iPlay 40 Review Part 2 Emulators, PUBG, Thermals, FAQ & More!

I thank you so much too, for the feedback from my first review of this tablet. Make sure you do check it out. This is a follow up, video to answer a lot of those common questions that people did have so emulator performance i’m, going to test out now on the iplay 40 in this video, a bit of pub g gaming as well. I missed that off i mean i can’t include everything into one single video without making it like 40 minutes long. If i did do that and we’ll take a look at thermals i’ll break out the thermal imaging camera to look at them in detail. I did mention in that review that thermals are excellent and you’ll see they are. This barely gets really that woman, or even when pushed hard gaming for a while we’ll, take a look at also wireless display transmission, so casting. How does it perform on this tablet? Here? Split screen performance, 3.5, millimeter, headphone, jack output, what’s that like does it work with the type c adapter, of course, because it doesn’t have a jack, it is missing. Do usb hubs work and many many other questions are all going to be answered in this absolute, fantastic value for money tablet. This one has more power than samsung’s galaxy tab a7, the exact same screen in it, but it has double the storage double the ram and yeah. The performance is even better and it’s just so much cheaper.

This is around about 145 euros or approximately 175 us dollars. Only for a 4g tablet, what is on offer here is an absolute bargain for 2021., so we can use this tablet wirelessly. I am casting now this screen onto my lg cx here, which is the 48 inch version, and i do have a bluetooth controller connected up. This is the xbox controller bluetooth for that and i’ll just set the tablet right here, so you can see there’s, no trickery going on nothing like that. I’Ll hit resume and i just actually crashed before so, not very good. But what surprises me here is the latins. You can see that when i move left and right, the legs not too bad between what i’m seeing and the actual controls enough that i am able to play this game properly does look quite pixelated, though it looks terrible because i think to keep the latency down It’S lowering that resolution when it’s transmitting that signal over but it’s great that the bluetooth 5 and the bluetooth controller working right there. So if i use the tablet just to get out of this okay, so just go back to recent apps, for example, and move over here. Well, just in connected devices, you can see that pops up just fine. I will go back here into where all my apps are and the transmission seems to be pretty good, but you can see there is a noticeable lag here, but at least we do have this option.

It is a shame, however, that there is no micro, hdmi, port or type c to video out on this tablet would have been great if they’d had that, hopefully in the next one. So what about our 3.5 millimeter support? A lot of people are asking me about that too. So, if you used an adapter because we’re lacking a 3.5 mm headphone jack, this is one right here. You plug it in to the top here, where we have the type c port and it works fine. You can see it also asks about the headset that pops up and you’ll see headset along here at the top to come up. Oh, i just launched something there by accident um and you bring that down. You can see that it’s connected up headset and headset quality with it plugged in is actually quite good, no problems. This is a cheap adapter. I have right here. It is a xiaomi one which is just type c to 3.5 millimeter out and it works good with all my 3.5 millimeter audio, no problems with that. So some of the other questions were about the brightness of the screen, so it is 319 nits, 380 nits, depending where i measure it. This is the whites of course, and with the brightness slider. So when i go here and slide right down, it gets very, very dull, and this is great it’s almost completely off. This is only about one to two nits of brightness, so if you’re gon na be using it in a dark room, you’re gon na be on an aircraft or something on a flight watching a movie, you want to dim it right down.

So you don’t burn your eyes out very good and you’ll see this right here, auto so the auto option. That is an ambient light sensor that does have built in that can control the brightness automatically for us. So this is good to have the other one. Was the stylus support? Sadly, we do not have with this particular model. Active stylus support i’m. 99. Sure of this that these styluses with the pressure levels will not work on this tablet. One of the other common questions was about usb hub support, so it does work with the usb hub that i have here. I’Ve got a lot of different usb hubs. Now no hdmi out support on this, but if i do plug it in right here and plug in the pen drive that i just have here into the usb port that’s on the hub, the full size, usb port, of course, type a uh. You will see that it should just pop up on the screen and the light is on here and that will bring that up and i’m then able to access that storage. Of course, as long as it’s formatted, fat32 uh or the exfat format, i think it is as well that it needs so that is working the hub is working, but we just don’t have that hdmi out or type c video out support. You can get little adapters like this one, so that’s just type c to usb type, a usb 3.

. That also does work plug that in and it will take a few seconds. You see it’s lighting up now, it’s going to access that drive and it will show up there so i’m able to do that. Transfer speeds have been very, very good quite fast on this one. The internal storage is not super fast, but i’m. Getting transfers that are reasonably good for moving over my roms and all sorts of bits and pieces like that that i’ll show you with the emulators now that i’m going to be testing out on this tablet. I do have a few of them installed that i will go over briefly here in this video, so this emulator here is ppsspp. This is a playstation portable, psp emulator i’m, just starting this one up now and i have everything i think set to default. I’Ve just doubled and scaled it, so it fits the screen nicely. Some people may like it like this or possibly not. This is crisis core. Now i do have a bluetooth controller, which is my xbox controller set up, and these are my same games that i actually pulled through from my psp. They work with this emulator too, as well so let’s just go into this one. Okay, react to entrance just to show you a little bit of how it does perform with the frame rate as well. Okay, so you can see it looks pretty good, very good in fact, and playing just fine here.

