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As you can see, it has 12 clusters of leds for all of that magic. I currently have it on the side of my face, so you know it’s not blinding you, but you can kind of see the effect of it on the back. It has a series of vents in an x pattern which no doubt helps with the heat dissipation and helps to avoid any need for a fan on either side. There is a triangular magnetic plate enabling you to just chuck this on any metallic surface. Also, a threaded mount on the bottom. If you need to be, you know a little bit more accurate with your positioning more about the mounting options in a minute further on a little lcd readout on the top on the side, we have a jog wheel with a selector press in the center of that. A red power slash set button in the middle and the usb type c connection for charging. Listen before we go any further. If you enjoy this video, you find it helpful or the like that’s. What i’d love for you to do? Click on the like! It really really does help out the channel and thanks so much if you do, if you don’t you’re dead to me no i’m. Only joking or am i diving deeper into the box. We get. This handy carry pouch for the light and the accessories that come with it jumping quickly to the manual to scan the qr code and the controller mobile app is easily installed.

It’S downloaded direct from falcon eye, so you’re going to need to allow your device to install from unknown sources. Also in the box there’s, the charging cable, an articulating cold, shoe mount now. This is a really handy piece of kit and one very similar to one. I use on the daily from small rig, i use mine to mount and position my field monitor and they are great kind of like a scaled down magic arm and perfect for use with a light like this. As you can see, i’ve currently got it on this lighting stand, but with a quick switch and you can just move it around so easily they’re brilliantly just tighten it down. I really appreciate the addition of that. The light also comes with two modifiers one honeycomb grid to manage any spill and a diffusion cover to help soften the light. I’Ve got nothing on there at the moment, just to give it the absolute maximum, so you can see it both of them fit quite snugly. With cutouts all around, so you can access the controls, get to the mounting screw and also view the lcd readout with no problems, and it all fits in nicely with the f7 mini in the rear, pocket and handy small carabiner on the back to clip onto well. Whatever you want to clip it onto so taking a look at the light output, quick change of the batteries in my golox vr, 150 remote and let’s bring that key light down a little now, normally with an rgb light or lighting panel.

I just lay it straight down pointing away from the camera downwards, and the spill will just show around it and it’ll show the effects without you know shining straight into the lens, and you know overexposing everything not so easy with this little fella and it shows that There’S actually no light spill out the sides that’s pretty reassuring. That at least tells us that every bit of light that this is emitting is coming straight out. The front at a 58 degree angle, from what you can see on the specs. This is definitely a focused little light perfect for practical lighting of props lamps etc. So, first off we have a setting, so you can dial in the value of each red, green and blue rgb from zero to two five, five, letting you really fine tune in exactly the color you’re. Looking for that said, there’s a great little trick in the app that we’ll get into a little bit, which is just genius for color matching onto the next settings, and it takes us to the lee settings well known and well used in the industry. Are the lee filters similar to pantone in coring for graphic designers and the like? The lead gel system has specific number for specific colors in general you’re going to be used to one set of coloring systems, whether that’s hex codes or the pantone system, lee roscoe or whatever it’s great, that falcon eyes are trying to work in a good few of The industry standardizations to help you with your workflow and to speed up that setup time, stepping on and we have the out and out cct mode where you can dial in your kelvin of white, and it goes all the way up to 9000 kelvin and right down To 2500, that is some range right.

There love that next we’re on to the scene modes, which cover things like paparazzi candle, tv, lightning, flashing, rgb party mode flashing, just blue, green or red like there are. There are so many presets in this thing, diving into the app it’s a breeze to pair it with your device and once you’re in there. Some really nice additions come into play. Some of the main noteworthy elements in the app are the leaf filters i mentioned earlier. Well, there’s, a representation on screen of the kind of color wash each number will give you also, in addition to a variety of screens that will help you dial in what color you’re looking for or what effect there’s the scene mode with icons and well. Have you ever seen those adverts on tv? It was a while back and i think it was for dulux paint and it was for matching color. The one that sticks out for me is when your woman gets on the bus and sizes up a fella in a yellow hoodie. He thinks she’s checking him out, but actually it’s the hoodie that she’s eyeing up well when they get off the bus. He heads off with a hulk out of his hood and she heads off into a paint shop with her sample it’s, a cracking advert that i love it well say i see a color i want to emulate, like the blue of my painter. Well, i simply just load up the picture of it on my phone and tap the color of the image that i want to sample from the blue painter, the gold brown of the stars and stripes apa i’ve, just brewed, or even my wife’s, lightweight pink walking jacket.

I just load up a picture, drag the eyedropper tool to a coat and yeah it’s good eh. In fact, if we look at another image that i’ve loaded up, this is the palette for this channel and i actually selected the the purple. But i could have easily just have selected that kind of greeny mariney blue or that blue, which is the main one that i actually use whenever i’m lighting in here now. Not only can i load in a photo like that, but let’s say there’s a number of colors in a scene that you want to emulate. I’Ve got the x right, uh color check here. I think it’s the passport uh just to use as an example and at the top left hand side. I just click the the eyedropper and that’s the live eyedropper tool watch this. So it turns on my phone’s camera and if i want that red i put that little x or the center over the red and hit the eyedropper tool at the bottom it’s clever huh. I just really really love that little addition and there are just it’s a great little light and with the included diffuser and grid for around 50 quid. You really can’t go wrong, so that’s it. The f7 mini from falcon eyes link in the description. If you fancy picking one up for yourself and with that said, my name’s adam, this is musing of a man thanks.

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