Casio G-Shock DWE 5600 CC (Circuit Board Pattern): The Full Review #casio #gshock

My name is norma muhammad from anime watch and i have a very, very big box here, but inside the box. This box is only one of this just one watch, but we have tons of accessories inside there so that this is a very, very cool g shock, carbon core guide in square – and i am no i’m just blown away by the design of this thing so anyway. So let’s before we start the show let’s do a quick swatch check. Today i am wearing another g shock square width, but this one is my heavily modded dw5600. So you can see i put a what you call this jelly style case, because the original bezel has you know as somewhat deteriorate and i’ve replaced. The battery i’ve put a strap adapter here that i’ve got from aliexpress. So we’re going to be talking about this. In a in a separate video and i’ve put it on a vintage bond needle which is from, so i think it looks absolutely awful, but i like it so anyway, so let’s get to the watch right. So the model number for this particular g shock is let’s, see if we have it on this box right. So we have the dwe 5600 cc3 er eu. I think that stands for europe – i’m, not really sure about that. But yeah. You can see that we have a japanese writing here for the hontai, futa, shi and sleeve, and everything is in is in paper.

This is paper in japanese and pra. Prime is plastic, so for pe plastic is made, plastic from pe cover is from pets and what’s. This material material is from pur, so big, big box right. So we have this g shock. Carbon core guard printing up top with this very very nice um circuit board, printing style on this side so i’m. Pretty sure that we need to take it out from this side, but on this side we have this openings here. Where you can see, we can get right. So we have the g shock international warranty card. We have the module number, which is the module number three. Two two: nine three, four two and ooh: sorry, which one is it using hold on hold on let’s, just check it out. So this is using the three two two nine uh module right. So we have the okay. So this is a book and a s. What? Oh, this is nice right, so we have um, perhaps like precautions on how to remove the bezel, how to install the bezel, how to install the bezel, how to remove the strap and precaution using the accessory tool and that’s about it. This um i’m not going to be doing it swapping out this bezel and strap, because this is not my watch. This is in for review only so we have this juice shock tool. We have a something that looks like a flat screwdriver here. It’S, not you can’t open it, so maybe it can be used when you want to remove the bezel i’m, not going to be doing that today, but it’s nice to know that casio does provide you with some tools right.

So let’s put it back inside this slot. Here, like so boom, oh hold on there’s something else inside oh yeah. We have the casio register online and also the casio english for disposal of electrical products right right, so let’s put them back inside here because it’s, not my watch. This is just a borrowed in for this particular for this review. So i’m, not gon na be i’m. Not gon na buy this anyway, so i’m, just gon na show you. So this is just a show and test session guys right. So we take out the big slave put it at the back there and let’s see what’s inside so that’s the sleeve. This is the box right so again, similar pattern here and when we open the box to reveal what’s inside and we have another foam cushion. Oh, my god, and we have tons of stuff. So this is the plastic bag that holds this particular watch. We have the model number, which is the um dw5600cc3 dw e 5600 cc 3er. So i don’t think that this is a japanese model, but yeah still, okay. So what do we have inside here inside this box right? We have three things right, so let me just take it off like so we have three things we have the oh. Can i remove this? Oh okay, so that’s nice uh nothing’s inside, so we have three things that i’m not gon na be taking out. We have a black colored bezel, so let’s, just oh let’s, just focus a bit all right, so let’s, just okay i’ve hit the camera so i’m gon na yeah.

We have a black color bezel and we have a black colored resin, which has this three two. Two nine number, which is the uh module number, and we have this very – very cool uh circular board. A circular bot pcb pattern, um strap here, which i think is made from god. What is it? Can i take it out? Oh man, this is a sales. This thing is going to be on sale, so i’m not going to be taken out. So it looks like a combination of fabric let’s just focus a bit yep. You can see that there is a fabric there and a bit. Maybe this is a pu leather. I’M. Not really sure, but we have you have option to swap out the bezel and also the strap man. That is very, very cool all right. So, of course we have this quick release, pin style here, uh, which is in 16 millimeters of diameter. So and we have this adapter right, so i know that this adapter is very, very nice and it it is made from if i’m, not mistaken, it’s made from Music metal. So this is a metal piece that, oh, is it plastic? Oh no, it is not metal. It is in plastic right, so it is in plastic, so that it’s easier for you to swap out, and you can also use a 22 millimeters width bend and you can just swap it out using this adapter and put it on your g shock.

