Moto 360 3rd Gen Unboxing and Walkthrough

This is the gen 3. uh, the gen 1 came out in 2014 and then gen 2 came out in 2015.. This has the motorola branding. However, this is not actually made by motorola. It is made by a company that has kind of kept the name of the watch, so in that way, it’s more of a legacy kind of thing. The gen, 1 and gen 2 were decent watches, but they had that horrible flat tire design. If you don’t know what that is, i will post a picture real, quick right here that shows it but anyways this is supposed to be uh better. It doesn’t have a flat tire design and uses the latest hardware for wear os. So, like a snapdragon 3100, one gigabyte of ram all that so we’ll go ahead and do a walkthrough and unboxing of this okay. So, like you know, this is the gen 3 of the moto 360 smartwatch uh. As you know, if you’ve watched my channels, i have been wearing smart watches for a while. Now i had the fossil gen 5 carlisle hr right here. I also wore a lot. The samsung galaxy watch active two um in later or earlier videos i wore the uh fossil gen four and possibly the gen three. I don’t remember exactly when i got to gen three, but i also had the galaxy watch as well. So the watch before the pre, the new galaxy watch also i had the gear s3 watch and then i had a huawei watch as well.

So i have had a lot of smart watches in the past, but anyways. The first thing on the back. Is you see kind of a layout of what’s all in the box, so you get two straps one is a leather strap and one is a silicone strap when you purchase this device through the moto 360 website, they give you kind of options. You can get like a silver casing, with brown straps, with a black, strap and stuff like that, so you can get different kind of options, color options and all that with the straps and with the casing of the watch itself, i of course got the phantom black. So but and then you get the watch, then you get the cradle or the charging cradle, so this doesn’t use wireless charging. It actually has a what a charging cradle and then you get just some paperwork stuff like that. This also, you have to use the wear os app by google. You can get that through the apple store and the google play store. This will work with both iphones and android devices, so anyways let’s go ahead and just quickly unbox. This i’m going to take my knife here: i’m, going to just gently, cut the plastics, and that way we have the plastic here. I don’t want to mess the fox up because i, the box, is pretty nice, actually we’ll, go ahead and just close that knife back up and i’ll toss that and then let’s just open this up and on the right here.

You see time for you, so the first thing you see right here is the watch itself or the casing. That’S pretty nice casing, i will say it’s decent it’s slight. I mean you can feel that there’s, some heft to it, but it’s, not super heavy uh i’ve had heavier watches the gear s3. The galaxy watch stuff like that, so it’s not bad and the size of it. The casing, isn’t bad as well. I believe it’s a 42 millimeter case which should be able to fit most wrists so put that to the side, then here you see, you got this leather strap. It looks kind of cheap right now, but i think with some wear and tear it will actually be pretty good. And then you have this. Silicone strap and it’s got a cool, little design kind of some ridges. So it kind of gives you and then it feels pretty nice. I will say probably one of the nicer um silicone straps i’ve had because i’ve had some that are just too stiff. I’Ve had some that are uh not stiff enough. So this is a good size and, of course, both of these straps use that quick release method, so we’ll kind of put those there and then we’ll take this off here’s your paperwork right here, just how to use the watch stuff like that, um warranties. All that again on the back, how to use the watch itself uh, setting it up and all that charging all that stuff to put that there and then right here is the charging cradle.

So you’ve got this um, i will say if you lose, this you’ll have to get another one from the moto 360 website. However, i, when i ordered this watch, i tried to get another one just as a backup, because i like to keep one near my bed and then i like to have one for travel but for some reason it wouldn’t. Let me choose another cradle to buy so it’s there. It shows the picture of it in the accessories tab, but it i couldn’t buy one, but you can buy uh other straps as well. So just make a note of that that you can buy other straps. So anyways just be aware of that um. If you’re looking for another charging cradle, you may have to go through amazon or something like that, but anyways and then that’s it for the box itself. Okay, so you get the watch casing two straps a cradle and then the paperwork uh when you unbox this uh product, so we’ll go ahead and take that off. So right here is the watch itself. It’S, pretty nice looks really good, so i’m gon na go ahead and just put the silicone strap on this watch. Okay, so just fyi um, at least i on my watch uh when i tried to turn it on it. Wouldn’T turn on so i had to plug it in um connect it to the cradle, so you may have to do that. It may not have any batteries power so we’re just going to go over the quick, specs and details of this watch.

This watch use is a 42 millimeter watch casing so it’s good for all wrist sizes, men’s women’s, all that it’s, not too big, not too small stuff like that, which is good the straps themselves. They look to be 20 millimeter straps, which is a good size it’s, not too big, not too small. I know my galaxy watch active 2 uses a 20 millimeter strap. My fossil gen 5 uses a 22 millimeter and my other watches that i’ve had uses 22 millimeter. So i try to get watches that use 22 millimeter, but sometimes you can’t help it so anyways i’ve got 20 millimeter watch straps with this, so hopefully that’ll be fine. This uses a snapdragon 3100 chipset. I know that the 4100 has just been announced or was announced a few months ago, there’s only one watch that i know of that uses the 4100 chipset. This watch has been out for about a year now. I waited a little bit to get this watch because originally it came out with a price tag of 299 which for something that had issues in the past, with the flat tire design and all that it was very 299, is a steep price. However, you can find it on sale through moto 360’s website for 199 and uh 179.99. I actually got this for 169.99. I waited because i knew that there were going to be sales, and i wanted to wait and see what the best price is and 169 for.

