Amazfit GTR 2e & GTS 2e Review With GTS 2 Mini MUCH Better Battery Life!

So in this video here i’m going to cover these watches in detail a little bit of my experience with them. But i’ll go over the differences compared to the old models and the new. The major changes with these particular smart watches is the battery life that has, in some cases, almost doubled compared to the versions like the gtr 2 to the 2e is a big jump up in the battery performance, so they have a lot of fitness tracking features on There we’ve got the continual heart rate: monitors there: sleep, tracking, gps, of course, haptic feedback motors in these watches and as you’ll see in this review. Not really a lot has changed, mostly the improvements in the battery life, but in this in depth review. I also cover some of my own workouts, gps tracking results and then my overall opinion and testing out these new watches over the last week. So all of these watches do come well presented well packaged up, so there’s going to be no damage to them. When you receive them, if you order them from somewhere, so on this side here we have our pogo port pin charger. Now this is a usb to the two pins, and so i’ll just show you now. So these are the two pins right there. You can see and it connects up magnetically to the underside of the watches charge. Time will vary from about two to two and a half hours depending on the model, so the gts two e will take two hours and then the gt r2e is about two and a half on the other side of the box.

You will find our instruction manual. This is in various different languages, first up the gtr 2e and the gtr series. So this one is the 2e. With the silicon straps, the black version we’ve got a middle frame, 2.5 d glass that covers this and the screen brightness is not too bad at all. This one tops out at 326 nits of brightness. It is the brightest out of these watches. I am showing you here today and you can make it out in direct sunlight. So with this particular clip i’m showing you, the screen looks a little hard to see. It’S. Actually, coming out a little bit worse on camera, so we have the two middle buttons here on the side: good quality to them and the differences between this version and the gtr 2 as well. The gtr2 here this one is the sports version with the leather strap and it has the silver stainless steel frame around the outside, and it also has 3d glass on the front of it here. This one is just 2.5 d glass, so on the underside we’ve got the same sensor arrangement. The two poke pin connectors. There are little lights in there that flash as part of the heart rate sensor, so continual heart rate. Monitoring. With this, there is now the thermometer 2 built in, so this is one thing that is new, that the gtr2 does not have is the thermometer, so that can gauge your body temperature and also, if you’re, not wearing it.

That would then be the ambient temperature. So the backing on here is plastic. The silicon straps are removable. All the straps on all of these watches are removable. You can interchange them change them over. So there is a microphone on board with this one here for the offline voice commands, but it cannot handle calls themselves because there is no loudspeaker on this particular model. The 2e, if you need the loudspeaker that is on the underside you’ll, see here that’s the loudspeaker right there on the 2., so the gtr 2 has the loudspeaker the microphone you just get. The vibration call alerts for incoming calls on the gts 2e and the gtr2e. This is the gtr2e on my wrist now it’s comfortable feels good and the strap on this one, the silicon it’s not giving me any allergic reactions or anything like that. Now, if you flick your wrist, this screen comes on automatically now onto the gts 2e. So this new updated model, the main focus again is the increase in the battery life performance. So this one can go with heavy use up to seven days now. Instead of about three and a half that we were getting on the original gts2, which is right here, you can see they look identical. There is really nothing too much different with them apart from again the glass, so the glass is 2.5. This is 3d. So 2.5 d and on the underside you will notice. There is a difference too, as well with them.

The fact that one of them here is shiny, glossy coating on the underside, where the other one isn’t and again it has the thermometer now built into the new 2e and the loudspeaker is missing. So when you take a look at the side of it here, on the left hand side of the gts 2, you can see the loudspeaker that little tiny slot right there. So, looking at the screen here on the gts 2e, this one is 270 nits of maximum brightness, and the touch response is good scrolling through it is great frame around the outside made out of metal. The silicon straps here are just like the all. The other watches shown in this video replaceable, so just a quick release right there, the same sensor set up as the gtr watches the same sensor as well. The thermometer is built in and we do have, as i said before, up to around about seven days now of battery life of heavy use with this one that includes gps tracking, so tracking. With this one, i did notice that when i used tracking for about an hour and a half that that would drain approximately five percent of the battery, which was not bad at all, considering gps is normally very demanding, so very good, build quality to them. The straps are excellent, they’re very strong, and i don’t think they’re going to break at all very comfortable and i’ll just show you quickly what it looks like on my wrist.

So again on my wrist, this one is comfortable. I do like the look of it. The square one is just a little bit smaller, of course, taking up a little bit less space and i just think it suits probably my wrist, which is not a big rest, a little bit better than the round version, as you can see there. So we have the same 50 meters of water resistance with this and the buckle on it is your classic buckle and the strap comfortable, not giving me any problems with irritation wearing these now, for quite a few days, i’ve had no issues same raise to wake as Well too, with the screen i’ve got it set just to five seconds to turn off that’s to save on that battery life, which is up to seven days of heavy use. So you see, as i flick my wrist now, that comes on automatically so built in microphone in this one too, for the offline voice assistant. So now, if i say for example, turn it on and say: open timer see how it got that and it has brought up now the timer for me and if all of those watches there are too big and you’re a lady too, and you want something smaller. Then there is the gts2 mini this one right here offers very similar features to the gts2e series. We have a nice bright screen. This one is almost 300 nits, very quick interface, so we have the heart rate, monitor.

