Xiaomi Imilab KW66 Review – Best Budget $50 Smartwatch?

Let’S take a further look just before we start. Mlab is one of the xiaomi’s eco chain companies, meaning that you should expect a high quality product even at a low price, and the kw 66 is the perfect example for quite a few reasons. First, the design the watch does not look or feel cheap, as it houses, zinc, alloy metal case and 3d curved glass on the front and rear the overall build quality is great. To be honest, the watch feels more expensive than it actually costs. The device is also ip68 certified for water and dust resistance. I tested it in the rain and snow and it still works without any issues. According to the manufacturer, the watch is also resistant to corrosion from daily chemical products, which shows companies confidence in the quality of sealing of the outer shell of the watch, the device ships with two straps that i found to be nice to the skin. Both when you are out and about and while exercising a 1.28 inch display is easily viewable outdoors and you can select from quite a few pre installed watch faces on the watch itself, download new ones using the glory, fit app or create your own. Not all budget smartwatches have this many customization options. I found the watch to be comfortable to wear for hours as it is surprisingly lightweight and it feels nice on my wrist. The kw 66 also has a relatively thin profile measuring 10.

8 millimeters, so it can be easily hidden under the sweater or jacket if needed. I found the waist to wake feature to be working consistently. Well, there is no always on display feature which would drain the battery. Quite fast, the user interface of the watch is quite simple and straightforward. You can see your steps taken, calories, burned, heart rate, sleep tracking results and adjust some settings. Speaking of heart rate monitoring, i found it to be pretty accurate, and that is thanks to a bigger than usual sensor. I compared the heart rate numbers with the huawei watch gt2 pro and the results were pretty similar. You can select from 13 sports modes like running walking, cycling and so on. I used it mostly for outdoor walking and running and light cardio exercises. There is also a detailed sleep monitoring feature and sedentary reminder lets. You know when it’s time to get up and burn some fat, one of the standout features of the watch up to 30 days of battery life in standby mode and up to 15 days. If you use the device regularly. If you want to unleash the full potential of the watch, you need to use the glory fit app. It shows your fitness and health routines in detail. Like steps taken, calories burned, your workout results, heart rate and sleep patterns. You can also use your phone’s gps for auto running walking or cycling, as this watch does not have a built in gps unit in the settings menu, you can turn on or turn off a heart rate, monitoring, call or sms reminder, and so on.

As far as notifications go, they work well with all of the apps i use like instagram, twitter, whatsapp, messenger and so on. You can turn on or off notifications for each app individually make sure to update the watch to the latest software to receive notifications without any issues. Other key features include a smart alarm clock that vibrates the watch, so you can wake up without disturbing others. You can also control the music and there is the ability to use the watch as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera. Just shake the watch to take a picture a bit gimmicky but useful feature that works well in practice. Overall, the mlab kw 66 is a pretty amazing smart watch for the money it offers a nice ip68 certified design and good build quality. It is comfortable to wear. There are quite a few fitness related and everyday features, and battery lasts up to 30 days. In fact, the mlab kw 66 might be the most premium smartwatch for the price, thanks to the materials used in the construction and the overall feature set honestly, i can’t think of any flaws of this device at the moment, especially considering such a low price. Therefore, i can easily recommend it as one of the best budget options for both fitness and casual use. What do you think about the smartwatch? Would you buy this one, or would you choose another option, as always like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and as always it was lions.

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