I Found My Old Smart Watch | DZ09

I found this thing in a drawer while i was like cleaning it out and it’s my old smart watch um. I had one of these just for fun uh, before even the apple watch was released. I think it’s, a dz09 is what it’s called dz09 and uh. It still works, which is strange. This thing is actually a smartwatch phone, um it’s a phone as well. You can put a sim card in this thing: uh charges via micro usb, has a detachable battery it’s pretty thick as well. I have an apple watch here for reference. This is a 40 millimeter 42 millimeter series. Five, as you can see there it’s way bigger. Let me grab an older model, as you can see, it’s also way, bigger, um wait. Let me get a bigger model. Well, here’s a here’s, a 44 millimeter series, one uh, as you can see, it’s way bigger than these things um. I used it for like two months and then i just tossed it in a drawer because it was horrible um, like i said, it’s called the dz09 and even uh unbox therapy had this thing on his show. Once there are a lot of variations of this watch. Um there are so many versions of it: uh it’s really hard to keep track and though, even on xda forums, there are a lot of like custom mods that you can do with this thing, because it has micro, usb and it’s, basically open source.

You can just do whatever you want with it. Flash custom firmware there’s a bunch of nice custom firmwares that people had made for this thing. I didn’t really go to bother installing all that um. It has a basic bunch of functions um also before we jump right in. I want to say that i’m on bit shoot now. So, if you’re, a bit shoot user or you’re ever thinking of going a bit shoot. Now is the time because i’m on bit shoot as well and i’m posting this video itself on bit shoot. So you can go. Follow me on bit shoot using the links down in the description below also hit that, like button uh subscribe to my channel down below. As it helps me out, a lot also hit that bell notification button and follow me on instagram discord and twitter as well um, so let’s start off with the apps on this thing. First, we got messaging. Let me open that office camera because i don’t know what i have sent. Well. No all my messages empty is my bluetooth messages. Yeah everything’s empty um, messaging’s empty. Oh, you can put a memory card in this thing. I took the memory card out because it stopped working um. You got a bunch of messages. You can actually like link this to your phone and it works better with android. As i remember i, i tried to attach it to my iphone 6 back then, and it only could accept calls and send text messages, but you couldn’t really use the other functions well, i don’t think you could even send text messages where an iphone, but you had To had an you had to have an android phone for it to work properly, uh call logs, you have all your call logs and stuff.

This is a basic touch screen. It actually works nicely. The touch screen is pretty pretty uh it’s pretty good. I got bluetooth. That’S how it connects uh, bluetooth, dialers, you can use a bluetooth to dial from your phone from this thing itself and, like i said this thing can act as a watch alone. When i take it all, take it apart. I’Ll show you um the sim card reader. This has a sim card reading it, so you got remote, bluetooth, uh notifier, i don’t know what the hell that is remote camera, so you can use this watch as a remote for your camera. Like the i, like, the apple watches uh, let me show you that uh the shutter app. Where is it here? Let me go here: um the shutter app this thing like you can you can use this as a camera, shutter uh for your phone um. You keep your phone on the tripod and all that stuff and you can use it as a camera shutter. So it has this remote camera feature as well. I’M. Also, sorry for the lighting it’s kind of bad, but i got ta work with it. We got a anti lost feature which never works: uh settings phone settings profiles, security, connectivity, um; they call it phone settings because this is technically a phone let’s see. If we can increase the brightness yeah, we can um, but it never stays. Okay. Okay. There we go um security settings, it has a password for some reason.

I don’t know i never used it um connectivity profiles, etc, etc. Um we got parameter uh, the pedometer, um doesn’t, really uh doesn’t really count properly. The yeah the pedometer is pretty bad um. I used it a couple of times: it’s it doesn’t even use gps. I don’t know what the hell it uses to track. You um probably an average walking pace i’m, not sure, but the pedometer is pretty crap your reminder, sleep monitor, which obviously doesn’t work. This thing has no sensors at the back, so i don’t see how the sleep monitor will work. Reminder quick. Is that a barcode reader? It has a camera here, but i don’t think the camera is good enough for a barcode reader. Music! Oh not again, this! This watch has a really bad habit of sometimes just shutting off by itself. Um okay menu. Okay, so we got that we got alarm find me calendar image viewer, see. If we have anything on this. No, you need a memory card. Uh calendar alarm find me audio player. This thing can actually play audio. You can actually connect a pair of bluetooth headphones to this thing and it’ll play audio off that bluetooth, music, sound recorder, it’s awful let’s hit the camera let’s see the camera is angled at a veered angle, as you can see there. So let me get an ipod here and, as you can see, it’s a 0.3 megapixel camera, or is it even less? I think it’s 0.

3 megapixels but it’s fun to know that they crammed that in there it works. You can take photos on that. If you want great as a spy camera while holding it like that whatsapp, you need an android phone for that to work properly facebook. You also need an android phone or you need the sim card. In this thing, browser file manager, twitter, i don’t know and there’s a way to download apps onto this, like xd ap. The people at xda had made apps. For this thing, um it’s got a bunch of watch faces. Let me show you and the watch faces – depend on the model. Weirdly um. Oh there, it does that again see it turned off by itself. Yeah this happens so either you got to remove the battery and turn it on again or you got to wait like 10 minutes, which was one of the main reasons i stopped using it. I’Ll just take the battery off um. The watch faces are pretty crap, either way, so i’ll show you those at the end, so let’s uh take the battery off here. Let me show you the insides um mini sim card reader is it manual. Mic was a micro sim. We got a sd card reader over there, so it’s, technically a phone um, pretty interesting stuff. There i used to have a memory card in here. These batteries are actually sold separately. You can buy as many as you want. Uh considering the battery life is pretty crap.

380 milliamp hour 3.7 volt um charging voltage 4.2 um let’s. Put that back there. Sometimes it won’t even turn on uh after that, like that thing happens like the uh, the uh display does not turn on again, even if you press the button, it takes a long time to turn on the only way to reset it is with that. So you get to see the turn on screen as well. Welcome i’ve turned the sound off the microphone is also here. This is, though, it looks like metal, it’s, actually, plastic, uh. No, no, no, no go away um! I used to have a screen protector on this. I i think i still do have the screen yeah. The screen protector is still on. I actually bought a screen protector for this thing. Weirdly, oh here’s, the face so that’s one standard dial and you oh, how do i? How do i change? Is there a way to like freaking? Oh, i think you’ve got to go to settings to change it. I don’t know for phone settings uh. How do you change there’s a couple of them? Uh connectivity there’s a couple of faces to choose from, but how do i change them? As i remember it was just you got a swipe. Nope sit like that. No, i don’t know there’s a way to change them. I forgot but they’re like three so and it varies from model to model, because there are so many subcategories of this thing.

Oh there we go, you got ta, you got ta, do that you got ta swipe it to that side, partially, not properly like just like that. There you go you don’t wan na full swipe it. So you got that you got the sundial kind of thingamajig, the the night sky which doesn’t work and you got the chronometer with non functioning dials on the side there pretty weird stuff anyway, just a quick video just to show you an old smartwatch, i’m gon na Turn it off and toss it back where it came from.

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