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But first i want to know who you got. I expect to see a lot of kcs in the comments section, but hey, maybe you’re a browns fan type cle. If you think the browns win this one but get your votes in kc for the chiefs cle for the browns and coming up next, we preview this entire match up on today’s show you’re watching the chiefs report i’m. Your host harrison graham and we watched wild card weekend come and go waiting to see who the kansas city chiefs would play and pittsburgh losing to the browns means the chiefs will get to play the cleveland browns in that number. One verse number six matchup in the divisional round, kansas city, ten point favorites in the early line over under set at 56 after cleveland shootout, with the steelers not too surprising that the over under is set pretty high, as the chiefs will host the browns. This sunday, 305 pm eastern time 205 central for those of you in the central time zone, of course, and the reason we have this matchup is the colts loft and the browns won, which means the browns are the lowest seed remaining and the chiefs automatically get the Lowest seed remaining how about this offensive display 48 points? In a 48 37 win over the pittsburgh steelers baker mayfield was solid offensively. They ran the football well and the browns defense had four takeaways of big ben roethlisberger, so cleveland coming in playing some good football.

Despite kevin stefanski, not coaching in that one cleveland gets their first playoff win in quite a while. Their first win at pittsburgh since 2003, and the kansas city chiefs will play a red hot football team. This upcoming sunday, now good news for you guys, is we’re gon na have a live watch party for the chiefs first rounds, divisional matchup next sunday so subscribe and turn on notifications. For that, plus almost every single day we post a new video so go ahead and get subscribed to the kansas city chiefs report. That way, you never ever miss any of our coverage. All right. I got a couple of keys to the game and then we’ll uh kind of wrap things up here, number one: how about protect patrick the chiefs offensive line has been banged up. It has struggled as of late and uh miles, garrett’s a really good player, so protecting patrick mahomes will be key in this one had another outstanding season. Obviously, doesn’t look like he’s going to win mvp, but certainly in the top three there after another outstanding season. In just 15 games play he of course sat in week 17, but i think a key thing in this matchup is keeping mahomes upright he’s been running for his life, especially in recent weeks. Mitchell, schwartz being out, has been a problem uh. The interior of this offensive line has struggled as well miles. Garrett has a chance to have a really big impact on this football game for the browns.

If he forces a couple of strip sacks or something like that, that could be bad news for the chief, so protecting mahomes and making sure he gets the ball out of his hands. That’S a major key emphasis to this to winning this game. If you are the kansas city chiefs now i want to ask you guys this: do you trust the chief so line simple question? Why, for yes, type in for no, i think i trusted enough with who the quarterback is, but if it wasn’t mahomes or one of these other two or three superstar quarterbacks, this o line would look a lot worse than it actually is because uh it’s been not Very good in recent weeks, so let me know if you trust it type y if you don’t go ahead and type in. Obviously the chiefs have some notable injuries that’s. Why the bye week was so critical we’ll see if clyde, edwards, lair and sammy watkins return for this game. I think watkins will for sure play edward zelaire’s, probably more 50, 50 and i’ve said this for weeks. I don’t think mitchell. Schwartz is returning this year, so don’t expect him to play in this game uh overall or at all in the postseason. I just think that back is a bigger problem than the chiefs have said out loud, so who’s, most important out of these three guys type c e h for clyde, edwards, lair type sw for sammy watkins type, ms from mitchell schwartz.

Let me know in the comments it’s, ms or ceh. I think not that watkins isn’t important, but i think protecting the homes and having balance offensively have more value. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section number two key: stop the run: baker mayfield’s playing good football, but when the browns get behind or they can’t run the football or because they’re behind they start running the football he struggles he’s, not the same. Guy he feasts off play action set up by nick chubb and kareem hunt, who had an outstanding season as a one two punch in cleveland. Both these guys were outstanding, chubby, even missed a few games and still ran for over a thousand uh yards. This two headed monster – you guys, are familiar with kareem hunt. Obviously, with his time in kansas city is probably the best one. Two punch in the national football league. So look you’re not to completely stop them, but you got to slow them down and force baker into some third and longs. These two guys had a big impact in the browns wild card win over the steelers as well as especially early on as chubb and hunt. Really set the tone in that football game, so we will see if uh, if they’re a big factor in this one, if they’re running loose getting uh uh big runs early. That could be problematic for this chief’s defense. For me, the approach is simple: make baker mayfield beat you he might be able to? He might be able to throw for 350 in this game, but i’d much rather make them one dimensional, throwing the football than just letting them pound the ball 50 times with chubb and hunt like that’s that’s, not a recipe to success.