We have our oxygen saturation blood level monitor too as well, because that can be measured. Stress. Is there too, and we’ve got everything that other watchers have? The weather can be synced to it as well, build quality, very good, so it’s just 20 grams. The watch, the strap with the strap included, is 32 all up and we have a middle frame around the outside here, 2.5 d, glass. The bottom half is plastic there’s. The heart rate sensor the two poke pin connectors for charging. This lacks the thermometer that’s, not here on this version, and we do have a silicon strap of reasonably good quality. No problems it’s just the same really quality as the other watches here. So you can remove these straps the single button there on the side i roll a nice size, very nice and light and small, so now, i’ll run through the interface on these watches. So this is the gtr2e and it’s very similar on the gts2e and the gtr and the gts okay it’s all the same on these watches here, but then there’s the slight differences between them. As i pointed out just before so swiping here from left to right, we can go through the various different modes. It’S got so this is our fitness tracker there with our goals and everything you can see. My calories burned distance that i have covered today, so almost well, almost 17 and a half kilometers your goals and just swipe along.

Here too, we can measure that’s my current heart rate now, where there’s the big gap there’s. When i took the watch off so that’s, why it’s there? So you can set this at various different intervals and a lot of those more advanced settings will be through the application and i’ll show you that later on. So that is for music, but there’s, no loudspeaker on this particular model. I have here the gtr2e, but the gtr2, the normal version does have the speaker. If you need that for handling calls as well. This one just has cool alerts: weather okay, you can scroll through that. You can see the weather for the remainder of the week here so it’s, starting to get quite cold here. Winter has finally hit in daniel where i live, and there is our p a i. So this is basically a fitness uh. Well, this is calculating our fitness levels there and an indicator to give us a bit of feedback too, and all that sort of stuff alarms can be sent through here as well, and this does have a microphone built in. So you can use the voice commands as well for certain things, so this watch face i have on at the moment is my favorite. I think it’s the number one downloaded one through the application, and you can sync, of course, with the app different watch faces. I like this one because it’s got all the information clearly laid out here so swiping down from the top.

That then brings up all of the toggles. You can see our battery life there as well and everything we needed need. There is available notifications. If you swipe then up – and that is pretty clear right there, so these buttons that one there is to bring up the menu okay, so that’s all up there. So we do have a lot of different things here. The stress calculator level as well. We have our oxygen blood oxygen saturation level, two that does work quite well, but it does take approximately about 30 to sometimes almost a minute to measure that so i won’t show you that right now, but when you start it, it tells you just to be very Still and keep your arm upright and everything for that one so tapping this button. This is normally just to go straight into the shortcuts for all of our tracking of our different activities here so tracking, for example, if i was going to go for another outdoor cycle, then you just simply find it in here outdoor cycling, okay, went mountain biking waiting For the gps signal, there are a few options you can go through too, as well with this so work out goals we can set it we’ve got reminders. So i like it to buzz and tell me uh every kilometer just give me an update and you can see all that information when you’re doing the workout you go through. All of that, which is quite good and then it all syncs through with the application too, and going just back into this again so walking.

For example, there are other things you can see same thing, auto pause, 2, real time graph information if you need that is all available. Now, with the single button, we have on the gt gts 2e, this one it’s a similar setup, but we just don’t have that quick fire way to get into to convert that bottom button to go straight into our sports tracking. So for that one, you would just double tap it and then you bring it up and you can go through then to your workouts and select them that way, but it’s. Basically the exact same thing on those two watches, so one of the new sensors. We do have with these watches, with the gts2e and the gtr2e is the thermometer so selecting this. It will tell you based on ambient, if it’s, not on your body, so right now, it’s just telling me the ambient temperature, you can see it’s 22.4 degrees and with the gtr2e. I have right here. If i go into it, this is going to give me actually my body temperature, so my skin temperature, my wrist temperature, there i’ve been almost 32 degrees, as you can see so that’s one of the new sensors on board with this new model and i’ll briefly run Through the settings we get on the watch itself too, the same as the other watches so watch face settings so that’s self explanatory. These are the different watch faces. You can use you can scroll through and select the one you want through just the watch itself, but i prefer to use the application so i’m going to go and continue using this one.

I like that one that’s my favorite and the other settings here. We do have are pretty self explanatory, so the display brightness timeout watch face settings vibration, user preferences too there’s a few different things. We can tweak there, for example, to configure what you want this button to do wearing direction quick access, apps there are the off voice, control offline voice control as well too, with the gts2e. Here i will show you how to track a workout. When you do this and the options you get so, for example, walking. Okay, i’m gon na go walking. Now it wants to get gps signal. It’S gon na tell me that right now and it will start to measure my heart rate so hit go, and you can see now that it’s counting away. So when it is going through this, you can tap the button and that would they take you back to the main menu but it’s still going to be tracking in the background there so to get back into it. You can tap on work out here now to see the various different bits of information you simply swipe up. You can see the distance the calories the time the pace that is all there, your speed, all that information will be showing up there there’s the heart rate. My heart rate’s starting to show now currently it’s, 71 and swiping when you’re in this to the left here to bring up the left side of the menu that’s.

