£11 Z20 Series 6 CLONE Smartwatch With BUILT IN SOCIAL MEDIA APP'S & Changeable Watch Theme's

You can buy it from both. It cost around 11 pounds excluding delivery, so it might be a little bit different where, depending on where your box, you are in the country on shipping, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always pull up sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified now let’s go through into it. So you got the smartwatch 6. Here is the picture of it, and this comes in a green. You can get it in a few different colors, as you can see here, take care of your health, a different vision, the same love, some of the features on the smartwatch as well. I’Ll tell you a bit more information about it once we open up uh but yeah on the back, he’s got smart watch six same again and nothing else around it. To be honest, so let’s open it up, see what we get inside so let’s see what color we get so it’s a black body as you can see here, but just before we take a look at the watch, let’s see what else we get inside. It said green, no idea, why that’s, why so it comes with a green band, as you can see now, you’ve got a different uh charge as well it’s a wireless charging pad, but it’s still the two pin charger as you can see on the back it just Slots magnetically onto it and it starts charging so that’s the charger.

So you got a green watch band as you can see right there and also some manuals which are in two languages, english, and this one don’t want to state which one it is because i might get it wrong, as i did in the previous one, so that’s. What we get inside the box let’s check out the smart one. So here we have it. This is a 1.7 inch. Eight inch display uh screen. The resolution is 328 times 385. The chipset is empty. Two five zero, two c as well uh. It does go with the screen protector on it. There’S. Quite a few uh features with this phone that i’ve seen different compared to previous one, so we’ll get to that later in the video, so we’re just gon na go straight into. It has got a battery 200 mah with last around a few, maybe about three four hours. Depending on how much you use it. It’S got a standby of at least 30 hours um. I will put it through these pieces uh to see about the batteries. If you want to see a battery test, then let me know in the comment section below take a look at the body, as you can see: there’s a big bezel at the bottom. The screen is pressed a little bit higher, but i have got to say this watch is the body is much more bigger than the original series. Six and hence wise they’ve got a big bezel at the bottom.

They just feel really really big. The crown button here looks really small: you’ve got the micro in the same place and if you think this is a real button, you’re wrong, it’s, just a fake one. That’S put there. So it looks like the original series. Six taking a look at the back. You’Ve got some fake sensors. This is just all fake. It’S printed on you’ve got the led lights, which is right here. I have been told that the health apps don’t work. It just gives you an uh fake reading of whatever you’re trying to get. You know. Blood oxygen or heart rate, so i’ll show you that late in the video here you have the two pin charger: uh same love, healthy fashion com campaign, smart watch, 6, different vision, so that’s what it says on the back, it’s got no buttons, so you can. So all the watch bands you slide in and out and yeah to switch this on everything is done with this crown here and also the crown does not work as well when it comes to scrolling so that that just goes to show. So you got these speaker. Grilles right here, the right one is real. The left one is fake as i’m going to show you right now when i switch it on pushing in the crown button. You got the smart watch and, as you can see here, you’re going to get a startup tone. So i’m holding the left one and holding the right one.

As you can see, the right one is real. The left one is fake, so here we have it. As you can see, you got a really big bezel at the bottom. Uh you’ve got i’ve got to say i like the screen on this. The screen looks much more clear and hd compared to the previous, some of the previous smartwatches i’ve done, but it’s up to you to decide anyway. So let’s go straight into it 100 battery, but i don’t know if that’s gon na last, because i only when i actually put this on charge um. It was only like 20 minutes to 30 minutes until it went to a hundred percent um. I tried putting on when i took out the box. The battery was totally flat, so it took about 20 30 minutes to get it to 100. So in this review, let’s see how long it takes for the battery to go down. Uh let’s slide it down. You’Ve got your shortcuts and i’ve got to say this. Smartwatch is really really slow compared to previous ones, and maybe the chip is an old style chip and it did say mt2502c, so i don’t know if that’s a slower chip or it’s just a fake chip that they’re just mimicking uh well trying to mimic the first One so you got to it just support 3.0, 4.0 bluetooth here is the night mode or do not sorry do not disturb mode. That is the bluetooth on and off, so just switch that off at the moment you have got to tap it and wait for a bit.

