NFL Divisional Round, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, National Football League Playoffs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens 2021 NFL PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS! DIVISIONAL ROUND! 100% CORRECT BRACKET!

They really do have the cheapest coins on the market so go ahead and click the link in my description and remember to use code domg at checkout for five percent off of your order. What’S up boys, nfl prediction, video divisional round. Second, one i’m doing of these really appreciate all the views and likes and all that on the last video, even though i got bashed in those comments, bro just for my opinion and my prediction, people were like: oh, you should have honor, you should apologize. I was like for what making a prediction: it was bad dude there’s, like 150 dislikes, maybe even 200 um, but i appreciate you guys that actually respected my opinion and respected my prediction. Um. So yeah man um no need to be asked in the comments. But if you guys want to leave your own opinion, your own prediction leave it all good, but take this with a grain of salt man. This is just my opinion. This is just my prediction: um yeah man. Well with all that being said, if you guys are new subscribe to the channel like the video turn post on vacations, all that really really really does help me out all we got wrong. Our last prediction was the cleveland browns and the rams i predicted the steelers to win, and i predicted the seahawks to win um besides that i’m, pretty sure i got everything else. I did pick the ravens. I did pick ears um, so yeah we were about two or four, then there’s, four games, no they’re more than that there’s six games, that’s four for six.

That was not bad um, so divisional round let’s get it okay, um brown’s chiefs, rams, packers, ravens bills, buccaneers saints all very, very good games um. But here we go man um, i guess let’s start out with let’s start with the nfc, because i’m more prepared to do the nfc. I was really preparing for the series one, but they did not win. They got massacred in the first quarter, dude it was 20. Nothing in the first quarter, um, so it’s probably going to be going up like half time, because right now they’re up 20 to nothing in the first quarter. So assuming this goes the same way um. This is not going to change my prediction for the browns chief stuff, but let’s start off with the nfc, because i’m way more prepared to do that start with the rams and packers um. So the reigns and packers have not played this year. The only team on this list that has played this year is the buccaneers in the season they played twice but uh. The packers in the rams had not played this year. Uh is the packers i’m gon na be saying this a lot and be talking about numbers ranked that means yards per game yards per game for offense and then yards against per game for defense, so that’s how i’m ranking these guys, obviously stan don’t mean everything but I’M still gon na say it. So the packers have the number five ranked offense and the number nine ranked defense.

The rams have a number 11 ranked offense with a number one ranked defense again that’s in yards per game, so very good match up. The rams are very, very banged up packs, with the buy definitely helped them out a lot because rams aaron don is a little banged up. He’Ll, probably end up playing koopa cups, a little banged up, probably into playing who knows who’s starting at quarterback. Both of them are banged up, um, so very, very interesting. Didn’T one of the running backs get hurt too. Was it uh? I think one of the running backs. I heard too um, maybe that’s wrong, but branch is gon na, definitely be interesting um. So, in order for the package to win this game, they’re really gon na have to take advantage of the rams injuries and also stop the run game um, because a jared goff he look bad, throwing the ball. Man uh he’s he’ll have another week, though in practice. So he’ll probably be getting a bunch of reps and maybe he can get comfortable with that thumb, but uh for the rams doing the game. They have to run the ball efficiently and then also lock down devonte adams, jalen ramsey against devonte adams, both arguably the number one receiver and the number one corner in the league. Arguably um. This can be very, very good match that i’m excited to see um, so filler pack receivers can open. Now i think the package can win this one pretty easily, but it’s avanti gets locked down.

Man, it’s gon na, be tough for the packers um, but my prediction for this one is 35 to 17 w for the green bay packers that’s, who i have winning this game. Um. 35. 17. that’s pretty much a lot to say for that man. Let me know your guys’s opinion in the comments, but and then we have the saints in the buccaneers, so they played twice before week, one and eight, so that was kind of a while ago. Um 34 to 24 was this first week and the saints won that and then week 8 was 38 to 3. The saints won, probably he’s, not going to be the same way that’s this time uh. This is what, like 10 weeks 11 weeks later than that it’s been like a couple months, man so um. I definitely do still have the saints winning we’ll talk about it, though um last time, brady had three interceptions ron. Jones was three for nine on the ground. Breeze had four touchdowns kamir was nine for 40 on the ground. The scenes have the number 12 ranked offense with the number four ranked defense and the buccaneers of a number seven ranked offense and number six ranked defense in order for the states to win this gon na have to rely on the pass more than the run, because The bucks have the run defense in the league and then they’re also gon na have to target michael thomas and alvin kamara in the pass game.

