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New year’s resolution i’m talking about their smart scale as well as their two smart watches, the gts2 and the gts2 mini, and that menu was announced last month. Knowing what you’re doing is working and, of course, knowing that you’re on the right path, be it by weight by steps, is always beneficial to keep us motivated and, of course, ultimately reaching our goal. This is tk, and this is an amazing package from amazefit. Thank you very much for sending us over the scale, as well as the watches, but let’s not waste any time. Let me share with you guys: how can these benefits like and subscribe and make sure you hit that bell icon so that you’re always notified too? Whenever we have new videos on the channel here we have the package i already took out the smart scale out of the box, as well as the gts2 mini that we have here. This is the smartwatch itself very nice and very small, and, of course, the gts2 that’s been out for some time. Both of these smart watches have a lot in common. Essentially, this is just the mini version of what this one does and, of course, they have a heart rate sensoring, as well as a blood oxygen level, a lot of different sensors built in here and, of course, long battery life on both of them. Although the mini will definitely last a lot longer as far as the contents of the boxes are pretty simple on both the watches, you pretty much get the watch itself with the strap already built in.

You have a magnetic a usbc, well usb type, a cable magnetic charger that you’re able to charge, and, coincidentally, it works the same on both of them and it does have a couple of pins. So once you have it connected, it’ll start charging and you can connect this to anything. I’Ve been using it with my pc and it literally charges it in about an hour same situation with the mini and, of course, the instruction manual in the box. Now, when it comes to the actual scale, it’s pretty much pre assembled there’s, not much really to do. The only thing you need to do essentially is just turn in or basically install some batteries in there. So here is four aaa batteries and then, after that, it pretty much sits in more of a dormant state and what i mean by that is, if you’re not using the actual scale, it just sits by itself and it sits waiting for you to step on it. Once you step on it, it will activate bluetooth, connectivity and you’ll notice right there. It recognizes the weight and activates it connects via bluetooth to my smartphone and, of course, does a live feed of how the actual weight is being uh. Measured. Now the good thing about this is you’re actually able to monitor all of this information in their app there’s. Obviously, a body body source. The weight management will automatically show up there’s nothing in here for today, but if i click on it, you can definitely see here that i’ve been using it over time and i’m definitely working on getting my goals back in there.

Now, when it comes to the actual smart watches, there’s a few differences other than obviously being the standard model and the mini model, first and foremost, i would probably say, is that both of them are supporting amoled displays, obviously, a bigger display on the standard gts2. Both of them feature speakers so you’re able to actually have some sound coming out of them, although only the gts2 features a microphone to be able to receive calls and make calls from it. Last but not least, this also features voice actions as well because of the built in microphone built in storage for music. Here on the gts2, where we don’t have any storage here so you’re not able to basically play music off of the watch itself. You’Re able to play it straight off of your device, so you can control music on your device. Just with the gts2. You have three gigabytes of internal storage to be able to add music directly from your phone using the app now. The interface on both of these watches is very similar. One thing i would probably say is that this is actually a looped process, which means, if i keep going at some point, i’ll get back to the page. So if i swipe from the left and keep going, i will ultimately get back to the actual main home screen. If i push the button on both sides, it’ll obviously take me in there’s some shortcuts here for different applications, you’re able to press it once to take.

You into more of the app list, those are the installed applications and there’s, no really a way of adding different things, it’s pretty much what you have in here, if i press and hold it’ll, take me straight into my workout and you’re able to actually customize the Press and hold functionality as far as the notification panel, both of them have a notification site that you’re able to customize certain things for the most part, getting the same information, although the gts2, definitely because of its bigger display, it has a much more, i would say, Customizable experience you get notifications on both of those from your device, although no way of responding. So if you swipe up from the bottom you’ll get notification, it’ll tell you which app you’re, getting the notification from, unfortunately no option of being able to respond. Now, as i mentioned to you guys, the gts2 here features voice actions, so i can actually turn it on start treadmill. You can see right there, it recognized my voice and it started an activity as in actually starting treadmill. You can also change the brightness. You can do different things with it there’s a detailed instruction in the actual package, as well as the app and let’s go ahead and switch over to the app and see some of the benefits here. As far as the application, you just need to download the zep zepp app directly from either the play, store or the app store and then connect it to your smart watches as well as your smart scale, keep in mind, you can only connect one smart watch at The same time so essentially the gts2 mini.

I had my son used that one and of course i was using the gts2 as from the size. Difference. It’S actually worked better for him, but on the app you can only use one app uh one watch in the app at one time. So i ended up syncing this one to a different device, but you can definitely see here the information and everything kind of transfers over now. Currently, this is the actual uh step counter for today, as this is still in the beginning of the day, and i was charging the watch. You could see here that i did a measurement here on the heart, so essentially, 72 beats per minute. Uh sleep tracker from last night. Unfortunately, my battery did die because i wanted to see how long the battery lasts. Now on the gts2, i was able to get literally from last thursday so thursday morning, so thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and tuesday at 12, 06 p.m a.m. And morning on wednesday is when the battery died. So you can definitely see that it has a long battery life and, of course, this is consistently using it with exercises and, of course, getting everything in correctly. So, as far as the step counter here, we’re looking at obviously, this is from today let’s go ahead and jump over to the week you’ll see here on monday and then of course tuesday. That was just not accurately measured, but you can see here the different measurement i’ve done.