So here is the brightness. You can put the brightness up and down as you like this one here is your motion and you can flip to in new incoming call flip to mu alarm, wake up, gesture and shake to answer the call, and what else do we have here? We have at the main menu style, so you’ve got two main menu: styles, the smart app and the smart style. Let me just show you what the smart style looks like and, as you can see here, the crown button does not work you’re just going to scroll around now. If you’re thinking the background is changed. Well, you do have themes in this smartwatch as well. You’Ve got two themes which i’ll show you later in the video i’m just going to change it to night app view as that’s better for me. So does the apps on the watch face actually work, so the calendar nope the sport history? Yes, it does heart rate. Yes, it does and battery percentage is still showing 100. So that is the watch face. Let’S see how much what what faces it does have. So we have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven, so you’ve got eleven watch faces and, as you can see, while i was uh switching between the watch faces, you can tell how slow it is as well so it’s kind of slow. But you know you never know. People might actually like this with the features it’s got so let’s go through into it.

Let’S go into the menu, so you got your phone book. Of course it needs to be connected to your phone we’ll. Sync it with that later. Dial the same again, you can receive uh incoming calls messages, we’ll see if we can take a call with this smartwatch later in the video, so stay tuned. For that notifications, you’ve got to connect it to you. Do get notifications uh find device same again, connect it along. You can tap to put a new alarming calendar. Let’S check the calendar out there. We go bluetooth music same again, you’ve got to connect it to your phone and then you can just control your bluetooth music. From there bluetooth camera messages same again, connect it to your phone or just quickly, zoom, past bluetooth. You can put that on and off pedometer and just kind of calculate your pedometer sleep monitor and that just tells you how long you slept but i’m pretty sure, that’s, fake and what’s this one that’s a heart rate now as it’s showing it’s showing uh 71 but I’M, just gon na leave it um off an object and show you that it’s just going to give you a fake little probably same at what you saw earlier at 71., it’s going to give it to you in real time as well. So 88 you’ve got 88 it’s, just as you can see here. If it gives you fake readings this this well, almost all of the smart watches the fake series.

Six clones. They don’t give you accurate reading, so that qr code is to download the app which i’ll show you, which app is about later uh, going into information, that’s the z20 device name and that’s the information about it release time was the 26th of october 2020. So there we go motion, as we saw earlier, that just goes to show how much motions it’s got on the watch. Uh stopwatch let’s see how it is calculator and that’s how it is power, saving mode. You can switch that on and off uh team. This is what i was on about team um. You can actually switch between two themes, uh, which we have the world at night, and also this the other one that you saw earlier so going into settings. So let’s go back settings no, where we can so let’s. Go settings yeah we’ve got it so bluetooth settings, as you can see here, power off and visibility is on link to app so that’s. Just a qr code clock. You can change your clock, um type and stuff like that that’s. Just your watch faces uh day time. You can change that new notification bright, which makes it a little bit brighter, but your battery is going to go quickly. Metric imperial units, sound, you can uh to put the sound all the way down all the way up to you display uh, nine app style that’s. The menu style brightness screen time, i’ve put it to 60 seconds international, look, how much languages you can actually get with this uh z20 that’s how much languages it does have.

So it has got quite a few uh reset and about we’ve. Seen that so let’s go back to brightness, you can change between your brightness. We put on full white blood pressure, that’s, definitely fake um. You can measure it and i’ll just show you so no point showing you that that just goes to show you you’ve got your exercise mode. You can choose between all of these uh if we go for a walk and just click. To start the sport that’s how it is body temperature, definitely going to be a fake immunity. No, i had no idea what this is. I’Ve tried i’ve, put it on and it just it just doesn’t. Do anything so alert type vibrating ring only vibrate, no idea what that is. I’M just i’ll leave it switched on ecg. Definitely a fake uh, oxygen blood blood oxygen same again, volume you can switch between your volume multimedia. You can put it on silent or allowed, depending on what you, what you want languages, we’ve seen the languages main menu style. You can switch between two. Now these three apps on the bottom are the social media apps, which you’ve seen where it stays on the title. Now these you have to connect your phone to the app and also your your your phone as well, of course, and it will give you the notification on uh your facebook, app your twitter app or your whatsapp. So that is good. Instead of just going straight to notifications, you can just click.

