Powerful Mecool KM6 Deluxe – Official Android TV OS – S905X4 – Detailed Review – Any Good?

Now this is a brand new android tv box with a brand new chipset and apparently it’s. Officially, google certified running android tv os version 10., so excited that we finally have something new in this genre of tv boxes. Look at that guys that looks amazing. I’M gon na put it to the side and we’re gon na see what else we get in this box. So we get a user manual, a power supply and you can see the voltage information right. There you’re also getting an hdmi cable, a bluetooth, remote control with the google assistant button and you’ve got shortcuts here for youtube. Prime video and google play, but unfortunately no shortcut for netflix, so is that a hint there for us anyway, let’s keep going and the remote would take two aaa batteries to power. Now. Last but not least, the tv box itself now straight away: you’re, either gon na love this design or hate it. I actually don’t mind this design. It’S nice it’s made from plastic. The top has this wood effect and it’s a shiny finish. You’Ve got the miku logo in silver, so first of all quickly go through the specs, so this box is powered by the brand new chip. The s905x4 quad core clocked at two gigahertz and the new chip is supposed to be up to thirty percent faster than the previous. Now you’ve got the mali g3 one with four gigs of ddr4 ram and 64 gigs of internal storage.

Now this has dual band: wi fi with dual antennas: you’ve got bluetooth version 5 and a gigabit lan. This is running official android tv os version 10.. The hdmi is hdmi 2.1. This supports 4k hdr at 60 frames per second, with support for hdr, 10 plus and dolby vision. You’Ve got wide vine level 1 and play ready, so you’ve got your 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, and this comes with a bluetooth, remote control. So, on the front you’ve got those me cool, led lights and they’re, usually breathing lights, nothing on the side and on the back, we’ve got an av port. A gigabit lan, an hdmi out you’ve got your optical audio and your power socket and if we keep going, you’ve got one usb 2, one usb 3 and a micro sd card slot. So that brings us back to the front, and this is what the bottom of the box looks like, so without any further ado i’m going to get this hooked up to my tv and capture card, and we are indeed gon na find out what this box is Capable of i’ll be right back so, first of all, i ran a boot up, speed test and this tv box took 27 seconds to fully load the home screen from a cold start. So here is the home screen for this tv box. This is google’s android tv, os version 10., so the same os you would find on the nvidia shield, tv and google’s new chromecast tv.

So here we are you’ve, got your voice, search and keyboard search at the top, along with your notification settings and local time. You’Ve got a row of your favorite apps and you can edit this row and add and remove apps. Accordingly, you’ve got your main app drawer here, and these are all the apps that were installed during setup. So you will notice that netflix has not been pre installed, and here is the google play store. This is the android tv version of the play store, it’s a bit of a condensed version, and all of these apps are designed to work on android tv, all right, we’re, going to do a quick search while we’re here, and we do a voice search actually here’s. The voice remote so i’m just going to press, ok, netflix and everything, but netflix came up. Let’S go back out and try pressing the google assistant button. Here we go download netflix here’s netflix in the google play store and it says that your device isn’t compatible with this version. So it looks like me, cool’s netflix issue still has not been resolved um. This box is not going to play netflix, but i will try side loading it a bit later now on the home screen of android tv, os and i’m sure most of you have seen android tv os before you have a whole bunch of suggestions of what you Should watch next, so you’ve got your play next youtube and you’ve got a featured app section as well: you’ve got spotify disney and all of these channels that you just saw can be customized, so you can turn on and off whatever you like.

So, for example, i’m going to turn off a few things and i’m going to enable prime video. You can also arrange the order. So if you wanted prime video on top, for example, you can quite easily do that using the remote control and the first thing you’ll notice, is how nippy this is the first time i’m experiencing android tv os that’s, not on the nvidia shield. That actually feels this fast, so it looks like the s905 x4 means business now, let’s go to the main settings, go to device preferences and check out the system storage info, so we have 64 gigs of internal storage and you have 54 gigs free to use. So very nice to have android tv os with this much storage space now let’s go to about, and you will see that we are indeed running google’s android tv os version 10.. Now, one of the first checks i like to do is to make sure that the google chromecast is working. That tells me straight away whether this is an official product or not so grab. My smartphone connect to km6 and you’ll see what happens in the background. Yep that looks like it’s going to work. Fine, so you can see it says, ready to watch so let’s send over a video and, as you can see, the video is playing fine streamed directly from my smartphone via chromecast. So it looks like this version of android tv os is official and licensed.

