Yesterday we unboxed mi watch lite and special. Yesterday we unboxed it at Batur Lake havent watch it yet check this out. Ok, according to our promise yesterday.. today and now we will review the MI Watch. Lite with price.. Rp.800000 curious lets start review. Okay. First, we will discuss about the body. Ok guys. Now we will discuss the body. This body has an LDC 14 inches with the TFT screen type, and the resolution is 320×320, so it’s, quite small for a smartwatch and good to use. Okay on the strap The strap is made of TPU material TPU is Thermoplastic. Polyurethane characteristic is flexibility. According to my personal experience, this is very convenient to use. Ok, now continue on the back side. There is a sensor here. This sensor is usually used for counting heart rate. So when it used – and we click count heart rate, it will give off a green light. Yes and below it, there are 2 silver dots which functions in the charging process and for extras during the charging process. The body and strap should be separated. Later I will explain how to do that. Ok, guys now we will explain the features we turn it on. First, here are several themes: options you just need to press here, and there are several display themes here, like modular track, simple and activity. Here i will choose to use modular, and in this modular view there are presumably many views, such as a battery and there’s a heartbeat, and the number of footprints.

Ok continue on to this feature. In this feature, there are various kinds of options. This is the flashlight tap to turn on, and this part is quite a special part, lift to wake feature. If we turn like this, it wil turn on automatically it’s interesting to me. Let’S, move on to the next feature. There are lots of features here, start from sport mode heart rate meter, and there is a timer also stop. Watch and alarm here you can settings if you want to use it here. Mode that is highly featured by xiaomi. Is the sport mode? You only need to tap here. There are 11 variants of sport modes, 1.outdoor, running 2.treadmill, 3.outdoor, bicycle 4.indoor, bicycle, exercise, 6.walk, 7.trekking, 8.cross country running and 9.swimming pool, water and last is cricket. So there are 11 variants of sport mode. Here we can measure the heart rate, we just need to tap to measure and he will measure okay already seen 100 bits per minutes BPM, so you can count your own heartbeats lets get back. Okay, there is also a sleep mode here. You can add sleep mode later and there is also today’s data, and you can also see your calories, your steps. How many times have you stood up and also the details here? It say there are 95 steps. The recomendation is 6000 steps and how many you have stood up and last is your calories. Ok, next is … Respiratory. You just need to tap GO and he will give orders for breathing inhale and exhale next .

.. compass. This compass is very accurate to say the cardinal direction south west east and north indonesian cardinal its very detail. Next.. is the music player. We can play music from the smartwatch just tap and he can play any music on the phone that connected to the smartwatch. Okay. For example, we tap here, then he can play his music on the cellphone with the speaker on the cellphone. So here you can only play the music here. You can turn up the volume and vice versa. Ok next feature is there: is air pressure here described? The air pressure oke lets get back next is weather features here explains the weather in your area, with data from handphones that connected to the smartwatch, so it can be connected via bluetooth. Next, there is a very useful feature, namely find your handphone tap here, and the smartwatch will find your phone, so it will call your handphone and tap here to stop it. Ok! Next, the other features is here is the setting smartwatch device heartbeat silent, warning, auto lock, there is a password too, you can type the password as you want, and there is reset bluetooth. You can adjust the brightness, there are 6 levels of brightness and there is automatic. Adjusting lets get back. There are display settings that we discussed earlier next is. The next feature is a notification. You can delete old notifications too. How to activate notifications is via handphone. Okay, maybe that’s all the discussion for the features we will continue to connectivity to mobile phones.

Now we will proceed to how to connect to the handphone with Xiaomi Ware app. Okay. Here there are various kinds: there are status, practise and profil. We tap profile and will appear like this. You just have to tap the application notification settings and you only need to activate a few notifications that you want to appear to the MI Watch lite here I activate messages, notes, weather whatsapp and others. The rest. You can activate if you want ok, maybe it’s – for the connectivity, a little extra incoming call user manual and activity licensing here you can see. There are also background permissions oke next oke guys now is how to charging MI Watch lite for convenience. You need to remove the strap from the body press, a small button right here, press hard, then pull the strap. With the other hand like this already released. This is the button you have to press later. Okay, one more the same way. We press the button until in then drag then take the charger. The charger is special. Take the charger then then match the 2 silver points. Then we paste it like this. Then we plug the cable into the charger head. You can use any charger head USB plug in and its charging its charging okay friends, that was our review about MI Watch lite by Duwasan, and you know there are MI Watch, Lite and MI watch so whats the different between MI watch with MI watch lite.

Okay, now I will explain a little difference: 1.. The Prize MI Watch Lite is cheaper. Half price compared to mi watch example. Mi Watch prize is Rp.1600000, while the price of MI watch lite is half that is Rp.800000. The second difference is the features. It is certain that the higher priced Mi Watch has more features for more details. You can search on google, fuller differences about mi watch and mi watch, lite, ok, that’s. All from us hope you find this. Video is usefull. If there is an error, we apologize, and we also will upload a video about how to use sport mode in mi watch lite and, of course, we will return to outdoor shooting next week in the process of making the video curious. Where is our next outdoor syuting? Wait for the video dont forget to subscribe. Duwasan’S Channel give this video a like and dont foget to leave your comment.

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