Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL Divisional Round AFC Divisional Round Preview! 2021 NFL Playoffs!

The afc divisional round match up between the cleveland browns and your kansas city chiefs. The time has finally come chiefs. Kingdom playoff football is finally here um and it kicks off in the afc divisional round. Um the cleveland browns come to kansas city to play the kansas city chiefs, and i am absolutely pumped for this game um. I think this is going to be a great matchup and if everything goes according to plan uh, the chief should win this game and advance to the afc championship game, but we cannot get ahead of ourselves. This is going to be a very good game. Um, the browns are the shock of the world right now. They they went into pittsburgh, a place that they had not won in like over a decade and they upset the steelers in their own house um to move on in the playoffs, which is a big time. Win that’s their first playoff win in cleveland since, like the 90s, so that’s a big time win, but i think that they will meet their match this weekend. The chiefs are playing great football right now. Um the browns are too, but i just think that uh the chiefs are on another level, michael uh. What do you think about this game? Yeah, i mean it’ll be interesting to to watch uh. Obviously, the browns have a solid running game. They have nick chubb and uh cream hunt, so they definitely have a one two punch and the chief’s defense is not exactly uh it’s, not a strong suit for them.

They they struggle to defend against the run. So i think the the number one priority for them is going to be shutting down either cream hunt. Who, i think, will be the easiest of the two running backs to shut down since he played for us and then try and figure out a way to minimize any damage. Nick chuck can do. I agree, but to tell you what i mean: kareem hunts out for blood. He said after the game that uh he’s gon na take this game personally and that uh we’re enemies this week, fellas so it’s gon na be a good game and that’s gon na be one of the story lines within the game to watch. But this chief’s defense has some confidence and swagger as well, and if we’ve learned one thing uh over the playoff runs it’s that when you challenge this chief’s defense, it’s not gon na go well. For you, i mean look what happened to derek henry last year, we held him to 69 yards, so i i really think that the chiefs can um, hopefully minimize the the cleveland browns running game um, but baker mayfield is playing great football. If you guys remember um baker, mayfield was actually the backup to patrick mahomes at texas, tech and uh. He ended up transferring out, went to oklahoma and played pretty good football um at that point, but these two do have kind of a rivalry going on that they are familiar with each other, obviously being at the same school.

The chiefs did play the browns in 2018. Um at that point we did have cream hunts and he was a killer in that game, but i mean baker. Mayfield was on that team. Obviously it’s a different browns team, but the chiefs are still one of the best teams and we saw that um in that. First matchup the chiefs pretty much destroyed the browns in cleveland um. Obviously they didn’t have cream hunt and the defense wasn’t quite there yet, but um the browns are a very good team and – and i honestly i wanted this matchup coming into the playoffs, but we can’t take it lightly because they got miles garrett on defense, um on Offense, their offense is stacked. I mean, like you said they got nick chubb cream hunt baker, mayfield jarvis, landry, odell, beckham jr is hurt, but that offense is going to put up points. But, michael in your opinion, is it going to be enough to beat the chiefs? No, i don’t think it will be um while they have all the talent i don’t think it’s uh. I don’t think it works well in their system. The reason i think the chiefs work so well is you have a winning mindset rather than a you know, a stat mindset where i feel like all the players on the chiefs could really care less about. You know how many touchdowns they get in the year or how many thousands of yards they get or whether they get the rushing title or the passing title like it’s.

Pretty much give me the ball whenever you can and i’ll do the rest, whereas with a lot of other teams – and i feel the browns are this way it’s more of like all right let’s get as many touchdowns as we can, whereas you know the chiefs are More methodical, like let’s just win, i don’t care how we do it let’s just win, and then things happen, yeah and actually um. One thing that i did want to point out is: after the browns beat the steelers in their house. It was obviously an emotional victory, but at the same time i just have reason to believe that that was the brown super bowl. When you play a divisional match up in the playoffs with the team, that’s basically dominated you for the the better part of the last decade i mean you’re gon na have extra motivation and literally they gave everything they had. Quite possibly, they had um given up everything. They had in the tank um. They obviously put up 28 points in the first quarter, basically in the blink of an eye, but don’t expect that against the chiefs it’s not gon na happen, the browns were able to basically make uh ben roethlisberger um feel on edge. He did throw four interceptions in that game, which um spoiler alert. That’S, not gon na happen against patrick mahomes, but i i think the browns had a good run, but i i can’t see them winning this game um.

