Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Unboxing and Demo | Explanation why there is no touch screen

It has a 14 day battery life in gps mode 36 hours. This is the kind of medium sized watch. The case size is 47 millimeters and the display size 1.3 inches the total weight 81 grams. So this is the pro version which has the music features. It has power, power manager, paste pro and the pulse ox feature which is available in in most of the newer garmin smart watches. Nowadays, the packaging looks really great and the smartwatch does as well. So let’s have a look in the box. The watch comes nicely packaged in this um frame here uh it would be off but uh. I didn’t reset the watch for this video, so you would need to power it on and then connect it to your smartphone there’s. Also, a charging cable, so the charging cable has a usb connection, and then it has this um connection, which is typical for for the carmen smartwatches i’ll show you the the connector on the back of the watch in a moment, there’s also the phoenix 6 series manual And some important safety and product information – okay, the watch – so it has this uh. Well this this is the the black version, which has this black rubber, strap here’s. The charging connection which you can plug the the connector on uh it’s, quite holds on very well. I think that looks just fine, so this case, which is uh gorilla, glass, 100 meters. This is the phoenix 6 pro the case is metal on the back, and this is also metal.

These traps straps have this 22 millimeter lock width, and these are the quick fit straps, so you can easily just disconnect them and if you have different straps, you want to use the buttons are very sturdy and work very well, but i was already a bit used To wearing a watch with with the touch screen and this fenix 6 pro does not have a touch screen or in none of the phoenix 6 lineup watches have a touch screen and that’s, of course, intentional and that’s why it has a bit more buttons, but the Buttons do work very well and you will get very familiar with the buttons once you just. I think it maybe took me a week before i got used to that. So there is a down button up button or slash mini button button. This light button, and then here you have the the button for starting the the activities and it works as a select button and the there is also a back button or a lap button when you’re having an activity on so by holding the menu button. You get into the menus and the the configuration options on this one is i mean here they are enormous, it’s um impossible to go through all of that in a short period of time, there’s a with the down button you get to the stats or things which You have configured here in the menu. I have the respiration, the temperature, which is measuring the temperature on the watch.

So, for example, if i’m doing an activity and my skin temperature goes up, then the watch will show a higher temperature. This is the weather information. Then there’s a sunrise information, there’s, a compass compass and just moving that around it just does move. This is the of course. You can also select this and go so. This is my vo2 max measurement training status. Last activity, notification, spotify parameter, reported battery health, stats, heart rate sleep and you can edit and add stuff in, and i mean the functionalities is enormous and you can’t do many very many things with it. I think the build quality of the watch is excellent and i have been very very happy with the watch, so the watch does come in different sizes. There is the the 42 millimeter case, size, which is the 6s and then well. I this one which i was showing is the phoenix 6 um and then there’s a 55. There, sorry 51 millimeter one which is called 6x and yeah we’ll. The 42 millimeter one is geared to more towards smaller wrist sizes and and the skus or the designs of the watches. They are also a bit different. This one has a wide strap and a kind of is that that’s, a golden bezel and then there’s the sapphire version, which has um a sapphire class on it and then there’s the solar version, which has additionally solar panel on it for for some additional charging.

If a touch screen is important for you bear in mind that this one does not have a touch screen but um pretty much everything else would what you would like to have is on the watch and not having a touch screen is actually great if you’re swimming Or in the pool the buttons work a lot better or if you’re doing a workout and you’re sweating a lot and the humidity is high. The touch screens don’t work that great so and this design is very rugged, uh, just wearing it on my wrist. Well, you can see it is a bit bulky and kind of comparing it, for example, to a seiko five um watch. Well, this is larger. I wear it 24 7 during sleep, and i just take it off actually only for only for charging it or cleaning it up.

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