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Frankly, i don’t know, but considering it has longer battery life and lower price i’m, assuming it’s for both so it’s, very similar to the gts2 in design display but cutting some features in exchange, we get better battery life. I actually just reviewed the gts2 a couple of weeks ago and i highly recommend you see that link will be in the description, so first let’s unbox it we’ll have a closer look at it. I’Ll tell you the differences and then, accordingly, you can decide which one is perfect for you all right. So if this is your first time here subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend texing let’s get Music started inside the box. Is the gts2e the watch itself, a charging, cable and a user manual, starting with the build? It has a square dial with a metal, aluminium body? It has a matte finish, which absolutely looks premium one button on the side, along with the same groove, to prevent the button from getting stuck in cloth or hair. Frankly, i really like the design idea towards the back is the heart rate sensor, spo2 sensor, the charging terminal and a small mic at the bottom left on the front is a 1.65 inch touch amoled display with a resolution of 348 by 442 pixels since it’s an Amulet display so deep blacks and super vibrant colors.

The text and icons are crisp thanks to the higher 341 ppi. The straps are made of soft silicon and come with a buckle design. They get a very good grip and feel very comfortable. They can be replaced with any 22mm third party bands using the hook mechanism on the strap all right, so the display is exactly the same as well as the design and build. The only thing different is that the gts2e doesn’t have a speaker which the gtr 2 had, which means now you can’t receive and talk on the phone from the watch. You can’t listen to music on the watch and no phone call ringtones. It has 90 workout modes. Yes, 90. tons of them and the best part is now the gth2e auto detects these workouts, which the gts2 did it had the same workouts but lacked auto detection. It comes with 5 atm water, resistancy rating, so wearing them in the rain shower or even for a swim is fine. It comes with built in gps to map your run or walks during workouts for more accurate results. Frankly, i haven’t tested it, but considering that the gts2 accuracy was really good, this should be similar. It comes with always on mode, just like the gtr2 over 40, always on watch faces to choose from digital analog and many many more. It comes with 8 pre installed. Watch faces and over 50 more that you can get from the zip app watch face store.

You can also custom set your own album pick as a watch face from the app as well. The mic on the gts2e is for offline commands, like, for example, you can ask it to enable dnd, show you, the weather, start a workout or even change the brightness. There is a huge list of commands that you can see in the settings. The interface is very familiar swipe from the top to access quick, toggles swipe from below to access notifications swipe right to see the activity, weather, heart rate, spo2, music player, press, the button to access the menu it’s super, smooth, responsive and very, very easy to use. It comes with 24 hour heart rate tracking, as well as spo2 sensor. Heart rate tracking is a lot dependable, while sp02 more of just for reference and not for medical purpose, but still it’s good to have one handy. We also have a new feature: temperature sensor to check your body temperature coming to the zeb companion. App shows your steps, heart rate, workout, sleep tracking, spo2 levels, the works. You can also share data from apps like strava and google fit something i know many would want to do. Rest. You can change the settings, call alerts, enable notifications, set alarms, software updates and a lot more. Alright. I’M sure you know enough about the gta 2e. By now, but what are the differences? Well, the gth2e doesn’t have wifi and speaker which the gtx 2 had. So we can’t talk on the watch.

When you receive a phone call which you could do on the gts2, however, you can see the caller’s name. You can silent the ringer or reject the call, but you can’t answer it. Moving on the gth2e doesn’t have internal storage to save music like the gts2 did, but you can control the music from the gtx 2e that is playing on your phone that’s. If your watch is connected via bluetooth to your phone and, of course, since we are trading off some of these features, we gain battery life. So now double 14 days battery life compared to the seven days on the gts2, which is excellent for those who actually won’t be needing these features and, above all, the biggest pro being it’s the cheaper price tag. The gth2e is priced at 9999, which is 3000 rupees. Lesser than the gts2 you can get the same display same premium built same 90, workout modes, better battery life for roughly 25 percent, less that’s a good deal. But if you want internal memory to save music along with phone calling feature, actually not phone calling you can actually, when you receive a call you can talk, then you should consider the gts2 it’s nice to see that amazement has given us options now worth considering the Gth2E is going on sale on 17th of january on flipkart and amazefit website. I’Ll leave the links below of both the gts2e and the gts2. In the description, if you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out, so i hope this video was helpful.

If there are any questions mention it down in the comments and i’ll be happy to answer them.

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