I just think that the browns aren’t quite there yet they’re good. They got kevin stefanski as a head coach, he’s kind of changed the culture in there a little bit, but the only way i could see the browns winning this game is by putting up enough points on offense by running the ball, keeping patrick and holmes off the Field and when patrick mahomes is on the field they’re going to have to get turnovers and miles garrett is going to have to apply pressure and he’s, really the only notable pass rusher on that team. So, in my opinion, you double team him. Take him away and mahomes is going to have more of a chance to sit back in the pocket. I mean michael, what do you think is the browns best chance of winning? Well, i mean, obviously the key, i think is just run the football i mean if, if the chiefs can’t stop cream hunt and uh nick chubb, i mean honestly good luck to the chiefs. Like sure my homes can come back in the blink of an eye, but if you can’t, shut down that run game, you’re gon na have a beat up. Defense you’re gon na have mahomes on the sidelines and you know it’s gon na be a nightmare and it’s gon na be a game. You don’t wan na watch, so they need to figure out how to defend. Against i mean the key is to stop the run game.

That is the key throughout the playoffs for the defense, but specifically this game, because you’ve got arguably the best running back duo right now in the league and um. You know if you can’t shut that down. It basically takes the game away and it it’s not like the titans, where it’s derrick henry level running back, it’s, two good running backs and then a really good quarterback. You know it’s, not a ryan tana hill. Here, it’s it’s baker, mayfield, so it’s, not um. You know a team that doesn’t have its wide receivers and quarterback to help out the run game um. So i i think it’ll be i don’t, think it’ll be a walk in the park. It’Ll definitely be a struggle, but i think they’ll pull it off. I think they will too. I mean the chiefs match up very well with the browns on offense defense. The browns defense is not good and unless that they can force turnovers with the back end of their defense, the secondary which uh by the way is not very good. I can’t see them winning this game. I think that tyreek hill and travis kelsey are gon na. Have monster games they’re gon na exploit that defense and unless somehow the browns can get a lot of pressure with their four man rush, which i don’t expect. I mean i just think the chiefs outmatched this team, the browns aren’t quite there yet um. In my opinion, the chiefs just got to put pressure on baker mayfield.

The browns do have a pretty good offensive line, but uh. I expect steve spagnolo to draw up some blitz packages and different stuff like that to kind of get after the quarterback um. All you got ta do is stop the run. I mean that’s, obviously easier said than done, but uh take away cream hunt take away nick chubb. I do not want him having a revenge game. Kareem hunt will not beat us um. I do not want to see that so take away the run again easier said than done. Um the chief’s got to score early and often we cannot get behind to this browns team. I know that they are not uh a juggernaut as a team, but falling behind is something that you never want to do, and last year was uh, hopefully an anomaly because i don’t want to play from behind so score early and often and make the browns play From behind, because guess what what can you not do when you are winning a game by multiple touchdowns it’s run the ball? You can’t run the ball when you’re down um, not by a sizeable amount. So, in my opinion, if the chiefs do all of that uh, this is gon na, be a great game and hopefully uh they can secure the win. So this is going to be a great afc, divisional matchup, we’re gon na come back to you guys, with more playoff content, break down this game even further and talk about some of the interesting story, lines that meet um within this game.

So if you like this video hit that like button and subscribe for future chiefs content um again, we are so close to 5k on the channel so hit that subscribe button um. I appreciate hebner coming on uh. This has been a really fun uh. Last couple weeks, we’ve been making a lot of chiefs content and uh, hopefully covering this team um and their journey to running it back so um. Hopefully, this chiefs, browns matchup, is one to remember and uh. If everything goes according to plan, the chiefs will be playing in the afc championship game. Thank you for watching this video. If you guys enjoyed it like and subscribe for more the best chiefs content on youtube, you can also support the channel through the patreon and follow us on instagram. The links to those are in the description.

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