Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Review ! My Honest Opinions…..

Putting out this review guys, so i hope you like the video and if you have not subscribed to my channel, hit the subscribe button now guys for more interesting videos like this, so let’s start the review before starting the review guys. I would like to give you the specification overview of this smartwatch, so here it goes. This amazfit gtr is a fitness oriented smartwatch that has a 1.’ inch amoled screen with a pixel density of 462 ppi it’s 36 grams in fate and has 410 mah battery. In terms of sensor, it has all the sensors like accelerometer, light sensor gps, and it has all the capabilities like uh text messaging in incoming call and other features, it’s also activity tracker, and it has sleep tracking and you can set reminders and control music with this. Smart watch so guys before starting the review. Let me just give you overview of the watch and then we’ll continue so guys. This is the watch as you can see and uh. This is uh in front. It has a 1.3 inch oled screen and the quality of the oled screen is very good guys, as you can see, and you have tons and tons of watch faces. You can access the watch face by holding on this uh screen for a bit it’s buggy guys. Sometimes it happens sometimes it does not like it happened now and you can change watch faces like this. As you can see, uh the selection of watch faces on the watch is very limited, but you can get watch faces from the app guys and i’ll show you.

The app later and let’s uh start with the let’s go around the physical overview on the right side of the watch. As you can see guys, we have two buttons and the first button is used uh to turn or on of the watch or, if you’re somewhere in the watch. For example, like this uh, you can just hit this button and it will go to the home screen and guys the second button, what it use it. Just uh navigates you to the uh modes, guys different sports modes and uh different training modes and, as you can see, it navigates us through this. So the uh. These are the functionalities of the two buttons and the entire construction is made up of a stainless steel. Guys, as you can see on the back, we have the optical heart rate sensor and uh. The measurements that i got from this optical heart rate sensor is very good, guys, it’s, very accurate and in terms of this bands guys these are replaceable bands guys you can go to any shop and replace these bags. But the quality of the bands is also very nice, guys, i’m testing, the watch for almost 20 days now and the quality of the bands are very good from the front guys it feels like leather, but from the back it is sort of a rubberish type of A feel so it’s a good combination, guys and i won’t complain uh for the price guys.

So these uh is the physical overview of the watch and now let’s start with the review so guys. Let’S start the review and uh guys. Like my usual videos, i’ll divide the video review between the pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision, so let’s start with the pros. The first thing that i like with this watch is the build quality guys, and i have to really stress upon this fact, because for the price guys for the price of 9000 rupees, the build quality is amazing, guys uh. The outer construction is made up of stainless steel, guys and uh. The bands are also made up of leather and combination of leather and rubber, so i have to stress upon the build quality. The build quality is very good guys now we’re talking about the next thing that i like with this watch is the weight. The uh. The weight of the watch is almost negligible guys, although it’s a big watch guys, but the weight balance that amaze fit has done is very good guys uh, it never felt heavy on my hand and uh guys. It is a important part guys for a watch, because you have a you: wear your watches for hours and hours, so it has to be light. So that is also a thing that i like. The third thing that i like with this watch is the design guys uh for the price, guys, i would say, uh.

The design of this watch is the best that you can get and if you, from the time i purchased, this watch guys it’s almost a month. Uh since i’ve purchased this watch and uh guys for uh. Since that day, many people have asked me. What is this watch that you’re wearing? They have never seen something like that, so guys in terms of design and appeal it’s, a very appealing, design, guys it’s very nice days. Another thing that i like with this smartwatch is guys the display it’s, a 1.3 inches oled display guys and the quality of the older display use is very good. It’S very sharp and the black levels are also maintained very good guys, so the display that is used in this smartwatch is very good guys uh. I did not have any image retention issues on the display. The also a thing that i like with this smartwatch guys it has a variety of selection of watch faces. It has tons and tons of watch, faces guys in the app uh, particularly in the watch. You have some uh, but from the app you can sync uh. Hundreds of watch faces as for your liking, so that is also a thing that i like now guys coming to the sensor. It’S fully packed with sensor guys so in terms of sensors. Also, i don’t have any problem and the uh, the measurements that are taken from the sensors are also very good guys now again in terms of uh.

The next thing that i like is the battery life guys, the battery life that i get with this watch is very good guys again. Uh amazing claims about 14 days, and i could get roughly about 10 days of battery life guys, but uh do notice i’m. Using this watch with all the features on, so you off or some of the features and then uh the battery life should be better guys, but the battery life is very satisfactory, uh the amount of uh the routine. How i charge this watches guys on sundays. I keep it on charge because it’s holiday for all of us, so i keep it on charge and uh. The charging is also very good and it survives me for the entire week. So that is also a thing that i like and guys. The next thing that i like is guys. It has sleep tracking, guys, uh generally. Most of the watch in this price range does not have sleep tracking, but this watch has sleep tracking and the uh readings that it takes are also very accurate. So this is one thing that i like with this smartwatch again. The thing that i like with this smartwatch is the charging time uh guys. The charging time of this watch is very fast uh. It almost charges in an hour guys from uh let’s say. If the watch is in uh, eight percent or nine percent battery life, then it charges completely in just an hour or an hour and 15 minutes.

So that is also a thing that i like with this smart watch, so guys these are the things that i like with this smartwatch now let’s about the things uh that i do not like guys uh. The first thing that i do not like is the auto brightness uh sensor on this smartwatch uh, generally guys uh. The auto brightness sensor on these watches should be good because uh at night, also because i’m telling you the uh this con, because at night also, when i was wearing the watch uh the display used to glow very bright, so that hurted my eyes guys some bit. So in that uh perspective that i would say that the auto brightness calibration is not that good. Also, i do not like a thing is that the the charger the charging cable that is supplied in the box is a proprietary charger again, if you lose that charge you’re simply not going to uh charge this watch, you have to buy another proprietary charger, so that Is also a thing that i do not like one thing that i uh again do not like with this smartwatch is that you cannot make calls, or you cannot uh reply to the messages from this smartwatch, so it’s technical. They are calling it smart watch but it’s technically, not a smart watch guys because you’re uh unable to you can just cut the calls from this smartwatch uh else. You cannot do anything. You cannot reply to notifications.

You cannot accept the calls over bluetooth also and all also guys regarding the app one thing that i don’t like in the app is it’s a very basic app guys. Uh it’s, not uh the and the information that is gathered in the app is also not that useful. I feel so. That is also a thing that i don’t like with this smartwatch one of the cons from this smartwatch. What i’ve noticed is guys in operations. I don’t know what type of processor uh is this watch using uh it’s, not that fluid guys. So that is one thing that i don’t like it’s, very sluggish, guys and uh. I simply don’t expected that type of performance from this smartwatch. So if you are a very performance, uh enthusiast that you expect uh it to be fluid like apple watch or something like that, it’s, not that fluid guys. So in that respect, i do not like this smartwatch guys, it’s, not like that it’s, not usable. It is usable guys, but you will simply not like the experience of using this smartwatch it’s, very uh, sluggish guys other than these cons guys. I could not encounter any con in this smartwatch uh and uh in some cons. I did some nitpicking because for the price of 9000 it offers you very much. It has sleep tracking, it has heart rate sensor uh. Yes, it does not have spo2 and other features like that, but that’s found in new uh latest smartwatch categories, and this is almost three year old, smartwatch so uh.

Regarding that i would not complain so much but uh. This is i’m satisfied with this smartwatch guys. So this was my review for this amazing gtr, guys and uh. I hope you, like my review, if you like my review, do hit the like button and also subscribe to my channel and uh thanks for watching my video guys and i’ll see you in my next video.

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