REALME Watch S Pro: The One You've Been Waiting For!!

So i just got this watch not too long ago and it comes with a lot of new features compared to the non pro version. I think this is actually a pretty interesting smart watch right here. So we have the watch here today and i’ll be taking a very, very close in depth. Look at all the features and the watch itself how it feels like, and, of course let you guys see how this watch is all about all right. So if you flip the box to the back here, we can see a couple of a key features for this realme watch as pro, namely that it comes with the 1.’ inch amoled display. It also is water resistant. It comes with a super long battery up to 14 days. I i believe – and there is also gps – 15 sport, remotes and, of course, your spo 2 blood tracker all right. So those are just the basic features that you can expect from the realme watch as pro. But yes, i have already unboxed this guy right here and here is the watch all right so i’m just going to put the box down for a minute and yes guys. This is the real me watch as pro, so i did actually covered the real me watch previously, where it came with a standard lcd display, and now it has finally come with an amoled display. That is so much better guys. So this is a very nice display that we have on here, but before we talk more about that display, let’s take a look at the watch itself, so all around here initially when i first took the watch out, i definitely felt a bit of a weight here And that’s, probably because the watch materials itself is made out of a stainless steel, you can see this brushed metal kind of look around the casing all around here and yes, it does comes with two buttons, just like most of the smart watches out there today.

The top button will basically be like a lock button. Your lock screen button and the bottom button here is actually the uh, the quick shortcut key, which brings you to your activities right away. So those are the two buttons that you have on the watch itself. Apart from that, we do get this 22 millimeter silicone straps. Here that looks very uh very nice. It is a bit comfortable as well and it definitely feels pretty high quality as well. So if you don’t, like the straps that came with the watch itself, obviously you see these latches at the back here. These are really easy to remove and the good news is that real me actually comes with. They have prepared quite a lot of straps for you guys to choose. They even have these really fancy colored ones, the rubber kinds, as well as the leather kind, which i really like. So, knowing that my favorite color is actually the green color i’ll be fixing this on and showing you guys later how this strap looks like on the real me watch as pro all right, so not talking about the straps too much for now. Let’S put them aside. Now getting back to the watch today, i want to show you guys how this watch is all about before i do that. Let me also show you how the charger looks like, so we do get this little part right here. Let me try and pull it a bit longer.

This is the part that came in the box right here and all you need to do to charge. It is, of course, sit it on the pump right there and it charges up pretty simple. So the good thing is that it is quite magnetic, so it wouldn’t really move around that much and it’s fairly easy to charge up uh. So no issues there with this uh charging dock right here, all right. So moving the charger back let’s take a look at the watch. Uh, it seems like i’ve, actually put it into some kind of mode right there, some power saving mode, so let’s exit that power. Saving mode very quickly and yeah. So again we do have this 1.’ inch amoled display and it comes with a lot of watch – faces pretty cool ones as well. So in the watch there is already a couple of watch faces here, but if you want more watch faces, all you need to do is go into the realme link app and there you can find a lot of watch faces. So let me just show you very quickly the kind of watch phases that you can expect right here. If you just go into the face gallery notice that we do have tons of watch faces in here, so a lot, a very wide choice of watch phases. For you guys to check out there all right so i’m not going to talk too much about that moving on.

Let me just show you guys the features and functions of this watch right here. Um all right, let’s get that done. So if you drag from the top down, you actually get into your notifications, which obviously i do not have any notifications right here yet and if you swipe towards the left here is where you get all your widgets. You have your full activity record right here for the day, you also have your weather uh, that you can see more information here, so you can’t, actually tap to enter the weather app or not. The widget is just there for a quick glance. Moving on, we also get your sleeping records. You also have your heart rate going on here, as well as your music controls, so those are just pretty much what you would get with the widget section, so it is actually a huge loop. If you swipe towards the right here, you would get a couple of quick shortcut keys. This is your auto brightness, your flashlight uh, your battery saver mode, raise to wake and, of course, do not disturb. So those are the stuffs that you can get on the watch itself just by gliding around here all right. So if you just glide upwards, like that, this is where you get into your app menu. These are all the applications that are already pre installed into the watch itself. Again. This watch is not running where os from android, so everything here is already installed and you cannot install any new applications all right.

So on that note, let me show you guys what we have here, uh, first and foremost, we have the alarm clock right there. We also have your settings your compass. This is a compass right there, which is also pretty cool. You have your activities, your workout activities, all right here. You also have your weather, your heart rate control. This button right here is your breathing training, so you can take some breathing exercises there. You also have your music controls in here your spo2 blood oxygen levels measurement. You also have your sleep calculation, your stopwatch your timer. You also have your find your device, your camera shortcut key as well as your workout records. So those are all the applications that is available in the watch itself. So again, a very basic smartwatch here, uh it’s not running on android wear, so you cannot install any other applications all right, so let’s talk very quickly about that health and fitness tracker kind of stuff. So, as i mentioned earlier on, this has all day heart rate monitoring, and it does that in five minute intervals for this uh realme watch as pro apart from that, you also have your spo2 tracking and also your sleep tracking. So these are the three main functions: uh health functions that you have in the watch itself: uh, of course, let’s talk about that activities right now, so we have 15 activities that is being tracked in by using this watch right here, so gliding, the menus from the Top again let’s check it out, we do have your outdoor runs.

Your indoor runs your walking. You also have cycling so hiking swimming basketball, rowing and a couple more spots that you can find on the watch itself right here. So all together, you can try 15 different activities and what’s important to note here is that the watch does come with built in gps. So you can bring the watch out for your activities without carrying a smartphone and you will be able to track your location and distance, so very important thing there all right guys. Apart from that, that is pretty much what i can say about this realme watch s pro. This is just a quick hands on and a quick look at. The watch itself on. First impressions i’m really impressed with the build quality of this guy right. Here again, i must say that the stainless steel and brush metal look on the casing of the watch, does look pretty cool and i’m very happy that real me actually provided these kind of straps here that you can purchase from them. I don’t think it comes bundled together, but yeah. It does come with this – a really nice leather straps, here very nice, to touch very soft materials. You also have your silicone kind of straps here, if you’re into that thing, so three colors for the silicon straps right here you have your orange green and blue and of course you also have that for your leather straps, your brown, black and green, all right guys.

So before i end, i just want to show you guys how the watch looks like on my wrist. I know some of you guys have mentioned that in my previous videos that i never actually show you guys how it looks like on my wrist but yeah. This is how it looks like so very quickly: let’s get the watch in and there we go so it looks pretty decent. I know i’m a pretty skinny fella, so my wrist is quite thin right here, uh, it will look fine if you are skinny fella or you know, have thicker wrist but yeah. This is basically how it looks like on my wrist right there. So you can expect the watch to look like this on your wrist, all right guys, i think that’s pretty much it for this video, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below.

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