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We have a matchup of two of the greatest to ever. Do it. We have an update on the whereabouts of kyrie irving. Again, we have an update on the whereabouts of kyrie irving, but we start with a matchup of two of the greatest young quarterbacks in the league. Of course, i’m talking about josh allen and lamar jackson, and you know who i’m rooting for as a card carrying member of the bill’s mafia me and betty the butcher that’s right benny, though butcher and all griselda will be rooting for the bills. This weekend, as the bill’s mafia comes to orchard park to cheer on the bills against the ravens, what do the bills mafia have to worry about in this matchup shout out producer demetrius for getting this clear. You must actually have an espn show where benny the butcher will actually appear on it. To use that you just made me lose my train of thought. That was so dope. These guys need to focus on slowing down lamar jackson. I know you excited about being a member of bill’s mafia but that’s the reason mvp right there and they were trailing by double figures. Last week he got over that hurdle. He struggled into the playoffs and got it and had he hadn’t gotten his first win in the playoffs. He got over that hurdle. Lamar jackson, along with a couple of other names you’re going to be saying on saturday it’s, almost like a ravens, fair, five caleus campbell, you’re gon na be lamar jackson, claire’s campbell, you’re gon na be saying his name, marcus, peters, you’re, gon na be saying his name.

Marlon humphrey you’re going to be saying his name and the kicker justin tucker the best in football weapon. You will be saying his name easily. Those are really good points. Now. Let me make some points for the bills, because they’ve got a great secondary that’s, going to limit the passing game when they’ve got white and hyde employer. However, two names you don’t, hear a lot from tremaine edwards and matt milano. Those are linebackers they’re going to need to limit this rush. Attack to limit lamar jackson contain him, so he doesn’t break those big runs because over the last six games, the bills, the ravens have won they’re averaging more than 260 yards on the ground of games. It is going to be those bills, linebackers that are on defense, that might not be household names, that you’ll be calling. Those names remember, edmunds and milano, not the big stars. The ravens got on defense, but that will be the key to the bill’s defense. What are the key to the bill’s offense in this one? Mr rose now the bills have a distinct advantage in a different area of this game. The passing one in particular with josh allen and stephon diggs, who are breaking bill’s records each week and now all of a sudden people understand as a guy that can beat you from the pocket and on the move. How alan has ascended to be one of the exciting quarterbacks that people feel like is a franchise one going forward if you’re able to beat lamar jackson in a playoff game, so very young in your career, that’s gon na help further a lot of that talk right Now i want to make sure that we continue to put respect on lamar’s, name and that’s.

Why i’m, looking forward to this football game, let’s go bills? In my opinion, the most exciting football game of the weekend come on bills. Do it for griselda, do it for blue cheese? Do it for pintos, do it for buffalo let’s go bills now that is a matchup two of the young, exciting quarterbacks in the league, but there’s also a matchup of two of the oldest i’m. Sorry, a matchup of the two oldest quarterback to ever match up in a playoff game. Of course, i’m talking about tom brady against drew brees. What is the key for the saints to come away with the win in this matchup at home? Heartbreak is the key. This team has been together the last few years, jacoby and in the playoffs each time they went home with their heads down in their locker room and tears in their eyes. They’Ve gone through it as a group before they still have drew brees he’s back healthy, michael thomas, who led the league’s league and catches last year, he’s healthy and alvin kamara, who just sent some cleats to the hall of fame because he had a six touchdown game. This year is healthy, they also have cook, they also have sanders. This team is loaded, and i think that familiarity is gon na give them a distinct advantage over a team that they’ve already beaten twice in this football season. In the last time, they beat them. 38. 3 and those three points came at the end of the game on a field goal when they were down and jalen.

The key for the saints on the other side of the ball is getting pressure on the goat tom brady, because you look at his numbers. Pressure versus not pressured when he is in a clean pocket. He goes from being the goat under pressure. He becomes a go. Look at that 84 qbr without pressure, six qbr, with pressure, six out of whatever the top of qbr is with pressure. That is the key to the saints getting after tom, and if you remember that 38 3 game cam jordan got him down and also hendrickson got him down. Hendrickson didn’t play last week, but he is now limited in practice and he can cause a lot of problems for tom brady and also cause pressures that lead to interceptions. Because if you remember in that last game, tom brady was uncomfortable in hendrickson, who was limited in practice, hopefully he’ll be available for the game had a lot to do with that now. Jalen i’m gon na put you on the spot in the battle of these two. Two of the greatest to ever do it, who do you think, has a better performance, i think drew brees has a better performance jacoby because of what you just said. The saints ability to make tom brady uncomfortable – and i don’t think that bruce arians is gon na decide to give a healthy dose of leonard fernett and ronald jones like as much as we’re talking about tom brady gronk is an amazing, run.