Okay, the level of those enemies are far superior. Sorry inferior to my own level there, this graphics is looking good. I just go quickly into the menus. You can go into well. I don’t have access to the missions until i’m on this. That is all there, so that is working absolutely fine and very, very playable. No problems, you can see all those missions now that you can also select just go into one of them. Okay, also very easy frame rate keeping up seems to be most of the time a constant 30 frames per second, which is what we want and still just looking so good their graphics on this i’ll move over to another game. Now, god of war emulation now. So this is a much more demanding title, probably the most demanding we can get on psp visually. Looking very, very good. This is almost playstation 2 level. Graphics for back, then, was pretty amazing. I can hear the audio. The audio is clipping out a little bit and a little bit choppy look at those 22 23 flame frames per second and oh it’s running slow, definitely running slow, so not amazing performance. With this, when i run this game emulated, that is on, say, snapdragon 865 that’s. When it does run perfect, so it’s expected considering that this chip has an antutu score of two thousand two hundred and twenty thousand sorry versus, say the 600 and something thousand those chips can get a little bit laggy and choppy um.

But overall it does actually seem playable let’s check out another emulator now and on the playstation 2 emulation. So this title here is coliseum road to freedom. I absolutely love this game back in the day i spent so many hours playing it. So the application i’m using here is called daemon ps2 pro it’s, the paid version that i have and i know, it’s a terrible, app and it’s really the only option we do have on android here for emulation so it’s the latest version and, of course of that. So i will jump into this and start a game. In fact, i will load. I believe i have a couple of save states here so i’m just going to load one of them where there’s a lot of action going on and we’ll see how it performs all right. So i can hear that the sound is being emulated great, but wow. Look! How slow that’s running all right, so i probably have the wrong game settings here so i’m gon na set this to fastest frame rate. I believe that’s, the one that’s really on so i’ll get back into the game: okay, so fastest frame rate. That seems all right, but definitely not the emulation is lagging behind. It always has even on the snapdragon 865. This game will probably be performing actually very, very similar here, let’s see if my bluetooth controller, that works at least okay yeah, it is almost unplayable. Well, no it’s just slow at times, and i can’t even see the frame rate it doesn’t frame rate actually doesn’t seem to be too bad it’s, just the compatibility, the game speed.

So maybe i’ll try that other sitting here, which is the game best compatibility, see if that is actually going to help, sometimes with some titles i have found in the past that will actually help. Oh, it seems similar about the same very hard to do any combos. Here it just seems a little bit too painful to me how slow this is running, so that was just a quick look there at playstation 2 emulation here on the iplay, 40. and gamecube emulation now. So i have not configured the controller with this one soul. Calibur here with the gamecube on dolphin dolphins, the name of the emulator it’s playable and fast, i can see i’m getting around 33 35 frames per second, so that t 618 unisock chip is not actually performing too bad. So that title there is clearly playable. Let’S have a look at another one. Just get out of this exit. The emulation and let’s take a look at super mario sunshine. I should also have a load state or quick load of this one. There we go all right so straight away. I can hear that the audio is clipping a little bit frame rate. Doesn’T actually seem bad we’re, looking at around just below 20 frames per second and it’s set to vulcan as well, by the way which the back end is okay. So this one’s vulcan – and i think this is the best performance we’re going to be able to get – and i think again, for the price of this particular tablet running this at 25.

Frames per second is looking at least playable here. So that is good, because the definitely i think the ip30 would not be able to do this as smooth and fluid, especially this having the eight gigabytes of ram is clearly helping out resident evil. 4. Yes, this was on the gamecube. This was in fact the game. I played and owned this own. It sorry should i say i own this on the gamecube and it’s. Looking all right, not amazing performance again, it run about well just 30 frames per second. However, there is the audio clipping issue just now, and then it doesn’t seem to be quite that smooth with the audio emulation. I can’t even remember how to play this all right, but it’s running and this game should be playable. At least now, as i mentioned in the full review, full screen gestures is missing. The option sadly, i’m, currently running nova launcher here as the default launcher. So, yes, you can completely override it and if i go into the settings here so i’ll just swipe and bring that up, that’s nova launcher and into the settings so under system. We should have an option here for gestures, not only the three button navigation that you can see, but we should have full screen gesture option there as well that’s missing now the play 30 does have the full screen gestures. So i believe that audio cube will probably add this in a firmware update in the meantime, as someone pointed out in the comments sorry, i forgot your name is that using xda’s app that they have that’s called navigation gestures, you are able to then set this all Up and get well pretty much full screen gestures just have the little bar here on the side or on the bottom.

