of a smart watch that i think most people want with any smart watch that they get all right everyone. So there we have it bottom line. This is not a bad smart watch at all, but if you’re coming from something like an apple watch or a fitbit or a galaxy gear watch or a garmin watch or something like that, you’re not going to be happy with this. But if you’ve never had a smart watch before and you just want something to get you going something that’s going to give you smart watch, ish sort of functionality, i think this will probably do the trick for you. So it’s, not bad and it’s. Only 32 on amazon, so i mean you can’t really go wrong with it at a price point that low so yeah anyways um.

I still have my question of the day and my question for today: is you know what kind of smart watch do you have or what kind of smart watch do you want or if you’ve had a smart watch before? Why did you pick that particular smart watch? Did you look at something that was geared more towards your particular device, or did you pick a watch that was geared towards say, like fitness like a um like a fitbit watch or a garmin uh, you know like a garmin, fenix or something or or uh? You know a polar grit or whatever it is. Why did you pick the smart watch or fitness watch that you actually have or used to own so yeah that’s? My question of the day you can leave me a comment down in the in the uh in the video description or excuse me in the comments section or you can leave it to me on instagram and you can put the hashtag larry qotd. So you can put the hashtag, larryqotd and yeah, maybe it’ll show up on on my channel on another show: i’ll. Maybe i’ll put the comments up there, so you can check them out and i can see what some of the answers are. So yeah anyways i’m gon na leave links to this product down below in the video description. So you can check it out. I’M. Also gon na leave links to my amazon page and all my social media contacts.

So you can reach me elsewhere and i hope you enjoyed seeing this video.

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