Blocker and he’s still doing a great job of catching, in particular in the red zone. If they decide that they wanted to clock, kill a little more, they should try to take a version of what the browns have made them successful all year and try to do that and then all of a sudden hit evans hit antonio brown, not the other way Around with a 43 year old, quarterback that’s a really good point – jim rose, i know bruce aries records this because he’s at work when we’re on so he records us dvrs us listens, watches the show when he gets home and he’s gon na say you know what Jalen told me to do establish the run, establish jones who’s likely to play established for net and then go up top that’s. A really good game plan from you. Coach rose now moving on to an intriguing matchup, probably the most lopsided matchup in the weekend, but does have some serious upset potential jalen. Why are the chiefs such big favorites in this one, because they ain’t fast forward jacoby? Everybody else is playing at normal speed. Look at patrick mahomes is that the cheetah – oh oh yeah, that is the cheetah that’s right. What about travis kelsey? Are they just breaking records most yards most tds doing backflips, trying stuff like okay? They do plays now there’s, so many people in the backfield i don’t even think they know who’s going to end up with the ball it’s like they’re, just trying stuff flip plays guys in motion.

Come on dog don’t dig against the kansas city chiefs, don’t be there. I have some good news for travis kelsey. The browns defense is 30th in the league against tight ends again 30th in the league against tight ends and they’re, going up against titan that basically broke every tight end record this year and made it look easy. But speaking of making things look easy for the chiefs if you’ve been paying attention to this show you’ve seen that the chiefs aren’t exactly blowing out weak opponents leading into these playoffs leading into that bye week. Look at that since week 9. Their margin of victory is 1.3 points. Again. They’Ve won by six they’ve won by three they’ve won by three. They won by four they’re, not blowing teams out the way you would expect a team like the chiefs two. However, if the browns are going to get, this upset it’s going to be on the back of chub and hunt, because in the nine games that mahomes has lost in his entire career, the nine games again he’s only lost nine times his entire career. The opposing team has averaged 35 rushing attempts and 156 yards. That is the road map to an upset for the browns it’s, just to run it and run it and run it, and sometimes it won’t work but keep running it, keep running it and keep running it. Then try to keep mahomes and the cheetah and kelsey on the sidelines, because there’s no stopping this chief’s offense now jalen do you think there’s any chance.

The browns can come away with this win when the browns won last week, jacoby. That was against the pittsburgh steelers right. They spotted him 28. right and i believe the pittsburgh steelers are going to have a new offensive coordinator and they couldn’t run the football and they basically have a statue in ben roethlisberger, who i think they should actually consider moving on from this week. They have patrick mahomes, the cheetah and travis kelsey to deal with i’m going with the kansas city chiefs. Yeah i’m gon na go i’m gon na go with the best team in football. This is clearly the best team in football kansas city chiefs, but salute to the browns we’ll see if they can pull off this upset and in the final game that we will discuss, it is basically the best defense against the best offense that’s. What this all boils down to and what do you see, winning that who do you see winning that battle? I hate to be the offensive coordinator killer, but who did the rams beat last week, seattle and i told you they was going to change coordinators too, for the green bay packers. I talked about the saints earlier in their amazing big three and aaron rodgers has a legit chance, along with patrick mahomes, as we all know, to win mvp. Because can we start putting some respect on devonta adams and aaron jones name yeah? We can. I can’t wait to watch two first team, all pro receiver and cornerbacks and ramsey go at it.

However, this green bay packers offensive attack continues to highlight the greatness of aaron rodgers. I don’t think the offensive attack of the rams and, by the way, acres did a terrific job running the football last week, but jared goff with a busted thumb. I just think aaron rodgers gon na be too much to overcome. Well, you’re gon na have to ride on the defense. It says you meant you got jared jared goff with the busted thumb and then you’ve got blake bortles. Just you know, coming coming from being out of the league to the practice squad now being activated this week. The rams are going to need the best defense to step up and look at these defensive numbers that they have like they are leading in most categories. They are second against opponent. Qbr first, in points allowed first in yards per play; third down percentage. They are third and devante adams. You mentioned he leads the league in yards per game and td catches there’s only one man that can stop him there’s only one man that can stop devonte adams and that is jalen ramsey when jalen ramsey lines up against the best receiver. On the other team. Look at what happens just look at what happens. Look at what happens, however, as big of a case i made for how great this rams defense is. I just don’t see this happening. I just i just don’t, see jared goff and his broken thumb and acres powering this offense to over 14 points.

