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Welcome to an alternate dimension. Ladies and gentlemen, this is insane never in my while this year – i’m, not even around today man, but i put this on today for the old brownies. You know what i mean, because let me tell you what i’d much rather play the browns and arrowhead next weekend over the ravens i mean look, i i think the chiefs can beat either of those teams, but i would have preferred the browns man i mean. Listen. Let me just say: cleveland, you know, brown’s fans. If any of you are watching this man uh anybody from cleveland. You know what i mean. I just want to tell you man. I am so happy so excited for you, man. I was rooting for you. The whole way tonight, dude that’s, why i got your helmet on my hat here, dude 25 years, since you last won a playoff game. Trust me trust me i’ve been there. The chiefs went like back in 2016, we had beaten houston in the wild card round, and that was our first playoff win like 22 years, or something like that. So i mean trust me. You know we’ve we’ve been there right, but i saw a stat at the end of the broadcast. That was the first browns road playoff game win since 1969.. Let me put that into perspective for you, 1969.. That was the year that the chiefs won. The super bowl super bowl four yeah that was 51 years ago 51 years ago, and let me tell you right now: man, i i’m, not a fan of the steelers at all, so i’m, really glad you beat them, i i will admit i did a live stream Before the playoffs started, giving all my predictions, i was five for five leading up to this game tonight, i’m.

Five for six and i couldn’t be happier about it screw predictions man. The cleveland browns have won a playoff game and i’m sure the city of cleveland is partying. Like i don’t even know. When was the last time they won a championship like 1950 four, i don’t know. So this is a historic night honestly like in the football world. This is a historic night could not be happier for the browns fan base the browns fans, the city of cleveland could not be happier for him. I went up to the last chiefs game versus the browns up in cleveland two years ago, man, i sat with some browns fans i could just i could. I could feel their pain like just the whole game. My homes was putting a beating on them. You know what i mean and all the browns fans they were sitting with man. They were like. Oh man, you guys are all you guys are still looking at my homes, man yeah. We just we just come out here for fun, because we suck every year and literally every time that they’d go three and out or they’d drop a pass or they’d throw an interception. They wouldn’t even be mad. They, just like you, know, okay, what next i mean they’re just used to it. They’Re used to pain right feels, like yesterday, feels like yesterday that i watched the cleveland browns go over 16. go owen 16 in the 2016 regular season feels like yesterday, man that was just decades of pain and suffrage just unleashed onto the field of play tonight.

Man, look man, congratulations, cleveland, browns, like no seriously. I am so happy for you guys as of right now you know the game’s over and the cleveland helmet. It has to come off because let’s talk, business, cleveland, brown’s got to come to kansas city. Now i would have never guessed that the kansas city chiefs would be playing the cleveland browns in the divisional round of the playoffs that’s yeah that’s crazy. What a year 2020 is. I mean it’s 20 21 now, but this is still part of the 2020 nfl season. This is this is some crazy man. This was the best case scenario for the chiefs. Some people might say: whoa hold on shouldn’t. You be scared, i mean the browns. They just put up almost 50 in pittsburgh. No man i’m, not scared ben roethlisberger, four interceptions, not to mention that there was a bad snap that resulted in a fumble recovery for a touchdown in the end zone to start the game for the cleveland, browns, so that’s. What that’s five turnovers, i think in total. Maybe even six, but at a minimum there there was at least five. I know that the browns offense itself yeah. They had two good drives, but other than that i mean it looked pretty stale all night. It was the defense that carried the browns to victory. Tonight. I’M not going to give any predictions as of now, because i have a whole week ahead of me to think about all the stuff that’s going on in the divisional round.

Right, i will be doing i’m happy to announce. I will be doing a part. Two live stream before the wild card began. I had linked up with my two friends: kadav and casey aka’s raiders, dubs sharks and we’re, bringing it back for part two we’re gon na do some divisional round predictions we’re gon na go over. You know the wild card and stuff and it’s gon na be a lot of fun. I suggest you tune into that this friday night man, if you want to get all the insights, my opinion, my friends, opinions, yeah man, if you, if you want to hear what we have to say about the stuff man. But let me just say this really quickly. I couldn’t be happier about playing the cleveland browns in the playoffs. Let me just say this man i’m, happy that it’s the cleveland browns that the chiefs are playing, because if it would have been the ravens i mean the chiefs have just been kicking. The raven’s ass for like three years now when was lamar’s first year, was the 20. Was it the 2018 season? It was a 2018 season or was it yeah yeah? So lamar was drafted in 2018. He started 2018 um, then 2019 2020. Every single time we played lamar jackson we’ve beat him. There was that one game that was really close came down to a fourth in like 20 for the chiefs or something stupid like that. But point being the ravens acknowledge the fact that the chiefs always beat them because lamar jackson said at the uh the press conference he said to reporters after the last chiefs game.

The chiefs are our kryptonite, so he knows it. The ravens know it. The chiefs always beat them, so i don’t know how i’d feel if we’d have to play them again, because they’d be pretty damn motivated to beat us, but i don’t know man. I, like i i’ve watched every single team play, except for the packers and chiefs. Obviously, because we have the buys were on top of the mountain, ah but here’s the deal right, i don’t. I have not seen a team yet perform to a level in which i believe that they can beat the chiefs. I just i haven’t seen it and i get it it’s, the national football league. Anything can happen that you know the saying any given sunday it can happen. The browns could very well beat the chiefs, but you have to remember man, and this is why i will always hold on hope to any chiefs game as long as patrick mahomes is our quarterback, because i always think about 2019 divisional round. First quarter score chiefs down 24 0. The chiefs led it halftime like after seeing a game like that, how do you count the chiefs out of the game, regardless of the score like? How do you do it down 24 0 to the texans. We win. 51. 31 down 24 0 zero points in the first quarter. We win by scoring 51 points. How do you do it? Man, i’m saying: look man, the cleveland browns right.

They played a team that’s, not capable of coming back, and i mean i say that, but the the pittsburgh steelers almost did it. They were gaining momentum and i was getting scared, but you know if that would have been the chiefs. That would have been a different story. Man look after seeing last year’s divisional round how i’m never considering patrick mahomes out of a game. Anyways man, yeah that’s. All i got for this video mate. I just want to say congratulations to the cleveland, browns fan base and the city of cleveland and just the browns organization, the players, the staff, the coaches, the owners, the managers, everybody congratulations, man i’m, so happy for you guys. You really deserved it, and i cannot wait to have you guys play my chiefs next week and it’s going to be such a blast.

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