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People are thinking that might be the case that helps baltimore, i think and lamar jackson. What do you feel uh ken yeah? I i i think it does a nice plug for az central uh, also congrats on that um, but yeah. I you know it doesn’t. Look like the weather’s gon na be a huge factor, i think, even if there was some inclement weather baltimore’s used to that it’s, not like it’s, a warm weather city. Obviously just a a you know to me: this is a fun game. Maybe the marquee game of the weekend i mean two evenly: matched teams with young dynamic, quarterbacks um. I think josh allen’s, the better thrower um, both pretty good defenses. You know for cardinal fans, you got class campbell trying to get a get a ring and get back to the super bowl for the first time since his rookie year with the cardinals um. So i i i just think buffalo has has some things going. I think they’ve got some mojo going and i i think i just love josh allen and i love the receivers he has. I think they’re gon na do enough to beat baltimore at home and bob uh buffalo really struggled a little bit against the colts last week. Will they be able to to rebound and do what kent says and beat the ravens? You know my when i look at this game. I i see that a lot of the same things ken does i i love the quarterback angle but um.

I think i think they can, but what buffalo has to be concerned about is baltimore’s ability to run the ball even in inclement weather and it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a problem, but the ravens have rushed for 889 yards. The last three weeks and that’s a i mean they average 192 yards per game all year. You’Ve got to you know you, you don’t talk about rushing in the playoffs when you’re talking about two young quarterbacks and that’s the trend in the afc, especially this weekend. Uh running game in the playoffs, though man when it comes around it wins games uh. That being said, i think buffalo is going to hold them off, but if lamar has another 150 yard rushing game and throws a couple, touchdowns josh allen can be turnover prone. On occasion, so he takes chances which i love. I know kent loves it too. Uh he’s my favorite quarterback in this game, but i love lamar. Jackson too. I think it’s going to be real, close uh and i think it’s going down to the wire. I think buffalo is going to win. Okay, you, you talked about the running game in the afc, and that goes straight to the cleveland, kansas city chiefs, matchup cleveland, getting the the nice win over over pittsburgh last week, but can’t can they run the ball and score enough points against kansas city, the cleveland Browns, i think the key word there is enough yeah they can run the ball against the chiefs.

Yes, they can score points against the chiefs. I just don’t think they’re going to be able to do either well enough to beat the chiefs after a week’s rest. I think i like what cleveland’s done. I i think kevin stefanski’s done a crazy good job and you can see the development baker mayfield has made. I just don’t think that team is, is there yet? I think the chiefs have some holes. I don’t know i’ve been impressed this year with them, as i was a year ago um, but i i don’t see them losing this, this game at home and i don’t think it’s really going to be close. I think i think they’ll they’ll make some key stops, and i just don’t know that the browns can stop patrick mahomes in that offense, especially with andy reid, with a with extra time and extra rest to prepare. That seems to be the overwhelming opinion. Bob is there any way for cleveland to win this game? Well sure there is, i mean it’s, playoffs anything can happen, hey they get stefanski back this week, kent he was in the basement alone, with his phone turned off, watching the tv and couldn’t coach or do anything and they get him back there’s a chance there right. You go to the year candidate likely uh, probably going to win it and probably should uh cleveland is a team that if you want to adopt a cinderella team in the playoffs, that’s that’s your team and who doesn’t love cinderella’s stories, i mean cleveland hadn’t been there For a thousand years and they’re back and and look, it would mean so much to so many people to see an underdog team like but it’s not going to happen so i’m not going to waste your time.

It’S, not they can’t stop travis kelsey, who who had the most receiving errors by any tight end in the history of this game, tyron matthews, six interceptions, i i like the defense of kansas city is showing this year. I love patma homes uh. I think it’s going to be a blowout but i’m rooting for the browns. I i am maybe maybe they can get to chief’s center to snap the ball over my home’s head to start the game. Now they’ll still win all right, let’s jump over the nfc and you talk about. You know a cinderella story. You know the rams are trying to give the the browns a little run for their money here, uh, but again, they’re they’re, going into green bay and facing aaron rodgers bob. How do you see this? Well good luck with that. If you’re the look, the rams have the best defense in the league. Everybody knows it: they have the best defensive player in the league. Everybody knows an aaron donald who’s a bear up front but you’re going into lambeau where aaron rodgers do a career. High 48 touchdown passes this year. Uh and he’s got devonta adams, who, i think, is the best receiver in the game, who had 18 td catches, and i don’t think there’s any way that the rams, even though jalen ramsey is definitely my opinion. The best quarterback in the league, i don’t, think he can stop him. He stopped everybody this year, though, but aaron rodgers has enough talent on offense.