So yeah they’ve gone they’re, going to take um advantage of that man, so the buccaneers have a decent. They need to have a decent run game and also force turnovers in order to win the game so um. My prediction is 24 to 17 since pull that off. But honestly, it really could go all the way. Uh either way man all right, browns and the chiefs let’s talk about a man um, so the browns have the number 16 ranked offense and the number 17 ranked defense um. The chiefs have the number one ranked offense with the number 16 ranked defense. So definitely will be an interesting game. I do think the chiefs will probably massacre them if i’m being honest man um, but who knows the browns played really really well against the steelers, at least so far. So i do think that the chiefs will end up winning this game. However um, but the browns could cut, could end up putting up a good fight man um. If they played against steelers man, they could really pull off the upset, which would be really really interesting. Um but we’ll see man um the odds really aren’t in the brown’s favor patrick mahomes is really can’t be stopped. In order for the browns to win this grant to get pressure. Rushing three to four pass: rushers, um and you’re. Also gon na have to stop travis kelsey travis kelsey you’re gon na have to shut down. If you don’t do that, he’s gon na go off he’s going over 100 he’s had a monster here, man um so there’s.

Those are just not in cleveland’s favor. I think i got ta take the chiefs with the easy uh w there. If i had to predict, i don’t really have a set prediction for this game, but i’d probably say i almost want to say 35 to 17, just like the package game, i’ll say it: 35 17 chiefs over the browns um again that one could really be an Upset, though um okay, final game for the divisional round, ravens at bills, so ravens have the 20th ranked offense in his seventh ranked defense, while the bills have the number two ranked offense with the number 14 ranked. Defense definitely will also be an interesting game, pretty good game there’s a lot of good games, man um some of these could really go either way. I feel the same years probably go either way: ravens bills and uh ramus packers rams could upset, and then i think the browns could upset too but um. I still have the chiefs packers saints and then the bill’s winning um. So let’s talk about it. Man josh allen, obviously going off um you’re gon na have to shut down stefan diggs uh marlon helford didn’t have that great of a game against um tennessee aj brown kind of did him dirty we’ll, see if devon diggs can do the same thing um, but they Also have marcus peters man, so they should be locking up the bills um and that offense, but i don’t know man that ravens really could pull this one off.

I do think they could that’s definitely a lot better matchup for them than the chiefs um, but i really do this problem would probably go either way too um bill’s defense, a pretty good secondary you’re gon na, have to stop lamar jackson, um you’re gon na have To stop uh jk dobbins too so we’ll see if they’re able to do that, but yeah man haven’t really looked into that matchup too far. Yet because i really thought the bills were end up playing the uh steelers, but they’re, not so yeah man, raven’s bills have not played this year, so that’s also kind of weird, because we don’t really know what to expect from this matchup uh. So yeah that’s, really. My opinions, man uh, let me know if you guys agree, disagree but let’s go ahead and move on to the conference championship. I’Ll see you guys there didn’t really do any in depth. Looking at any of these teams for this one, but go ahead. Look at the schedule here: playoff schedule give the bills and the chiefs and then the saints and the packers at chiefs and at packers. These are really good games. Man uh! If these are the conference championships that’s going to be wild bills and chiefs and season packers man uh bill’s chiefs um, i the chiefs winning. I do not have the chiefs winning that one. I don’t know why. I did that. I do have the bills winning this one um.