When you can lock the screen, you can also pause it too, as well and continue. There is an auto pause feature with these smart watches when you’re doing the workouts as well and onto our app now so the app we want is in ios and app store, so on apple and your android devices. This is my fault too it’s called zip, so z e, p p install that you need to pair it up – bluetooth, of course, to the watches, and it gives you this summary when you first get into it. So my steps are right here. Last night’s sleep for some reason is not showing oh there we go 7.8 hours, let’s just pull that through. So this is going to sink through calories, heart rate, stress level right there, my last exercise, as you can see it was outdoor cycling, so that was 8.5 kilometers and sleep score. So we’ll just have a look at that briefly, so it breaks it down into deep sleep, light, sleep, rem, rapid eye movement and the time you’re awake so very similar to other applications with their fitness. Apps it’s all kind of straight forward here so there’s, a few other bits and pieces on here that you can take a look at of course too. So let’s have a look at the gps tracking on this one from that ride that i did the other day. So zooming in this is where i went around the coast: i’ve noticed the accuracy does seem to be pretty good, so it’s not cutting off any of the streets.

So if there was a a straight line going from sadie here to there, i’ll be a little bit concerned about the accuracy, but it seems about the same as the other watches i have with the gps tracking functionality. So this has glown ass gps that’s built into this. So with the watch here, you’ve got different profiles you can set up and when you’re in here, the only thing you can do is add and just have one watch active at a time. So, with all the various different amaze fit watches i’ve got i’ve only got the gtr 2e active one. I had before the gts to e as well. So when you click on it there’s a lot more information that you can look at here. So we’ve got our heart monitoring, so you’re able to set this to be continuous. The frequency you want a lot of different things that i won’t go into in too much detail here. Watch settings of course firmware updates. You get them via the application here, and it normally will advise you straight away when you connect up when there is an update, and at the time of this video i am on the latest family with this offline voice command words. If you want to learn those, then we’ll tell you all about that here and that’s, just a quick guide to all of that again i’m not going to go into details. There set your alarms, your schedule, uh the watch settings itself, bring that up.

Okay wearing mana of rest vibrations, all the stuff i went through the settings on the watch itself can be done, of course, even with more detail on the application here, and your watch faces you’re able to go and change those two as well through the application here And if i was to pick, my favorite here would be the gtr 2, because i still like the fact that it’s got the built in speaker and i can handle calls on the watch, not just the call alert all right. So what about the battery life? This is very important for me in a smart watch is the main thing battery life so with my use is going to vary from person to person but having the sleep tracking, enabled heart rate monitoring too and going for bike ride, so that is the workout tracking. With gps an hour and a half and i’m looking at losing per day with the screen timeout as well set to not the default five seconds, i run about 12 to 13, better life loss per day with the gtr 2e, which i currently have on at the Moment that’s my favorite out of these new watches here and the gts 2e, so that one i’m slightly slightly more power consumption. It seems to be well it’s, because it’s got a smaller battery in it i’m losing about 14 15 per day, with this kind of heavy use out of it. I think battery life is definitely lining up to their claim, because you have to bear in mind that this one, the original gtr 2 you’re, looking at about three days of heavy use.

That is with these. So if you were to disable the sleep tracking, if you were to turn off the heart rate tracking and you weren’t training per day, then the battery life would be so much better. You can probably get about 10 days out of it even more. If you disable more things, keep the screen time out to five seconds as well, then you’re able to get 20 days or so out of the gtr 2e, so that’s great battery life and the mini the mini’s looking very similar to the gts 2e there as well. So build quality on these watches great, very, very good. I like the straps they’re, very comfortable wearing this no problems sleeping wearing the gts 2e and the gt r2e for me. I’Ve had no issues with that. Now the application is good, there’s, so many different tracking options in there. There are some automatic tracking options too, but when you can look at all the sports that you’re able to track all the workouts, there is great it’s. Good we’ve got the 50 meters of water resistance vibration motor. So when you get an incoming call vibrates, you can see you get the call alert. Unfortunately, this is one of the cons for me. We cannot with these newer ones the e series, the essential series here. We can’t handle the calls on the watch itself, which is something i really like doing so with the original gtr 2 model. You can do that.

It has the built in loudspeaker, but we’re missing the loudspeaker hardware from these new models um. Unfortunately, that, of course has given us the really great battery life too in its place, so you need to pair that up on what you actually want. So if you want to handle calls on your watches, go for the original two series, the two models and the ease for the battery life, definitely for the battery life and remember that these do not have nfc built into them. They don’t support android, wear os they’re using their own propriety os on these particular watches here and overall really do like it. I think these are great watches if, of course, you don’t need those things i just mentioned there and you’re after that amazing battery life, which is what these are all about. So, thank you so much for watching this in depth, review and a bit of a comparison here, and i do hope to see you back in the next review.

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