Honor Band 6 VS Honor Watch ES which one is better and why?

Today, we’re going to compare the new huawei hunter band 6 vs huawei watch s we will see which one is better. Do they have something in similar or they are different Music? So let’s begin here immediately seeing what we have in the solver. The 100 band 6 is the first option, as you can see press and hold to change the faces. All the most of the smart watches have this option. As you can see in the class board, we have percentage of battery date and some shortcuts down. We have notifications in the lab. We have activity goal. Next, we have heart rate, weather, ellip and again the activity goal. In the at least, we have workout workout records, heart rate, blood, oxygen activity, records, sleep, stress, breathing, exercise, notifications, weather alipay, stopwatch timer, alarm, flashlight, fine phone and the settings. In the end. You can see quite good options enough for a smartwatch with this price and the watch s you can clearly see we have a very good watch. We have the same options that we have in the talks board like we did in the band six download notifications in the right. We have the heart rate. Next, we have stress weather music control activity records in the at least. We have the first option: workout, like we did in the band six blood oxygen, heart rate, activity, record, sleep, stress, breathing, exercise, music control, notification, weather stopwatch timer alarm, flashlight phone and the settings pretty much every option that we have in the band 6.

, Music. So let’s begin some tests first with the band 6, which is which is newer. Let’S begin with workout, which is the first option here in the at least in the workout. We have outdoor run indoor run, outer, walk out, recycling, indoor cycling, elliptical rover and over. We don’t have too much option like we do in other hunters or huawei’s that we saw in the last month that we unboxed let’s begin immediately here. The sports. As you can see, we have time at the top heart rate, uh zone, heart rate, distance and minutes in the right. We have music control. We have pace sadness and burn calories down below only two pages. Again at the heart rate you can see in the right. We saw the music control and we have the alipay as well press and hold the button to end this session. You can see plenty of, i would say, information enough for this device. We have next the heart rate. You can see immediately start to measure our heart rate. We have some statistic highest and lowest as well as well as the blood pressure down below, which are again, i would say enough information for heart rate in this device. We know that the band 6 it’s not that expensive, it’s – probably cheap. It goes in the cheap devices range. Next, we have the blood oxygen. You can see the blood oxygen data will look like this, as you can see, it’s still measuring.

We have the percentage of blood oxygen, the heart rate and, in the finish we would have this look which we have here now we have the final result. As you can see, we have test again, which means the results are done after that to measure we have the stress as well, but the stress will be measuring automatically. You can see the data in the app, like usual all the statistic and the data for day week month or near, like we saw in the how to connect video. Here we have the breathing exercises you can see. We can customize a couple of things like seconds and the rhythm. I would choose one minute because it’s shorter and this option will help you reduce stress and blood pressure as well. The result will look like this. As you can see right now we have the average heart rate and duration, not bad. It says keep up, so you have to practice a lot. So this option will help you. We don’t have anything else in the band 6. So now, it’s time to begin with the watch s, we saw all the options that we have in this watch at the top. We have the workout like we did in the band 6. We have here fitness courses, outdoor run, indoor, run, outdoor walk, interwork, indoor, cycling pool swimming elliptical, rover other and plus, we can add more sports, which is a very good option. We have plenty of option to add here.

For me, just the main options are enough. We have auto running the first option: let’s try that and see what it will gives us press go. You can see. We can customize a couple of things, but in the first page we have here time at the top heart rate zone. Heart rate itself pace distance steps, suddens calories. In the second page, we have heart rate and pace again, heart rate itself, with the zone and back at the first page in the right. We have music control and press and hold to finish this journey. You can see the watch as has much better screen and colors the amoled of the watch, as is unbelievable, it’s a little bit bigger than the band six, and these are the main differences between these two smart watches. You can see the horde rate is measuring. We have the main data at the top, we have statistic in the middle highest lowest and we have the resting blood pressure measurements down below very good options to have for the heart rate, which i would give a plus to the watch s next after the heart Rate, we have the blood oxygen for this option. We have to keep the keep, still keep the watch facing up and we get more to get more accurate data. This is the way you can see. It’S still measuring it says, keep still if you move it, while ruining all the data so keep still until you see that we have some result like this.

We have the percentage of blood oxygen, we have the heart rate and it’s still, even though it’s still measuring. We have some information and data about the blood oxygen, so basically, this is the health caring that we have. We have the stress option as well that we don’t have in the uh that it will measure itself automatically. We have here the breathing exercise now so this is self is explaining. You can see you have to inhale and exhale like it says in the watch, so guys this was all for today’s video.

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