The packers defense is a lot better than people think and i think they’re going to smoke the rams i don’t care who sean mcvay starts at quarterback kent. You played quarterback at utah, didn’t, you somewhere Laughter. No, i i played against you. You got a better chance. My claim to fame i played against jim mcmahon in high school, so that’s my that’s. My only tie to an nfl quarterback right there. I i drank beers with jim mcmahon, so that makes me i kind of agree with you on this. I i i love. I love sean mcvay as a coach, he’s, so smart and to get back up quarterback ready to play like he did with john wilford is a testament to that. I just don’t think the rams are good enough offensively to to go into lambeau and and win. I i i just don’t aaron rodgers and the packers even against that defense they’re gon na score. I just think the rams are too limited. Offensively get a little bit of a running game. They do the little roll out with golf or whoever’s playing quarterback and and that’s about it, and i i just don’t, think that’s good enough to go into lambo in january and and win a game win a playoff game. If they score 30 points, can they win? This game, if the rams can yeah yeah yeah, and i think that that may be what they have to do. I mean they’re gon na they’re gon na have to count on some special teams plays, maybe aaron rodgers having an off day, which we haven’t seen.

What all season, maybe once yeah that’s just it’s, just not going to happen yeah right last game of the weekend. Some say that you know it’s the marquee match up brady versus breeze, tampa bay versus new orleans sunday late afternoon. Bob i’m curious about your thoughts on this. Like i said last week, it’s moses versus noah right, i love it. Those guys have thrown wait. I wrote it down hold on 1263 touchdown passes, including playoffs between brady and breeze. I don’t know who to pick in this game guys i don’t the fact that it’s in new orleans doesn’t really matter as much as it probably should, unless sean payton could have quarantined 60 000 and stuck him in the superdome. I that’s not happening so my gut. My gut is it’s it’s, a shootout brady had 40 touchdowns this year at 40, 000 years old. I think brees, though, because of kamara who led the league with 21 tds. I think because michael thomas is the guy finally healthy. The wild card offensive secret guy, who you can find the leading receiver in the league a year ago, is finally in his game element. I think i think brees is going to edge out bruce and brady but i’m not going to swear to it. I, like that call kent, yeah i’ve gone back and forth on this one too, and and it’s so hard to beat a team three times in a season and and the saints have done that with uh with the bucks.

The season opening game was was pretty close. The box made a ton of mistakes. Then there was the blowout in november. The bucks made a ton of mistakes. The saints look really good. I i think tampa bay has sort of found itself since then, especially offensively, brady has settled into that bruce aryan system we’ve. Seen that happen before with veteran quarterbacks carson palmer here in 2013, very pedestrian in the first half of the season, he and the receivers clicked the second half and you could see something build, and i see that happening in tampa bay, i’m going to go with the Upset here yeah no in normal times, if, if fans were in the superdome, i probably wouldn’t, do it, like you, said mac that’s, not the home field advantage it’s been in the past. There is no home field advantage anymore in the days of covet. I think tom brady is going to bounce back he’s going to play. Well enough. I think todd bowles. Will you know dial something up to contain: drew brees who’s, not the passer. He once was so in the battle of in the battle of old guys, moses versus noah. I don’t, i don’t know which one brady is like he’s, moses, i’ll, take him in the box. I’Ll take him into bucks and i think it’s going to be a field goal difference, oh close game and bob coming with the the 1263 number, which is. You know that that that’s really incredible between those two guys that many touchdowns and we also found out in in today’s uh, show kids that bob’s biography is going to be called beers with jim mcmahon bob’s had beers with everybody yeah true, maybe that’s the title.

Beers with dot dot, dot, b, bernie bourdain george harrison oh list is crazy. Man. Cat stevens enjoy some cold wars this weekend with the divisional games and we’ll check back in on the asc nsc championship.

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