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Now this bracelet seems to be unbranded. The closest i can figure out is it’s from a company called rain, where that’s r a i n w a y e r it’s, an unbranded device, i’ve taken it out of the box already you’ll have to attach the wristband. The wristband comes separately. That comes in this compartment. The main body of the watch comes in this compartment. I put that all together and in this interesting note here, the band itself. There are no holes going through here, so you’re going to have to figure out which slot your little clasp fits best in and then use the little stopper here to just punch a hole through that. So a very cheaply made silicone, but not unlike what you would see in other fitness, trackers and smart watches. I thought it’d be fun to bring you the absolute cheapest smart watch, fitness tracker i could find on the internet. I paid seven dollars for this at Uh, you can find it in aliexpress for about six dollars gear best for eleven walmart from ten to fourteen dollars. Alibaba, if you buy it in bulk anywhere from three to four dollars. It comes with a charging clip and there are two little electrodes here that uh attach to the back of the watch. It just clips on there to give you the the charging it takes about two hours to charge. This thing thing up: let’s dive into it. Now to turn this device on, this only has one button in the bottom middle of the screen, so you press and hold that that will turn it on it.

Pairs to your phone with a device called fit pro i’ll show you that in a minute you have your time screen on the very first screen, and you have your option here of the 12 hour time or if you press and hold this, it will switch it To 24 hour time, okay, that is maybe it’s in the instructions it’s, certainly not in the app these instructions are so tiny. I found it to be absolutely worthless. I it’s so small. I can’t read it even with plus two reading glasses uh, so these instructions were worthless to me. So i’ve just been playing around for a couple days in the app to figure things out, but you have your the time. Your number of steps the day of the week it is in the date at the very top, along with the battery life left in the device, pretty cool, you have your number of steps. Approximation of miles walked and kilocalorie burn. Here you have a screen with beats per minute: your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation now for like a five dollar device. I find this to be amazing. If you press and long hold this, this screen will flash and it’ll take the measurement and give it a few seconds, and it will come back and tell me what my heart rate is, what my blood pressure is and my blood oxygen saturation, and i want you To just think about that, for a moment, this is a really cheap plastic chinese watch that costs about five or six dollars, just the fact that it does.

This is kind of amazing to me and it will come back here. Uh and you see my heart rate here. Beats per minute is 71.. My blood pressure there. Oh, it just disappeared very quickly, but it was 124 over 79 all right. Those numbers are transposed and my blood oxygen saturation is 96, the fact they can make that measurement. Again, i find amazing if you press and long hold onto the sports mode. You have your number of steps. You have skipping rope, yo sit ups and that’s it for sports modes, okay, um beyond there. You can get the messages if you press and long hold there uh this says nil. So i can’t get my text messaging to work. On this thing, i have text messages while it was paired to bluetooth that does not seem to work um more i’ll, get into that in a minute. You can press and long hold this uh when connected to your phone to take a picture that actually works. I’Ve tested that – and you have a find your phone uh feature um right here, where you can press and hold the button and that actually works too it’s kind of amazing that any of this works for six bucks, um back to the blood pressure for a minute. Before you post a comment and ask me if this blood pressure is act, uh accurate, i want you to stop and examine your life for just a brief moment and think about.

Do you really want to ask somebody if a cheap plastic? Six dollar chinese watch measures blood pressure, accurately? Okay? Of course it doesn’t, but i will say this. The readings i’ve been getting are certainly within the realm of plausible. So this is not a medical grade device by any stretch, but it you know what it is not as random or horrible, as i thought it might be. So take that into consideration. If you’re buying this for blood pressure, you can do better. If you go into the more screen here right here into the more screen, there’s your barcode, the scan to download the app you can reset the device, and here, if you press and long hold it will turn the device off okay. So you know for six bucks. This is an okay device, it’s pretty attractive, but it is a cheap plastic. Chinese watch, as i mentioned, the app for this device is the fit pro app. It’S got an annoying ad banner at the very top so i’m just going to scooch. This whole thing up to get it out of the frame. You can see your step count here. Your distance walked over the course of the day your kilocalorie burn um. You can set a target for the number of uh, either kilocalories or um total number of steps. You want to do gives you a little my health rating i’m i’m rating, an a so it’s telling me my health index is 90.

. I don’t really know what that means. It’S giving me a body index bmi of 18.6 that’s, showing, i guess, pretty low um. If you click on the plus it’s a body, may it doesn’t really give you much about ranges but i’m in the low range here for body mass index, so it says i’m in the the light to healthy range, so that’s, good body, fat percentage, 18 and a Half percent – i don’t believe that at all i’m, around 12 or 13 right now so that’s just plain wrong: um, but hey the fact that it’s trying to take a guess is kind of amazing. In and of itself, i can go down and view my continuous heart rate over time as it’s made these measurements. Okay and my blood oxygen saturation, hey, i think it’s worth six or seven dollars just to have a measure of blood oxygen saturation. To be honest with you, it’s not going to be highly accurate, but you know if you’re within let’s say 5 or 10 points, and this gives you an indication that something’s out of whack all of a sudden it’ll be well worth that seven dollars you paid for It sleep tracking, it’s, an okay sleep tracker to only start measuring after 10 pm and then after four hours of sleep. So if you don’t sleep during those hours forget about it, this won’t. Do you much good, but it gives you a measure of your deep sleep.

Your light sleep and your awake time, you know it seems pretty reasonable to me healthy habits. I don’t know what’s going on here. I guess you would log your breakfast yeah. You would punch in to say whether you ate breakfast and went to bed early and whatnot i’m, not going to use any of that. You got some motion patterns here. It can track running running i’m, sorry running walking or bike riding. You can set your preferences and a certain things like that um, so you know pretty basic stuff, but the app is okay it’s in chinglish. So keep that in mind, if you’re, an english speaker you’re going to find really some odd phrasings and words in here. But if you’re familiar at all with these apps, you know you’ll get through it pretty easily it’s pretty straightforward, so the bottom line here is, would i recommend this device? The answer is absolutely not. I would not recommend this uh to anybody. However, i just wanted to show you what a six dollar cheap chinese plastic watch can actually do. I’M amazed, it actually even works uh. The app actually is you know it it’s functional um, you know. Normally i do these reviews to bring you the latest technology, and i want you to click through and to my affiliates account. This thing is so cheap and i can’t even find it on amazon i’m. Not even going to do that. So if you want to say thanks, all i ask you to do is subscribe to this channel that will help me boost up my viewership and bring you more reviews.

This is primarily a channel about kayaking. I have product reviews and fitness tracker and smart watch reviews on a playlist, so go check all of those out anything related to health and fitness or kayaking. I like to do reviews of and bring it to you. So all i’m asking is, if you would give it a thumbs up, subscribe to this channel as a way to say thanks. I greatly appreciate it. Hey stay tuned because also on order i’ve got the amaze fit gtr that should be here within the coming weeks and i’m.

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