Motorola 360 Smartwatch Unboxing & Review.

So i said we are unboxing the motorola 360, so let’s go into the box first then we have a watch here that we will open after the full unboxing. So hard to take it out, so here we get into this and we have got the. What is this? I have never seen this android smartwatch. I think this is a charger of the motorola, the smartwatch, and so so here we get the dock here. So let’s use it so let’s use this smartwatch now showed you how to connect it just so now we are going to so. Here are the settings. So when we go to settings is just adjust, brightness, so it’s saying auto five. Four three, i think two is settable suitable. I mean change watch face, so you can change your watch face like this hold the screen and then we watch faces and change them, and you can also check your heart, beat her heart rate and you can check whether this will only happen, whether it will google And weather will always work when it’s connected to your phone, so here’s 23 degree in karachi, and then we go to google and check if this works. So here we got the google okay Music, so we will what what’s the tallest building in pakistan so it’s searching barrier opal tower. Then it will give you some information about that. Then you can go and it will at last. It will ask you to open on the phone, so i just don’t want it to, and yes i will give you some information about it.

So in settings in settings you will be like getting gestures like moving your watch to on and off and like all these gestures, your uh, you got uh about go to about it’s. Moto 360 model touch to view the versions so it’s 6.01, which means it’s marshmallow, android version. Android version is 6.01 irregularities, information, it’s moto and yes, that’s all about the smartwatch it’s cool. You can use google like what’s the weather in karachi and, like the call will appear if someone calls you it will appear on the smartwatch and, of course, heart rate i’ll be showing you the heart rate just get right into it, see here’s the app virus. So my smartwatch is now connected to motorola 360, my the smartwatch. Now we can see what’s going on next, just checking my heart rate it’s in just a second, so it’s checking my pulse. This may not work on my wrist because i’m a kid, so my wrist is small, Music yeah starting man and try again. Yes, it isn’t working on me because i’m a kid, so my wrist is small. Please guys! This is all the rest time again, so bye bye, see you soon.

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