Best smartwatch for iPhone 2021: Apple Watch, Wear OS, Tizen and more

It also features fitness level assessment via vo2 max estimation, steel, hr sport is a real watch with a unique extra, an activity dial which shows progress towards your step goal, but it also has a digital display, so you can easily view heart rate and other health data At the push of a button, steel, hr, sport automatically tracks, walk, run, swim and sleep as well as distance and calories burned. It also tracks heart rate, day and night, continuous heart rate mode automatically activates with running, but you can also manually activate workout mode at any time and select your sport with a simple long press on the watch button, steel, hr, sport can track more than 30 activities And you can select up to 5 for quick access and with connected gps, when your smartphone is on you and location settings are enabled you can get and share a map of your session after your workout with duration, distance pace and calories burned with a short press. The display provides easy access to the main functions of the watch, including heart rate steps, distance calories, burned, alarm, time, notifications, battery life and the date you can even enable smartphone notifications. So you can customize your watch to gently vibrate and alert you whenever you receive an incoming call text or calendar notification and you can receive fully customizable alerts from all your favorite apps and unlike many hr, trackers steel hr. Sport is water resistant up to 50 meters.

So you can enjoy automatic, swim tracking and even shower with it, so you never have to worry about taking it off the best part. Steel hr. Sport has a battery life of up to 25 days longer than any other hr tracker on the market and charging. It is a snap and while the watch’s display gives you access to real time data, the watch syncs via bluetooth to the free healthmate app available for ios and android open the app for a rich timeline of your activity, sleep and other health data. If you own additional products tap on your timeline to view your activity graph, an overview of your distance for all activities, calories and heart rate throughout the day for running or workout mode, you can view a detailed heart rate graph in your timeline with information on maximum Heart rate time spent in heart rate zones and duration. This is where you’ll find a map of sessions tracked with connected gps and your fitness level. Yes, steel, hr sport can assess your fitness level when you run based on vo2 max estimation. The higher your level is the more fit you are. The app also displays sleep so each morning, if you wore your watch to bed, you can view a complete breakdown of your night, including sleep duration, light and deep sleep and wake. Ups. You’Ll also get a sleep score, which rates your night according to many factors, including depth, duration, regularity and interruptions, and for each night you can also view your heart rate trend, as well as your overnight heart rate.

You can also set silent, vibrating alarms, which can even wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle, steel hr, sport comes in many styles, has easily swappable bands and syncs with over 100 top health and fitness apps.

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