Zepp Z Review – Premium Titanium Watch Any Good?

Let’S take a look to me. Zep z is one of the most beautiful and premium looking watches out there, but obviously design is always subjective. It has this nice classic design and it’s made of titanium, which is one of the strongest metals. The watch also has a special narrow coating for improved resistance to nicks and scratches so far my watch looks pretty much new. I found the leather strap to be nice to the skin and the watch is fairly light, making it comfortable to wear. You can use the device even under water, with up to 5 atm water resistance. I tested it in the rain and snow and the watch still works as new if you prefer a modern design. Zap e is a really beautiful watch that is made of stainless steel and it has curved 3d glass. Zeb z is a bit thicker and heavier than the zeb e, but i found both devices to be comfortable to wear. If you want to learn more about zip e, i will leave a product link down below the video one of the standout features of the zeb z, a classic round that makes controlling the device much easier. You can obviously use a touch screen, but i found the crown to be more convenient and intuitive. The watch gives you a nice soft haptic feedback once you rotate the crown the 1.’ inch amoled display is really sharp, vivid and bright enough for outdoor use.

The screen also has a special anti fingerprint coating that makes a huge difference in practice. The screen also supports always on display feature. I found the ui to be simple and straightforward. You can see your basic health information, heart rate, weather control, music, adjust some settings see the notifications that i found to be working well and so on. One of the sound out features to me: amazon, alexa support. That means that you can control smart devices, set, alarms and timers check the weather and more right from your wrist. The ui performance has been pretty good. However, i noticed a bit of stutter in the ui when you want to see detailed, workout information, not a big deal, but hopefully this can be improved with future software updates. Zap app shows your fitness routines in detail, like steps taking distance walked, calories, burned, heart rate and so on. Thanks to the built in gps and glonass units, the positioning of the watch has been fast and accurate. I took a stroll through the forest and the watch tracked my route very accurately. The watch also supports pai, which is an indicator of individual physiological activities. However i’m not working out much at the moment, so i could not properly test this feature. The app also allows you to set alarms, reminders and choose from quite a few different watch faces that are available for download. You can even upload your own photos for a more personalized experience.

What’S awesome about this app is that it syncs with my me account, meaning that all of the past workout and health records can be restored, for instance, it’s nice to have your personal running and climbing records. Also, the app supports other devices, like me, body composition, scale that i’ve been using for years, other key features and findings as quickly as possible. A continuous heart rate monitoring has been accurate. The watch can measure your current blood oxygen saturation, sleep, quality and stress levels, and so on. One of the main flaws of the device is that it does not have a built in mic for hands recalling, meaning that you can only reject the call i could get about 13 days of battery out of this watch, which is pretty close to official claims. However, if you use gps a lot, the battery drains significantly faster, so you can cut this time in half. On the other hand, if you use the watch just for the basic stuff, it can last you up to 30 days in a long battery life mode. The supplied magnetic wireless charger can fully charge the watch in about two and a half hours overall. Zap z is a really nice watch, while it may not be very cheap, but it offers premium titanium, design, plenty of fitness and everyday features. It’S comfortable to wear battery lasts a long time and zap app is feature rich. The only flaw is that there is no hands free calling other than that.

Zeb z is a solid piece of kit that should definitely be on your list. If you’re looking for a new smartwatch, what do you think about this watch? Would you buy this one, or would you choose another option, as always like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and as always it was lions.

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