Realme Watch S Unboxing, Setup with Realme Link App – Rs. 4999!

There was a real me watch previously and then there were two watches that were launched. These two smart watches named the watch s pro and the watches. This is the espro that i’ve been using for almost about a couple of weeks. I guess, and we finally have the real new watches as well, to check out and in a separate video i’ll be talking about what are two differences, and why is the price uh so different? I mean one of them. This one is at five thousand rupees, while the watches pro is at five or ten thousand dollars. Basically and uh we’ll be talking about those differences in a separate video, but here let’s talk only about the watches and what all it offers. So if you take a look at the major specifications to begin with, this comes with that 1.3 inch. Auto brightness touch uh touchscreen there’s, a heart rate, monitor there’s the blood oxygen monitor as well 16 sports modes and there’s a long battery life as claimed by the company and ip68 water resistance is what it offers and you have. The real me link app support on this one as well, and the mrb given here is 7900, but it basically is priced at around 49.99 and you have the black color variant of this one, and obviously you have different uh bands and uh these straps for the Real me watch s just like the watches pro, so the resolution of the rearmi watches is 360 to 360 pixels, which is lesser than the watches pro uh.

So that’s one difference, but we anyway would be doing a full, fledged comparison so 360 to 360 pixels – and this comes with the gorilla glass 3 protection on the watch – face to keep it scratch free and there’s. Also, an anti fingerprint coating on the watch so that in case you uh use that screen you won’t find a lot of fingerprints. Obviously, it depends on the smudges and everything that you have on your fingers, but it does not have any fingerprints uh attraction, at least on the front, and this comes with 600 needs of brightness five levels of auto brightness. So that is a similarity between the two watches, where you have five levels of brightness, so uh, not a single level and you have auto brightness as well. So it’s, not just about you manually, changing those brightness levels but there’s a sensor over the top here. Just beside the 12 o’clock mark and it would actually change the brightness based on the conditions around, and this is the watch and it comes with the 6063 aluminum alloy and the liquid silicone finish, and the thing about this watch is that it actually is much lighter Than the watches pro and actually seems easily uh light lighter when compared to the s pro and this that is because of, firstly, the aluminum body and also the uh plastic, probably wherever there’s no aluminum. This probably the plastic is on the back as well. So everything adds up to make it a much lighter watch, and this comes with a 15 day battery life, as named by the company, with a ‘0 mah battery.

Now, lifting this up, you can see this uh has i mean there’s, auto brightness, so obviously it might have taken in that as well, but uh we’ll check that out later so based on i mean what whatever the design is. These are the silicon straps and you have the heart rate sensor on the back and uh. This also uh acid sp2 monitor as well, and it this watch comes with ip68 certification and the strap changing is pretty easy. It comes with that universal standard, so you don’t have to separately go with some. Only real me branded straps. You can use other ones as well, since this is kind of quite a common standard where you can use the third party straps as well. So in the box package you guys get the real me watch as user manual, and apart from that, you have the uh charging cradle, and this comes with the two pin uh option and that’s how you can charge the watch now. Let me try to link this up with the real me link, application and that’s the same app that i’ve been using for the realme watch s pro as well, so here’s the watches pro, and let me turn on the bluetooth on this one. First, now going into the watch, you have all the three options here: the watch the first one was this one uh that was uh first launched in the series of smart watches from real me.

Then you have the watches pro and the watches so we’re going to try and match or yeah bind the phone. The winding request and binding access it’s actually very easy to do that now. Getting started. We’Ll have to accept the terms and conditions, and it will now connect it to the watch, and these are the different features that you see on the rear, milling application. So you have the step counter. The sleep tracker heart rate tracker and the spo to monitor and the exercise locks in case you are doing an exercise. It would usually what happens is it would actually uh try to automatically show you the exercise data now here uh? This is the information of the activity, and then you have the weather app where you have to connect and once set it up with the weather conditions or your location at least, and here are the different features: uh the settings and the auto brightness. You can have this at five levels of brightness and it was on auto, as i said earlier, as well so being on auto. It automatically took the uh conditions around and based on that it said the brightness there. This is the do not disturb mode and there’s. Also, the power saving mode there and if we go towards the top, these are the applications. What you see on the watch and there’s, an update of for the smartwatch it’s, a 1.3.0.’ and there’s, an algorithm, optimization and bug fix so let’s update that as well.

While downloading is pretty quick, it would take some time for the watch to update in the background, as you can see now, if you go back and uh you can’t actually go back. You’Ll have to wait for the update to finish so it would take a while for the update to finish here so finally about seven to eight minutes. After that, it finally got updated and the watch should basically restart and then we can start using it and show you the base uh the settings that you can change for the smartwatch on the realme link application. Let me know, try to start it or would it start by itself? We’Ll have to wait and watch that as well. Yes, it’s actually still updating, so we’ll still have to wait and then we can actually set it up. So finally uh the watch is updated to the latest version. Whatever the version was and uh there might be no direct changes anyway, but uh. You can still take a quick look at what are the different applications here and if i try to reduce the brightness here. Yes, so uh here’s how what the applications are? You have the clock and then the fitness tracker, the music control spot, monitor the sleep tracker and the stopwatch as well, and you have the camera control and find my phone. So these are the different options. If you’re going to the settings, you have the custom settings general settings and the system settings as well, so under custom, you’ll see the uh, see the options of awake screen on wristway wrist, raise and continuous heart rate option and do not disturb and screen off.

And you have general features as well for the display and brightness vibration intensity and the power saving mode now we’ll get directly into the dln link application, where you can actually do most of the stuff to customize things here. So, if you’re going to the features, these are the different features that you see you have the face gallery. First of all, that’s for the different watch faces there’s about 100 watch faces that you can choose from and not just that you can have your own photos as well from the gallery uh. So you can sync or the change the background, and you can have that from your own side or you can choose the best ones that you like from this list of watch faces some of them. You can directly change from the watch face itself. If you go here and uh long press on this one, you would have the options to change the watch face from directly from here and now. If you select something from the smartphone, it would get set there as the watch face so that’s how you can change the watch face on the real new watches. Next, you have the call reminders uh, then the notifications for the different applications. You can just turn this on and turn it on for the different apps that you want even including whatsapp, and you have the get up reminder: water reminder and 24 hour heart rate monitoring, where you can actually turn it on or off and have it for longer Intervals, if you don’t, like uh the battery to drain faster, you can have it for 30 minutes.

I usually have it for five minutes, because i want to see a complete graph of how it works and i’ll show you that as well for my s pro quickly, because this is just newly set up. So you can’t see that graph here, there’s a high heart rate, alert and low heart rate as well. If you see, if the watch is that your heart rate is crossing 150 some of the times, it would give you an alert on the smartphone that the heart rate is high if you are actually working out or doing a treadmill. So obviously, if it goes very high, you might have to take a break and there’s a camera controller, find my phone option, weather and goals. So these are the things that you can actually set on. The realme watch s application and, as i said earlier, these are the things that would actually get updated after you use it for quite a while now. The thing that i wanted to show you earlier was this one, so this is uh on the real me watch s pro that i am varying and using right now. So if you go into this one and i’ll just show you the information of this uh it’s. Currently, synchronizing and once we’re done with that, i can show you the data, and this is how the data is for the heart rate. So this is how the heart rate is up and down for uh each day, basically so that’s, why? I have it at every five minutes so that we can see how it uh fluctuates and that’s how you can take a quick progress of your um, a healthy living, basically so that’s it guys.

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