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I’Ve ever had on my wrist, and that is this delos waveform, ghost automatic, titanium watch and i got ta say this watch is pretty badass and i did receive this from another reviewer that is in the league of watches, i’ll link them down in the description and I’Ll be giving you my thoughts on this one and then shipping it off to the next reviewer here shortly now. Please keep in mind that this is a prototype watch so i’m, just sharing with you my thoughts on it for you guys and i’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it too so be sure to drop a comment before the video ends down below now. In case you’re new to the channel, my name is dave, may the schwartz be with you and hey, did you know it’s a great day to wear a watch today i have on another slick, black tactical watch from my collection, the infantry bell and ross homage watch. Unfortunately, these are no longer available for sale at this time, which is a shame, but i have reviewed it in full. You can check that out up here if you haven’t seen it yet. I highly recommend it, but all right let’s go ahead and flip the camera around and get into it Music, okay, guys. So here we have the delos waveform ghost, but real quick before we get into the watch review. I just wanted to take a moment to point out this new artwork.

I got from bear than design studios and most of you have seen my other metal chromalux print, the everest, which is a rolex explorer art piece and now i have a proper desk art piece, and this is a new print that they have, which is an acrylic Print of the rolex caliber 3135 movement – i like that, since you never really see the rolex movements due to their solid case backs. This was an awesome idea by better than design. So there are other movements you can choose from as well in case you’re. Not a fan of rolex so check them out and i’m going to link their site down below, but these aren’t affiliate links or anything like that i’m. Just sharing a cool company that i’ve come across the acrylic print is a really nice quality and it’s done well. I like that, you can mount it different ways and i believe the backing plate is also magnetic, so you can even toss it on your fridge and there’s. A little acrylic stand that it comes with too so you’ll be seeing this a lot more in future videos, as well as my other explorer rp, so just shout out real quick to bear the design studios all right, let’s get into this review of the delos. Now, i’m, hoping that this is how the name is pronounced because at least in english, the spelling of dai like in daily it’s, pronounced day, but i guess it could be dilos.

So i hope i’m saying it right. We’Ll see. Okay, now the delos waveform ghost is currently available for pre order and set to ship out around april or may of this year. They do have some other case and dial color options so i’m going to link the delos website and kickstarter down below. So you can check that out, but these are not affiliate links now, let’s start with some measurements, as we always do. We have a case diameter of 40 millimeters. If we include the crown here at the four o’clock position, that’s going to put it right at around 44 millimeters lug to lug height is 47 millimeters, and the case thickness with this double dome sapphire crystal is just under 14 millimeters. We also have a lug width of 20 millimeters, so this watch will play nice with lots of strap choices out there. The case material is made from titanium, which is dlc coated, and i must say the light feeling of this watch is really nice. I think watch weight can be subjective, as some guys and gals may want a little heft on their watches or on their wrist. This watch may not be for you, but i would humbly implore you to check out a titanium watch before writing them off. You may be surprised. Okay, this prototype model came with this black zulu strap with pvd coated tang buckle and hardware, but keep in mind that when you order your waveform ghost, it will actually come on a black dlc coated, titanium bracelet to match the case.

So that is something you want to keep in mind. When we go over pricing towards the end, you will still have the option to buy this particular zulu strap for 15 bucks at the time of this recording in case. If you want to have this, look as well k shape is nice with these curved lugs that come to a sharp point, and we see the fronts of the lugs are brushed and the sides of the case are brushed and there’s. This thin high polished, beveled edge that separates them, and this goes from lug tip to lug tip fully. The lugs are drilled as well, so swapping straps is a breeze. There is a signed crown with a coin edge at the four o’clock position, and it does screw down the case. Back is also a screw down case back and features a nice engraved image of an anchor with a chain wrapped around it, and we see indication of the model name sapphire crystal titanium material and the movement powering. This watch, which is the seiko nh35 automatic movement. That does allow both hand winding and features hacking of the second hand when pulled out into position two now the bezel of this watch is a 60 click uni directional bezel with a ceramic insert. There is a little bit of back play on this particular model. So i’m, hoping that, with the production versions, they’ll tighten that up just a little bit. There is a loom only at the 12 o’clock position in this triangle shape.

We see a combination of arabic numerals in increments of 10, as well as stick indices that are applied in a high polish black to give some subtle contrast against the matte ceramic bezel color. I do like that instead of the traditional minute stick indices up to the 20 minute markings. There are instead, these curved lines since there’s not loom applied to these markings. I think it was a really nice style and design choice by delos i’m moving to the dial. We see there’s a double dome, sapphire crystal that has a nice beveled edge that plays with the light just a bit, and there are also five layers of ar coating applied to the underside of the crystal as well. The stark contrast between black and white used on this dial and on the hands gives a very cool pop art effect. I like that. The broad sword shaped, hands are split and the minute hand reaches all the way out to the chapter ring and the use of a simple needle second hand with the lollipop pip gives it a nice touch. There are round pip hour markers applied to the dial and double stick markings at 12 and 6, with a single stick marker at 9.. The chapter ring is actually the sloped ray hot of the watch and has simple stick indices for the minute and square indices. In increments of five, we see delos branding and logo printed at the 12 o’clock with waveform text, an indication of automatic movement and 300 meters water resistance printed at six o’clock.

The font is clean, minimalist and unobtrusive. In my opinion, i really like it. We see a date window at three o’clock with a simple white line printed for the date box. The date change starts at around 10 30 pm and finishes just before midnight. On this particular example, the date wheel seems to be off just a tad, but i have no doubt the production models will align without any issues. I like that delos chose to use a matching date, will color in black with white font, which is also crisp and clear. A white date wheel would have stuck out like a sore thumb on this dial for sure now. The loom on this watch is good, but i think if delos chooses to put additional layers of loom on the production model, it will go from good to great. They are using bgw 9 swiss super luminova. That looks awesome, but on this particular version it does seem to fade a bit quicker than usual now. Lastly, the accuracy of an nh35 movement can vary so let’s get this one on the time graph and see what we’re working with okay let’s get this on the wrist. As we summarize and talk price. Currently, the pre ordering price is listed on sale at ‘9 on their website. I think the price is going to put some interested buyers on the fence. The reason for that is you’re getting some really amazing features for one major trade off and that’s this you’re.

Getting a titanium case with titanium bracelet bgw9, loom ar coated sapphire crystal 300 meters of water resistance, a color match date wheel, but then you’re only getting an nh35 movement. It may be hard for some to accept knowing the nh35 is used in so many lower tier priced watches, and i think a swiss movement or a higher beat movement. It would be easier for most to take that jump to the 400 or 500 price point, but that’s just my opinion. I’M. Definitely interested to hear your thoughts on this one. So before you leave drop a comment and if you like this video, please smash that thumbs up.

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