Facebook and i’ll show you all your notifications message. The messages you receive for your notification same again with twitter. If anyone send you a message or a tweet, you can do it all from there, which is good, because i’ve actually tried to have connected it to the phone and the notifications do come on to these apps, which that’s the other, in my opinion, that’s. The best thing about this uh smartwatch, but the layout everything is really good. I’M. Not gon na lie uh. So, as you can see, you can have a drink reminder. I don’t need an average needs, an average of 2.5 litres of water a day. You can switch that on and off so yeah. The good features about this is the social media, apps that’s. The first time i’ve seen these social media apps on a smartwatch, well, a series, six clone smartwatch, so that’s really good. I do like the screen resolution. It’S really really good, but it’s really slow, so that just puts me off right. There anyways, as you can see, i’ve just been using it and it’s gone straight down to 80 percent, so the battery may not be really really good, but what i’m going to do is connect it to that and show you what features it’s got when it’s connected To the app right, the app you need to download is this one right here: it’s called rd fit the qr code, just get your qr code and you can just download it from there.

So let’s switch our bluetooth on and uh let’s go back and, as you can see here, you’ve got all the information from your health apps that go straight on to the app itself. But, as you know, it’s, if this, this fake information about it on the health apps, so let’s go straight into device unbind device, so let’s unbound confirm to unbound whatever that means. So what we need to do is device unconnected. So what we need to do – oh yeah i’ll switch the uh bluetooth, often times so let’s put the bluetooth on, as you can see right there and it’s just gone up right there. So, hopefully you should get a z20 in your bluetooth settings, as you can see. Now, when you have to connect it to your uh phone twice, one is for the app and the other one is for the calls and text messages and notifications that you receive so searching device. As you can see here, you’re gon na should get the 20, which we have right there, let’s synchronize data and uh. It says here paired device which we are going to. You can actually uh, receive iphone notifications and also uh gps as well the gps. You can actually connect the gps to this phone. It did give you that feature earlier, but it doesn’t know because i’ve actually disconnected the feature gps feature, so you can actually take the picture toggle it on and off bluetooth call uh.

Please enter the settings so, like i said early that just goes to show that you have to connect it twice. If you want to make calls receive calls and notifications, as you can see, it’s come up again so once that’s connected twice as you can see, accept one of this yeah except human interaction device from all source iphone 12. Yes, as you can see right there so capture, we don’t want to do that anyway. Let’S go back talk about that later, uh search device. That just means, if you want to know what it is – and it gets really really loud – missing – watch right there. So heart rate monitoring, that’s, definitely fake easy detection, definitely fake. The only thing is you can’t. Actually change uh put customized watch faces on this um. This one right here just gives you information about yourself. If you want to put information in and yeah that is it to be honest right now i wanted to show you the calls and information. I did try it. It does actually work um, but i haven’t got my other phone because i’m in um i’m. Actually, i might, the old phone is an iphone x and i’m in the verge of actually converting it to an iphone 12 pro, so it’s, actually in parts at the moment. So i can’t show you, but this does have a call feature where you can make calls and receive calls on this phone.

You can actually go into dialer, which we have right here and make a dial right there. So, as you can see here, press call we got ta get it as you can see. We’Ve just done it there. So, as you can see it was when it comes from the watch. The mic was a bit crap i’m. Not gon na lie so yeah. As you can see now, when it comes to the social media, apps i’ve not received any notifications, but once you’ve actually clicked it if you’re clicking it right, yeah you it just goes to notifications. So if you receive notifications from facebook twitter after you’ve connected it to the watch, then it will show right here, so it just shows you uh the information that you actually received on notifications from whatsapp, twitter and facebook, but i don’t apologize that i can’t actually show You the calls, but you can actually receive calls and make calls as you saw earlier and receive notifications, but you can’t do customized watch faces, which is no good but anyways. That was it people that is the z20 i’ve used it for like 15 minutes making. This video and it’s gone down to 80, so it took 20 of battery. I don’t know if that’s a real time battery, but you know i’m, just gon na take the information off that but anyways. If you want to see any other videos with this z20 smartwatch, do, let me know in the comment section below thanks again for watching and i’ll see you again for another video.

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