You know, obviously my run on wednesday, my friday sunday. We also did a lot of walk uh same thing and you can see that i’ve been using it for quite some time. I started using it uh closely here, that’s, the saturday back when i first got the actual devices and i started setting them up you’re able to go in there and see, of course, your sleep tracker because of the long battery life you’re able to also track that. So you can actually jump in here and do the exact same thing for the week and of course, for the month you can actually see the tracking information let’s go ahead and jump back and then here’s the information from last month. All of that information syncs up directly into the app once you turn on the application or, if you just let it run in the background, now stress measurement. That also does actually have some measurement here for me as well, and you can see here the different levels, depending on the day that i was in you can see how stressed it was many things go on during the day and, of course, measuring the the pia. Now the weight management is actually very nice, and you can definitely see here how it actually tracks your information over time, and it does give you basically that trend letting you every time you measure. How does it compare to the last one body score and, of course, a goal tracker and, of course, if there’s, any additional tracking data information for when you’re, actually using it now, the bmi and all the other measurements here do come from the scale so that’s, something That is very nice, and you can definitely see the trend here that essentially my bmi hasn’t really changed much but other than that.

The information and all of this information is accurately captured in the application directly from the smartwatch and connected via bluetooth. Now, under the second tab, which is called the enjoy tab, there’s, the ability of setting up, alarms, offline audio commands only works on the gts2 scheduling, find my device of course watch faces and, of course, slimming plan. If you want to be able to customize it there’s, a massive library of watch faces that you’re able to download. I will say one thing, though, that some watch faces are configured to use the european style of time telling meaning it’ll basically be where, if you want to be able to make sure to get it to the us style, with an am and pm configuration it’s. Not a setting on the watch it’s, actually a watch face so depending on the watch face that you’re getting you’ll be able to get a different experience and there’s again, a very similar experience coming on with the gts2 mini as well as the gts2, and this is Where you’ll be able to customize the incoming calls the app alerts, vibration, mode, unlocking screen and, of course, uh not supported in the current, but the activity here, obviously, is the nfc card package and all the other things that we don’t have. So whatever is active on the smartwatch will be able to show up in here and of course, under there you can also go to the top right under profile.

You can see here the battery level, so the gts2 is the one i’ve been using. I tried activating the gts2 mini here, but if i activate this one it was going to disable the gts2. So i ended up leaving gts2 here and activating the gts2 mini on my find x2 pro. The smart scale is automatically connected. You can go in there and you can customize the different options, connect it to a specific wi fi change, the units, obviously from kilograms to pounds since i’m. In the us merge duplicate record. If there is any and, of course, body composition measurement and you can customize the different experiences as well as factory resetting it, and, of course, if you want to check the status and see if there’s any updates to it now, the last thing you can also customize Here is obviously what shows up on the display by default. It shows up the weight that we tend: uh trend, a body of fat body, fat ratio, essentially the heart rate, the protein percentage, as well as the water retention and you’re able to add any of these additional one in there. Of course, to show up on the display, if you don’t move it up to the top, it will not show up and, of course, this will actually all be demonstrated directly on the display and synced up directly into our phone now as far as the actual gts2. As you can see here, you can customize uh the health monitoring application, the watch settings the app list, management shortcuts, app settings phone calls different options to find my watch discoverable.

You know binding limits and, of course, running background system update. Of course, if there is any it’ll start showing us, as you can see, we are running the latest firmware so very easy, very simple to use all of this information and customize all of it directly on the actual app from amazefit, both the gts2 and the gts2 Mini are amoled displays. There is slightly difference in obviously in size and, of course, some of the features as far as the notification shade that’s a little bit different as well, but you have basically easy tracking for a lot of different activities. Obviously, water resistance, as well as actually the ability of doing sleep, tracking heart, heart rate monitoring, as well as stress level, monitoring which is really nice. Both of them feature very long battery life. So up to six days on the gts2 – and it says up to 14 days on the gts2 mini, and i would attest that. I haven’t had to charge that one for quite some time where i’ve had to charge the gts2 a couple of times. And it takes about literally an hour from zero dead, all the way to 100. I have a massive selection of watch faces on both of them. Uh keep in mind a little bit of a tip. If you pick a specific watch face that you notice it’s not displaying the watch information, meaning the am pm if you’re in the us, like we like to use it that way, i noticed that some watch faces only work in specific format, so you just have to Switch the watch face to be able to get what you need, and the scale is the most important part of this entire combination, because i feel like this is something that we always overlook, knowing our steps, knowing our health, knowing our information that comes from a smart Tracking, either activity, tracker or so on is always beneficial, but knowing what our weight is and what our bmi is on a consistent basis helps us manage and know exactly what we’re doing is the right thing or what we’re doing is the wrong thing and how to Course correct and for me i like to use it on a weekly basis.

It stays in dormant situation, meaning if i’m not touching it. It just keeps the display off once i step on it. It syncs automatically to the device and, of course, allows me to see my information over time, which is the important part. We can weigh ourselves as many times as we want, but we may end up forgetting what it is or how much we ended up weighing on what day we did it. This keeps everything simple: it keeps it basically tracked in one application and of course it has many different things to help us stay on track. Uh the benefit between the gts2 and the gts2 mini obviously will be more of a personal choice. If you want a smaller footprint, i think the gts2 mini does a really good job for under about 100 bucks and of course the gts2 offers us a lot more and it’s a little bit under 200, of course, but it definitely gives us a lot more. As far as when you’re looking for features, but if you’re looking to stay healthy, i think both of these will always the watches, as well as the fitness or the scale will allow us to actually get to that goal faster. I want to say thank you very much to amazefit for allowing me to check out this entire package and, of course, sharing this with you like and subscribe as usual.

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