We’Ve got a fully working chromecast built in alright, so the first thing we’re going to test is 4k video from a usb drive. I’Ve already got my 64 gig usb flash drive plugged in let’s, go ahead and open up movie player, so we’re going to play the jellyfish demos and we’re going to start with 160 megabits per second. Here we go as you can see. This is playing nice and smooth, no issues, no stuttering, let’s go back and just jump straight to the 400 megabit per second file, and this file is also playing nice and smooth so 10 bit high bitrate 4k files are going to play absolutely fine on this box. Now let’s try 4k 60 with hdr wow. That looks good now there is a reason why i’m not using a capture card for this, this box supports 4k and to show you the 4k. I have to plug this directly into my 4k tv, so this is going to give you a true example of what the 4k looks like if i plug in my capture card you’re only going to see 1080p now let’s check out some 4k youtube streaming. What i like about the voice search is you don’t have to keep any buttons pressed as soon as you hover over here and press. Ok, 4k video. The microphone is active, so you’re not keeping anything pressed. Even when you press the google assistant button, you press it once and you don’t have to press anything else.

The microphone is listening, you can do your voice search and you don’t have to press anything so i’m liking how the voice search works on this box. So you can see 4k at 60 frames per second current resolution, no dropouts just smooth video streaming. Wow wish. I was there right now awesome the royal chick we are going back to america. Oh hell! No, your majesty come on you’re uh, your commanding officer. Let me give you 60 seconds to deal with it. Yes, sir, all right, so that was youtube. Now let’s check out some amazon prime video, so amazon, prime video supports 4k hdr with dolby atmos, so there’s no netflix on this box. I had to actually sideload netflix and it was an older version of netflix. It was netflix version 6., but unfortunately, this version of netflix requires a mouse to operate. The included remote control will not work, and also this version of netflix is limited to 540p resolution. All right so let’s quickly check out disney plus, so, as you can see, disney plus does support 4k ultra hd with hdr, 10 and 5.1 surround sound um. I hope you’re doing okay, darthy freaked out when she saw you, so that was all your 4k streaming now. Let’S move on to some gaming, beginning with asphalt 9.. So, oh now, for you advanced users. Drm info shows google wi, fi and level one, and here is cpu zed, where you can check out the clock speeds, and you can see that we are running the mali g31.

This device is running android version 10 and does not come rooted as standard and in the internal disk speed test. We achieved read speeds of 191 and write speeds of 106 megabytes per second and in the wi fi speed test. We achieved 52 megabits per second download and 19 megabits per second upload and in the antutu benchmark test we achieved 101 k, so let’s see how this compares to the others. So here is my new android tv box chart for 2021, showing you the latest tv boxes and allowing you to compare the specs features and prices to help you with your purchase decision. All devices are now ranked by a rating out of five, and the rating is determined by overall performance features, specs and, of course, the price. So, as you can see, the mecool km6 has taken position 3 on this chart with a rating of 4.5 out of 5., and the only reason it couldn’t take position. 2 was because of the netflix issues. Now you can view the full versions of all my charts online at and read them at your leisure. So there you have it guys. That was the new me cool, km6, deluxe and here are my thoughts. I am very impressed with this tv box you’re. Getting an outstanding performance everything you do on this box feels fast opening apps watching videos streaming movies, it all runs super smooth and fast, and the only box that will give you a super fast official google android tv os experience better than this miku box is, of Course, the nvidia shield tv.

However, this box comes second to the shield in performance with android tv os and recently we’ve seen some cheaper android tv os devices, namely from google there’s one from tivo, and let me tell you right now: this mi cool, km6 deluxe is way ahead in performance and You get nearly eight times larger internal storage, now you’re getting a great bluetooth, remote control. I love the voice, control features and the overall responsiveness of the remote. So this is it guys, one of the best android tv os boxes you can buy in 2021 for only 109 us dollars and what a great start to the year with this new s905 x4 chip. Now the chip performs very well and it’s very stable. The system simply flies and i’ve not experienced any crashes throughout my tests with this box so far, so it means this year we are in for a treat. There will be a lot of tv boxes coming with this new s905 x4 chip, and i just can’t wait to see how it gets implemented in the full android tv boxes so bottom line. This box gives you nearly everything in 4k, with hdr hlg, hdr 10 plus, including up to dolby atmos sound. It takes nearly all the boxes: you’re, getting a powerful performance, plenty of storage, great build quality and official google certified android tv os version 10.. Yes, i know, netflix is still an issue for me cool and i wish me cool could sort this out once and for all.

That is the only letdown i found of this box, so it’s completely google certified everything works as it should, including chromecast miku. Just can’t get past that netflix band, so it means we have to sideload an older version of netflix, which requires a mouse to operate other than that absolutely enjoyed everything about this box. It deserves its place in the top five tv boxes of 2021. So far, and with that being said, i will leave the links in the description, so you guys can check this box out for yourselves and if you do want to pick one up, i will also leave a discount coupon code, so you can get a bit of A discount on it. Meanwhile, i hope you found this video useful. Thank you.

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