This was the best price that i had seen for this watch. So, just letting you guys know that it does sometimes go down to 169.99. So if you don’t want to pay that 299 or 199 price, sometimes it’ll go it’ll, go further down in the sale for that okay, so this actually has one gigabyte of ram, which is good. I know that a lot of smart watches, especially when they use wear os, have had that laggy feel and part of that is because there is only 512 gigabytes of ram. However, this watch and along with like the carlyle hr and the skogen, foster 3 watch. They use one gigabyte of ram versus 512 megabytes of ram, so that gives it a little bit more power and allows it to not lag as much, which is good up here. There’S two buttons here on the side: two pushers. I guess, as you could say, the top one has uh the little motorola logo kind of etched in you. Can’T really see it, but anyways it has the little motorola etched logo etched in and it is actually rotatable. So i really like that i prefer watches that have a rotating crown or a rotating bezel. I know the the galaxy watch. Active 2 doesn’t have a rotating bezel or crown, but it actually has a digital rotating bezel, so it still rotates kind of just doesn’t, physically rotate, so anyways, but the pushers are good. I believe they are customizable.

Okay. This watch has your fitness tracking all that kind of stuff, your heart rate stuff, like that gps navigation, all that so that’s really good for if you’re wanting to work out all that kind of stuff, this watch can also withstand one meter and 30 minutes of water. So it will be fine to go swimming with this if you want or take a shower with this, but i wouldn’t go out into the ocean with this, so just be aware of that. Okay, so let’s go ahead and just set this up and then after that we’ll just kind of do a quick walkthrough of the wear os kind of stuff. So this is the watch itself. I have it charged up a little bit. I’Ve got it set up, it’s pretty nice, as you can see, uh it’s it’s charging right here and it uses quick charging, so i believe they say you can charge it from zero to 100 in an hour which is nice. I like that. I like that feature that way. If you’re, in a rush time crunch, you can quickly put your watch on the charger. It tops off your watch and then you can go. You don’t have to wait like an hour for it to give you like 30 battery or something like that, which is nice. Setting. This up was really easy on the watch on the wear os app itself. You just click that down button and you do add new watch and then from there it pretty much.

Does everything for you. You click add new watch it’ll pair with this watch, and then it sets everything up. You just have to tell it where you’re located and you have to grant it a little bit some permissions and then you have to say what account you want to switch over to this watch. But after that it’s pretty easy uh. So nothing major uh, maybe five to 10 15 minutes max to set this watch up, which is nice uh right here, you’ve got your watch faces that are pre installed, so there’s, some nice watch faces that are pre installed, nothing flashy, but again you can also go And get more watch faces through the app store itself on your watch, which is good. If you are, if you have any other wear os watch, you should be pretty familiar with the wear os app. As you can see, i’ve got the carlyle hr right here as well, so so yeah that’s the app itself so for size. Comparison let’s just quickly i’m going to take this off. This is quickly. So here is the moto 360 gen 3, and this watch has is a 42 millimeter case. So not nothing major, but this is the carlyle hr. This is a 44 millimeter case, as you can see, it’s slightly bigger, but also the screen is about the same size as this screen that’s, because the case itself is larger. The screen is kind of smaller, so that’s nice that they put the screen a little bit closer to the end of the case as well.

So, but this uses a 22 millimeter watch. Strap here is the galaxy watch active 2, and this is a 40 millimeter watch case, as you can see, um, and it is actually quite small compared to this one and because of the digital rotating bezel uh, the the screen itself. It doesn’t go as far so. If you’re used to this, the screen is going to look considerably bigger than this one, but anyways when it comes to thickness. As you can look here, this watch is actually a pretty thick watch, it’s about a little thicker than the watch active 2 and it’s considerably. Bigger than the carlisle hr watch right here, however, i will let you know that the carlisle hr feels heavier than this one, even though the moto 360 is thicker. So, just let just be aware of that that this one, even though it’s thicker, it seems a little bit lighter in my opinion, so anyways right here, you’ve got two buttons. Like i said, and when you, when you turn on the watch for the first time, it will run through like a tutorial of all the different features, the swiping gestures and all that stuff like that. So but let’s just go real quick through this. The the top button here is a rotating crown, so, as you can see, but also if you press, if you press it, it will take you to your. I guess your app gallery, if you want to say call it that you can also let’s let’s, do that you press it and it’ll go back to that.

This button right here is programmable uh right now i haven’t programmed a button so just to see how the watch looks on your wrist uh. I have medium ish wrists, i guess not sure but anyways. This is how it looks on my wrist, not too not too bad on my wrist good size, i believe, and so yeah. I just want to show you guys how it looks on the wrist it’s, not too bad, of a watch. Overall. This is a nice looking watch. It feels really nice as well i’m excited to use this watch for a while. I actually have a police academy training pretty soon and i’ll be gone for several weeks for that, but i’m, hoping that. Maybe during that time, i’ll get a break and i can come back and do after wearing this and do a quick review on this watch. So just give me several weeks until then i mean i’m, just gon na be testing this watch out. So if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up, if you want to see more, go ahead, subscribe hit that bell icon to be notified.

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