I just don’t, i just don’t see it happening and – and i i love what you did there and you know the name: jaylen is a superpower and he’s done a terrific job of being a lockdown corner and aaron donald also has a super power. He keeps a crisp cut, taking his helmet on and off during football games. You know i pay attention to that as well, but i don’t think their offense jacobi is going to be able to keep up with aaron rodgers in the green bay packers. I don’t think so either, but i’ll be watching every single second and jalen. We have some information that we have not had for what seems like two weeks now we have an update on kyrie irving’s playing status. You have to stay tuned to find out that you’re watching that he is expected to play this saturday after serving a five day, quarantine and a 50 000 feet jailing. What does this mean for the nets for the fans and for the league as a whole must see tv? Those personal reasons change when you realize you get to play basketball with the slim reaper and the beard on the same basketball team, with steve nash and mike d’antoni as the coaches and they’re going to walk into the locker room and put 130 on the board and Expect each of those guys to get 30 every night. You think he gon na miss that he’ll be there saturday night, my brother, you can put whatever on it and it’s gon na be great theater, the entire season and in the future, watching this big three go to work in the eastern conference.

Let’S see if they can win two titles, like lebron’s, big three in miami. We will see about that, but it will start on saturday and just like every nba fan we’re like we got ta, see the beard on the nets he’s the same way he’s like you know what i got ta see this. I got ta get a front row seat to this. You know what i’m gon na do. I was out for personal reasons, i’m. Coming back for personal reasons, and those are that i want to play with james harden and kevin durant. Next, we have an update on the head coaching job for the jaguars, keep moving hit the brakes hit the brakes on this one as we’ve sort of expected. For weeks now, urban meyer has been officially announced as the head coach for the jaguars. What does that mean for the jaguars moving forward next season? Well, he’s, clearly an all time great on what he’s accomplished accomplished on the collegiate level, bowling green winning championships in florida and even ohio state. I saw this guy. Take the ohio state buckeyes to an undefeated season and they were on probation, like he’s, outstanding jacoby and the jaguars are very lucky to have him, but what they better be also getting is an accomplished quarterback whisperer to be the offensive coordinator. Was it because alex smith is a seasoned veteran and he doesn’t make mistakes, but the other guy and tim tebow was a heisman trophy winner, but cam noon and joe burl they needed to leave urban meyer in order to propel their quarterback scenario and put them in Position to not only ball in college, but ball in the league.

He hasn’t necessarily been a whisperer for the position on the center it’s going to be important to see who they hire. Alongside of him jalen, you know i don’t like to give you compliments, but that’s a really good point. When you look at the list of quarterbacks that he has had there’s he’s really only brought alex smith into the league under his own tutelage. Tim tebow didn’t have a great career, cam newton and joe burrow both did, but they both had to leave urban meyer to get into the league to play on sunday and all those other quarterbacks have not had success. Hopefully he does recognize that in himself and then hire somebody to toodle toodle to tutor i mean i, i learned i learned from the best like john madden, but when you said compliment i thought she’s gon na talk about my shirt. That shirt is hideous. That shirt is hideous. You couldn’t pay me two thousand dollars to wear that on this television program. Moving on the jets have hired salah of the 49ers, keep moving at the breaks fellow michigander, i’m really happy for him wish. He was more in the mix with the detroit lions, but either way right now, it’s the jets keep it moving. We keep it moving. We keep it move quietly. The stretch mark five is putting together an enemy he’s, a candidacy in denver, and he continued his mvp run against james wiseman and the warriors.

What did you see from the stretch mark five last night, you know how much i love the joker and it probably should be illegal to have a man crush on a basketball player like this, but i’ll tell you what anytime a center is leading the league in Assists for the first time since wilt chamberlain in decades, but you can also show me, highlights of them doing a spin move off the post and doing a backwards dunk, and then you show me the jump hook. These are fundamentals, people this is footwork. Okay, the joker is that deal and you might have to take the mark off of that stretch because he looked like he in shape jacoby i’m. Just saying i know i used to feel like such a kinship to him, because we both look the same with our shirt off but he’s, starting to surpass me and play himself into shape. I need to get out in the streets, get some jogging shoes on and catch up to, the joker what’s, the responsibility of my guy’s name. The rockets got their first win in their first in their second game without james hart. Oh, i think it was the first game: i’m. Sorry yeah. Whatever you know what i mean: keep moving at the break, so y’all gon na put christian rules name up there, it’s like that y’all gon na hit the brakes, keep it moving for now. Man i’m. Just happy we keep it move.

You know how much i love lamella ball. I love the mellow ball, so much i’ma make you hit the brakes on this one. Look at lamelo set up michigander miles bridges for this time. Flint town stand up. Look at that! Oh, my goodness, and you know what you know what i just thought about: what dun dun, dun dun dun, dun, dun dun. Please play that dunk again, as mellow ball was driving to the middle. I thought about something that happened in 1983.

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