This one could go either way man, it really really could um. I could pull up the defense and offensive rankings again, but man, so the chiefs have the number one ranked offense and the number 16 ranked defense and the bills have number two ranked offense and a number 14 ranked defense. So they have a slightly better offense. The chiefs have a slightly better offense, but a slightly worse defense, so it really could be a toss up man. I do think the bills will end up pulling that one off, though josh allen’s been slinging. Stefan diggs is going off. The goals were a very, very good football team. They have a very good defense and josh allen was able to put up 27 points on them, so i think that would be a very, very, very good game um but, as i said, go either way. I just believe in the bills more than i do the chiefs well, it’s, not that i don’t believe in the chiefs, that’s kind of where i put it but i’d rather be able to pull that one out um. Let me know guessing about that, though seriously. That was a really tough decision, but scenes at the packers new orleans going to the frozen tundra should be probably about 6 000 fans again. But who knows how many are gon na? Let in but saints at packers man. Another really really tough one to choose um i’ma. Let this one be a little biased but number 12 ranked offense number four ranked defense for the new orleans saints and then the packers have the number five ranked offense the number nine ranked defense.

The defense has been playing pretty decent, they were able to shut down derek henry um. Last time we played the packers did win pretty convincingly, but camara did go off and i believe taysom hill was starting instead of drew brees. So that was a little bit different. Um we’ll see if it’s, that much of a game changer which it probably will be um but yeah man was michael thomas playing against the packers. I think he was they might have been missing, drew brees and michael thomas. I think they might have been missing both of them when they played. This is going to be a very different match up uh. If the background shut down camaro, i think they win this game. Man, uh shutdown, camaro. I think you win um. You got dry ear, locking down michael thomas we’ll, see if he can do that. Um pretty big thing: you’re asking uh jayeur to do there, stop slam boy but sorry scenes fans uh, but yeah. This one’s really really tough man, i’m gon na go with my packers, though um i do think packers won’t end up pulling that one out first time an nc championship has been played in lambeau. I do believe in a very very long time, so i do think aaron rodgers will take advantage of that and beat the new orleans saints, but again that one could be a toss up. Man between the saints and the green bay packers, all right let’s go ahead and sim to the super bowl.

So we can look at that match up so packers in the buffalo bills and super bowl man uh very, very interesting, super bowl. There josh allen versus aaron rodgers. This is my original prediction in the original playoff video i did was bills versus the packers, and i do stand with that. Um, the kohl’s pretty much played a perfect game man. They shot themselves in the foot a couple times, though. Um, besides a couple mistakes, man, the colts, played a perfect game. Um they had some beautiful drives and just they ended up shooting themselves into the foot um, but the bills did pull a win against a very good colts team. So they are definitely, i think, are still the super bowl favorites um shockingly the chiefs are probably the favorite, but a lot of people been picking the bills, man, which is kind of weird um i’d, like to think about that this was prediction was a little unique, But not really uh, then we have the green package in the super bowl as well, which is kind of a nfc favorite it’s gon na be the package of stains it’s one of the two man there’s no other way. I don’t think i don’t think the rams made the super bowl. I don’t think the uh buccaneers made the super bowl, but potentially the buccaneers really could pull out a win against the saints in the uh uh divisional. But i do the group of packers winning this one um.

I do think that jairus played against stefan diggs he’s locked him down pretty well we’ll see if he can continue to do that um this season, because he didn’t played him this season, but yeah shutting down some fine digs. I don’t think zack morris is good enough to completely go off, but i mean kind of thought: the same thing about raheem moster last year in the nfc championship. Uh so i mean yeah man. Cool beasley is still good, but kevin. King is also good at corner number. Two, so um defensive side of the ball uh for the bills, who are the bill’s corner, they have josh norman right. Is he still on the bill, yeah josh norman’s on the bills? I believe, hopefully that’s right i’m gon na look like an idiot um but he’ll be guarding devante. I guess uh, i think devante would have a field day and then i’m not really too familiar with bill’s run defense, if i’m being honest, so not sure. If uh aaron jones would have a game against the bills, but should be a very interesting matchup if they were to play in the super bowl, uh really hype for this nil, though man uh. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Let me know you guys own predictions um, but i do appreciate you guys watching if i know it was new subscribe to the channel, like the video turn post on vacations again.

Take this all the grain of salt man. If you guys don’t agree with me, that’s fine, you don’t need to leave comment, calling me a clown and all that uh, because this is just my own opinion it’s. My prediction leave it alone.

What do you think?

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NFL Divisional Round, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, National Football League Playoffs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens ULL Jalen Rose on NFL Divisional Playoffs: Ravens vs Bills, Buccaneers vs Saints & Browns vs Chiefs

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