Then you can do your gestures, your swipes, to go back recent apps and all of that so at least there is a bit of a workaround for that now free ram. I currently have almost six gigabytes here available of the eight it’s normally about six or so on a fresh boot. It will be over six gigabytes free to us and that definitely aids in the fluidity of this rom here, which is running, i think at 60 frames per second matching, the 60 hertz refresh rate the screen has pub g. I had a lot of comments for me to show some pub g gameplay a lot of bro. Why didn’t you show pub g, i can’t show every single game in my full review and if call of duty plays well and if jen shin impact plays well on this tablet, then pubg will as well. So these are the settings i’m going with here so high and hd is the best we can get. If you try any of the other options, it simply just does not support them. This particular chat, but the tablet the chipset won’t allow it so high is sadly the best we can do. I know there are those mods to override the settings, but this is the default setup of the game, so without messing around with that, let’s see how it performs and the game is looking good it’s running very smooth, no problems, no noticeable major lag or anything like That no really good.

If i look down the sides here, move around that’s good doesn’t seem to be lagging at all here. So pubg performance, looking great here and, as i pointed out in my review, make sure you do check that other games, like gen shin impact which are much more demanding than this, do run. Well. It lags a little bit at the beginning, but it smooths out – and i think definitely and clearly to me that eight gigabytes of ram is helping with this chipset and the thermals on this thing are excellent. It is barely getting warm very, very good thermals on this 12 nanometer chip, and i will break out my thermal probe now after gaming for at least 30 minutes or so and we’ll see how warm it is gon na get and now onto their thermals. I didn’t show this in the full review because it is so good this tablet, after now about 50 minutes of gaming, is only getting up to about 30, almost 34 degrees on this screen here and just in this part, and what i’ll do is also just flip. It over, of course, because it feels there is a bit of a hot patch on the back, but it’s it’s fairly warm to the touch. It just feels well slightly warm in fact that’s even better than the front of the screen, only around 33.5.6 degrees celsius there. My ambient temperatures in this room are approximately 20 degrees, with some heating on it is winter.

Here it is cold, but the thermals on this tablet are just they’re amazing. They are so good. I can’t believe how good this 12 nanometer chip is it’s, not getting hot. So ulticu must have the inner metal frame acting as a heatsink for this tablet. I think another frequently asked question was what about hevc performance, so i have a 50 megabits per second file here: hd full hd place without any problems. I showed youtube playback before that is good. Remember that netflix and amazon prime video. They are in standard definition only because this doesn’t have the white vine level one suit it needs it’s only got level three, so that is running fine. Now 150 megabits per second, the bit rate on that get out of that, and now try more demanding 100. No issues no problem. Now i did attempt to test a 4k file on this, so 4k hevc, so h.265 didn’t want to run at all it just simply. Wouldn’T run it with just the native playback here now. If you use something like vlc, i believe you should be able to play it too, so the codec support is there on this. It’S meant to be able to play pretty much everything too, that they have built into this tablet and remember: we do have the internal storage, 128 gigabytes of emmc storage and in my full review i point out the exact speeds of that storage too. I do benchmark it, so there we go.

This is a fantastic value tablet, so much an offer. The ram the storage, the performance is actually very, very good for the price it sells for really nice screen fully laminated quad speakers, decent battery life, it’s just missing the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there’s. A way around that you can also use bluetooth 5 and the big one, the no widevine level, one. Sadly, with this now, a lot of questions were asked in the comments. Is the iplay 30? Still a good tablet? Do i still recommend it? It is. It has a brighter screen than this one that screen in the iplay 30 goes up to 600, plus nits it’s crazy bright. This is almost getting up towards 400, so it’s, still a very, very good screen. High resolution does look sharper. Both of them offer very, very good touch feedback they’re, both fully laminated, but the build quality is definitely better on the iplay 40. it’s superior. It feels a lot better in hand to use it. I just like it a bit more doesn’t show the fingerprints as bad and both of them have similar battery life as well, which is about four sorry, eight, eight hours to 10 hours, depending what you’re doing gaming around about four and the gaming performance on this tablet. Really does surprise still does surprise. This is gen chin impact. I have running right here. This is probably android’s most demanding game that you can get at the time of this video, and it runs so well on this.

It really has surprised me the emulators did run. I think very, very good for the spec and again, the price of this thing: pub g, good performance there as well call of duty. So, if you’re into your gaming and you’re on a budget, this is definitely the one to go for, and there were other questions as well. Asking me is the samsung tab a7? Is it better? Well, it has the wi fi level, one cert that you want. If you watch netflix it’s got the exact same screen as this model, but this tablet has double the ram: double the storage and it’s cheaper and almost double the performance as well and so much cheaper. So i would go for this unless you course you watch netflix or amazon prime video on your tablets all the time, and you want the video in the sharper full hd instead of standard definition. So thank you so much for watching this follow up. Video do check out my first review that i posted it gives you a general all rounded idea, including more benchmarks, loudspeaker sample battery life. The exact kind of thing you can get out of it. It’S very good so do check that video out and i’ll see you in the next up and coming tablet. Videos, hopefully i’ll, be able to get hold of the chuwi high pad.

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