Omega SMART Watch

This is Omega from 1986 1987 and when I first saw it, I thought this was some sort of a Smart Watch from Omega and it’s not and thirty years ago give or take. This watch was Smart Watch, but in the terms because it was quartz, it was a new technology was super accurate, but nowadays this watch looks contemporary but biggest thing about it as when you take it off from you, look at it from the other side. So look at this. This has had an art, and this is a collection of exclusive works of concrete art, it’s made in a limited edition of 999 watches, and these this art was signed by famous contemporary artists such as max bill, Paul Tommen and Amelia Dini and lots of their mother. This one’s from the poll Tom and I think, and this watch as piece of art on the wrists, but not in terms of high horology, but because it has a concrete artwork on the back and when I first saw it, I didn’t think I didn’t know what To think of it – and I didn’t like it, because it looks like a quick like watch or something of that things, but overall the more I have it, the more I play with it, and I like it more especially with the art piece on the back side. Also wears very nice on the wrist has an integrated, calfskin strap, and these were presented in October of 1986, and also this is a ceramic case on the keys back.

There is a white gold, there are some version with a yellow gold and they come and three different sizes for day, males, 32 and 22 and a tree so that wasn’t. Basically, ladies, please 32 was a midsize and the maxi was 40 males, and this was 40 males and it still relevant even today in 2020, and I cannot this little piece of art, as does what exactly every art should do, and I find myself staring at it. More by the minute – and I just thought – walk in it – I wish this was on the dial case and the hands over it. It would be core, but this one is a bit more subtle, so you have the watch and ceramic case. You have a crazy white and black and white contrast with the hands. This watch is so black that it’s, you have the feeling you want to touch it and the screen will light up that’s how black it is, and it will not. Of course, this is a quartz piece, has a snow white hands and a stark contrast: they did come with the null date, variance lots of different arts and designs on the case bags. But overall, this watch is really something interesting. It has an integrated cuffs can bend and you still can find bands on this watch. I borrowed this watch for a review and owner of the watch got one of the bands from ebay new old stock, because, as you can imagine, the bands on this one are rather and they come – and this is 202 out of 999 1997 Omega and very very Interesting, very cool watch.

This is how the back – oh, she look like, and everything on this watch is really quirky and I don’t know guys. This is one of those watches that has a really real story to tell in your collection and they are relatively unknown. Not every collector, I didn’t know about them until I got this one and then I did some searching and they are not very popular. You can grab them on eBay and having watch like this in your collection, doesn’t have to be a high end collection, but definitely if you have a watch like this in your collection, there are some stories to tell and very interesting, as you can see, beautiful watch Interesting concept, I wasn’t sure, do I hate it though I like it, but the more and more I have it it’s very cool piece. I love the art, especially now it’s cuz, on the back on the back of the watch, so you wan na we want to expose yourself without some art. You just take the watch off your wrist and check out some art. I would I wouldn’t mind having this on the dial as well, and but this just shows you that if you go into the vintage you can find some really coin interesting. Things such as this Omega art collection, many different variations, but I think this one is the most attractive because of the size and black combo combinations, and I don’t see if I can see myself wearing this every day, but it’s definitely cool, watch and looks like a Smart watch very 10, very elegant and very quirky and interesting for sure so yeah, nothing much to see it has a mega caliber.

I think 1438, but don’t quote me on that: just a quarter piece state of the art technology back in the nineteen eighty, seven. Eighty six and now it’s a vintage watch in 2020 and very very beautiful and cool watch it’s, one of those quirky watches that was quirky when it came out its quirky now, but it was modern when it came out and it’s still modern and relevant today. So I appreciate great art and could be appreciate design that’s. Why I like watches – and I think the watches are art and especially with the mechanical complications and those are pieces of art.

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