So that is very, very nice, very, very cool, in my opinion, right so let’s check out the watch right. Okay, so let’s check out the watch and put all this stuff away for a while before okay, so i’m, just gon na pause a bit all right. So this is the watch in my hand right so ah man, i don’t, think, really think that is this much bigger comparing to my dw5600, but let’s check out the dimension right. So we have my caliper here, i’m, a left handed guys. So if, if if it looks like a bit weird – so please forgive me about that. So this is a 40 43.5 millimeters from here to here. That is normally called the width. The thickness is about um yeah it’s about 13 millimeters, so a bit thick, comparing to the ga 2100 and the luck to luck. If you can call it that so yeah that looks like it’s about 48.5 millimeters. So just a nice size uh something similar to a dive watch that we, you know so that we are used to right. So how about the weight of this one? So you we know that this is using the carbon core guard, so you can see that it’s written on the face of the watch and, of course, it’s going to be yes about 50. Oh, come on focus 54.2, so just five grams more compared to the um casio oak t shock so very, very light uh.

You know what let’s just go ahead and try how and just weigh how much this thing weighs on this particular strap so yep, that is about 75 grams. So, even if i take out this nato strap, i think it’s going to be about 60 grams, so it’s a bit. This is a bit uh. You know a bit heavier, but this one is just 50 grams. So when you use it, you don’t really feel it. When uh it’s on the wrist right, so very, very nice, okay. So what are the difference between this normal version versus this carbon? Core guide guard is, of course, that carbon core guard um very, very lightweight material that has been used by casio on their latest models. So um, as for the universe as for this, this this shot is basically much in you know much for the design, so you can see that we have this see through pwe circuit board printed pattern on top of the strap so on at the back yeah. We have this just a green color, so we just printed on top and on the bezel. We also have this pattern here and on the bezel on this side of the strap, of course, it’s the same thing and we have a it’s not printed. The keepers here is in resin plastic, so it’s not printed, and we have a gold buckle uh. Of course, this is a gold plated buckle, not a real gold, and we have at the back.

We have a print of a stamped casio, thailand and at the back we have again a similar pattern. Uh model number three: two to nine w d: w e 5600 cc stainless steel back made in thailand. Ga i’m not really sure what ga is water resist to any bar, which is 20 meters, and of course we have this carbon core guide right. So this the the casing or the stainless steel case is of course have this screw four screwed screws, and this is the carbon core guard, and we have this. You know plastic bezel up top right. So of course we have this quick release. Pins, like i mentioned just now, so you can just swap it out, swap it out to another, strap that you want, or if you want to use, even natal strap right need to set. Do you want this one? You can use the um the adapters that has been provided on the inside the box itself right so other than that let’s check out what’s the function available in this particular watch. So, of course we have the time mode here and we have the. If you press this, one nothing happens, so you can of course adjust it. Oh you can see that the buttons right so the buttons is your typical square g shock style, where you can see that the adjust button is sunken yep. Oh i’ve just noticed that the display on this one is way much better.

Comparing to this um to the old g shock square, where you can see that this is made much much more clearer compared to this one but anyway, so we have that sunken adjust button. Here so when, if you push once you got the alarm, push again, you’ve got the timer, which you can you’ve got the stopwatch and that’s it. Oh, my god. This thing costs about two hundred dollars and it just to do just that also as basic as it gets. But there is one party trick that you would only find on this particular model, which is the illumination right. So just switch off the light and let’s see what’s inside oh no. This did it’s this one right, so you can see when it lights up. It has that blue limit illumination, and we have that red pattern appears on the screen, which looks really really cool. In my opinion, at least right, so okay, so that you know what it is, what is so, if you guys, like this kind of style of watch, of course, if you guys are collector of g show, so maybe you want to add in this in your collection, You want to add this inside your collection, but for me, ah, you know what i’m i’m going to go for much more function, so this one is a very, very basic, but a very, very interesting watch, in my opinion, yeah still very, very nice and very very Cool looking, if you are into this type of uh g shock all right, so maybe this one is collectible and maybe it will increase in price i’m, not really sure about that.

Casio is still making this um now it’s hovering at around 200. Maybe it will go up to, i know 300 or 400 dollars i’m, not really sure what happens in the future. But still this is a very, very nice product from casio that if you are a g shock fanatic, which is i which i am not maybe you would get for yourself to keep and trade in three four a whole lot of money compared when you buy right. So that’s it guys, if you guys, want to see more future videos such as this one.

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