If you are the kansas city chiefs, baker mayfield’s playing better, but i still don’t think he can go toe to toe in a passing shootout with patrick mahomes. So if i’m kansas city i’m, putting an extra guy in the box and i’m forcing baker mayfield to beat me with those weapons on the outside, we’ll see what steve spagnola and this defense end up. Drawing up so who has more touchdowns in this game type pm for patrick mahomes type bm for baker mayfield or you know, bell movement there. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments: p.m, for mahomes bm for mayfield producer sam’s mad at me. For that one because he’s, an ou alum, let me know and hey the reason i ask you – can do prop bets on this game at bet u.s. I don’t know if they’re out yet but keep monitoring this throughout the week. You can bet on this game and all of the prop bets from this match up at chiefs bet get that promo code in chiefs 125 to get 125 deposit bonus. What does that mean? Put down 100 bucks they’re going to give you an additional 125 for free get going with bet us chat, sports dot, com, slash chiefs, bet, that’s, chiefs bet go ahead and use that promo code chiefs125 and bet on all things, nfl and other sports. All year. Long, all right, third key to the game. This is obvious: feed, tr, tyrique and travis get your best players involved.

These two guys need to be heavily involved early, often throughout the game. Look the thing about that uh steelers game for the browns yeah. They kind of blew them out, but uh, juju, smith, schuster and deontay johnson. Each went for well over a hundred yards tyree kill and travis kelsey should be able to feast in this game. These are probably the two best weapons in the nfl outside of maybe like a devonta adams. You got them both on your offense. These guys should combine for 15 plus touches honestly, like tyree kill, should catch six to eight balls. Get a couple of jet sweeps as well, and travis kelsey should get 12 to 15 targets. Catch 10 or 12 of them like that, should be the game plan. Get your two best players, the ball early, get it to them, often and just feed your two beasts and tyree kill and travis kelsey they’ve been good all year. Hopefully they get them heavily involved throughout this game as well. I wouldn’t expect anything else. The browns are gon na struggle to stop this offense because their secondary’s beat up and they just haven’t been able to slow down elite passing attacks throughout this season. Get hill and kelsey involved in this game. Who will have the bigger game? Type th retiree, kill type tk for travis kelsey, who has the bigger game against cleveland i’ll go tk. Mahomes is more comfortable with him, he’s all reliable. This feels like a 11 catch buck 32 touchdown type of game for travis kelsey.

But let me know what you guys think down in the comments. Obviously there’s four teams left in the afc playoff picture. We just broke down chiefs first browns. Obviously the other game is uh bills. Vs ravens that’ll be a fun one, as that one takes place in buffalo. The winner of this game will obviously get the winner of that game in the afc title game, but before you can think afc title you got to take care of business first against cleveland. So predict the score for me: get your score predictions in down below right now what you got for chiefs and browns? Oh man! We got about a week until this game, so i can certainly change my score here. But my way too early prediction – i’m gon na go i’m gon na go 38 27 chiefs. I i don’t think the browns can can score with kansas city. I think they’ll score they’ll score. Some points, maybe even 28 30 points, but i’ll go 38. 27 ike mahomes has a huge game. People are all talking about aaron, rodgers and josh allen. Right now, patrick mahomes is about to show the nfl that he’s still the best quarterback in the nfl, despite uh, somehow falling out of the mvp race, but 38 27 we’ll have videos all week long.

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