Best Blessbe Kids Camera | Mini Camera Toy Unboxing and Review

Welcome back to another video and, if you’re new to the channel, then please hit that subscribe button and please press the notification bell to get notified. Whenever i post a new video so guys in today’s video we’re going to talk about this blessed be kids camera, and this camera is not only for kids. Even adults can use it or it’s a photo’s, big sector videos, and you can also use it as a web camera. So in today’s time, job online or online classes. Schools may so most of the parents need a web camera for them, so guys here. So this is not only a toy it’s, a useful product for your kids and it’s also for the people who wants to use a fancy web camera, but don’t want to spend much money on it. So this is a very good product for you guys so guys. Let’S see what else you get with this camera, the box camera so let’s open the box. This is the box of the product, so authenticity here that the box, you will get it’s going to be like this it’s going to be a black box for your white color box miller. So that is not a blue product so guys in the box. First of all, you will find a menu in it and uh it’s, a pretty informative menu or coffee actually colorful, be here or guys, it’s brand casa. They bother chichi’s or gabi here that they assemble basically all their products in india.

So this is an indian brand called china branding and they are bringing all the products usb cable. So this is a micro usb charging cable, because this camera is a rechargeable camera recharge perspective. The quality of the cable is pretty good, and then this is a lanyard uh to carry the camera, though you go on a picnic or something so you can uh put this lanyard into the camera and roll it like this in the hand. So your camera have a boomerang all right guys. So now let’s switch the camera on and let’s see. What all features are there in the camera or up is say constructor. What are the limitations and uh? What actually you can achieve from it? So guys? Let me turn on the camera first, so turn on connect, and you just need to press this button and you can see the plus be logo over here, so guys uh. This is the proof of authenticity is a product. I am manufactured by lesbian it’s, not it’s. Uh, not a product related by bliss b, or something like that. So this is the first thing: that’s a user interface. There is a camera option. Then there is this video recording option. Then this is the audio recording Music, so it is actually working as filters. So i have a filter, change, constructor frames, so yeah kids can enjoy it. If you want to go back, you just need to press this power button over here and you are back video option.

So if you go into the video mode, Music burst mode and language and then volume and all that stuff, you can check and change over here and let’s, go back and see the games snake the classic snake games. Then this is a maze kind of a game. Then this is a playing game and then this is some one, two three four five, six, some number game for the kids. So yeah there are games in it. There is a last option which is the gallery to go to the gallery. You just need to press this button, so here’s your button here. This is uh basically photo click connection, video record connection and what is the difference between the quality that you get in this camera or other cameras cameras? So let me show you the cameras now so guys clean camera boxes, so this one is from blsb and as you can see, this is different from both the boxes. So this is the chinese camera first thing. Second thing: camera: they are very proudly mentioning their brand on the product, so that means that they are really uh. You know confident about their products, though cameras. This is the first thing and uh second thing is, and this is a very low quality, glossy kind of material. So this is kind of a toxic material that you’re giving to your kids or is that? But this is not that toxic, because it’s a very high grade, uh plastic, which is used over here, because it’s rubberized and then we’ll come to the screen part scratches and this less speaker.

Camera comes with a screen protector over here and i’m. Just peeling. It off see it comes with a screen protector which protects the screen and it doesn’t come with any screen protector, so obviously scratches this so i’ll restart it once again, as you can see, guys directly happy camera open user interface up just select like you can go To the gallery, you can select a photo mode or video now let’s see the quality of this camera over here. This camera is not even turning on so they have sent us a dead camera over here, because it’s going to charge here and it’s, not even turning on so guys. There is no point of comparing this product because this is dead, it’s, not even starting up so i’ll. Keep this aside and, moreover, guys is co. Op as a web can be used because software remember limitation happens as a webcam username, but you can use the sp camera as a webcam, so you are also getting an extra feature in it in this price point so guys that was the whole point of uh. You know comparing yeah sorry camera score and if you want to buy this camera, the link is in the description below here. Bless me dot in pay, engage official website. I want to be available, and the good part is that if you go to their website to buy this camera right now, you can use a coupon code which is hypedripe and you can get 10 percent off, though up your product massively biker.

So guys. That was all for today’s video. If you like the video, then please hit that like button. Please share it with your friends and family and please comment down below and tell me that. What is that? One thing that you like about this camera and please do subscribe.

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