Realme Watch S vs Realme Watch S Pro Comparison – All Differences and Similarities!

So what are the differences? What makes the real me watch s pro? A better watch than the watchers and uh: how do they really differ? Because, most of what we see on the spec sheets or whatever the uh pictures are, you would feel like the watches and the watches pro are not really different, but take a closer look and you’ll see what are the major differences. Firstly, if you look at the front itself, uh you’ll see that the dial or the watch face area is a bit bigger on the watches pro, which is on the left. If you want to get a complete overview of it, this is a espro and the right. One is the watch s and you can see the area or the sizing is much different. You can see that it’s much bigger on the watches pro with the 1.’ inches of screen size uh. While this one is a 1.3 inch, so it’s 1.4 versus 1.3 – almost but not just that the resolution also is different. The resolution is higher on the watches pro with 454 into 454 pixels, while it’s 360 into 360 pixels on the watch s. But actually, if you take a look at it, uh with the brightness side, the watch s is much brighter and it’s an ips lcd display. So lcd displays uh, i mean they have their own disadvantages and advantages, but amoleds are always perfect and better with the colors. So if we uh change the colors here, you’ll see how beautiful this looks, the watches pro while the s doesn’t, look that bad, but still comparatively it’s, not as good.

So if you take a closer look again once once again, the brightness here is 600 nits. For the watch s and it’s 450 nits for the watch s pro so that’s the difference between the two uh to begin with, and now we talk about. If we talk about the brightness here, you can take a look that uh that we have this one on the level two of brightness is on level one. The difference here is that uh it’s 450 into 600 minutes. So if we take this to the maximum on both of them, uh you’ll now clearly see that this is almost. I mean this is more than the watches pro and that’s because of the brightness that it has. So if we have automatic brightness on both of them. So there’s no difference in that aspect, but if we keep it at level, one on the watch, s and level 2 on the watches pro it’s, almost close to each other uh. If you talk about the brightness it’s a only a bit darker on the watch s but that’s the difference there. This is right now on thirty five percent right – and this is on fifteen percent brightness. Fifteen thirty five, fifty five, seventy five and hundred are the five brightness levels that you can change the brightness too, and they both have the same protection here. The watches pro and the s don’t have any difference in the uh screen protection, but there are differences with that, always on always on is present on only the watches pro because of the amoled display that is given here so that’s, where is the difference, is between The displays where you see amoled has a better display than lcds, and this is the sleep tracking and thankfully, almost the same tracking that we have and uh.

It might seem weird, but i have won this watches for almost like three to four days. One side on uh with one watch so left wrist with the watches pro and right rest with the watches, so just to see how good the tracking is, and here there was a difference you can see that i have won the watches. I just removed them and you can see the difference here. The steps are almost double and i’ll also give you the same overview on the app as well to show the differences and that’s where it’s, not about the tracking. Here. It’S about the hand the primary hand being used for most of the activities and that’s where the difference would come and now, if you talk about the weight of these watches, it’s 68 grams for uh. And now, if we talk about the weight of these watches, uh it’s, actually 63.5 grams for the watches pro, and that is because of the uh stainless steel body that is used on the watches pro, while it’s 6063 aluminum alloy. That is used on this one. So the weight is much lesser, it’s, almost about 48 grams, so a difference of around 16 grams is what you see between the two watches on the back. You have these sensors and obviously the sensors are better on the watches pro. And if you talk about all the sensors on these watches, there’s a six axis accelerometer on the watchers provide, which makes it a much better tracker when it comes to different activities and it’s, a three axis: uh accelerometer on the watch s so with the tracking.

Obviously there would be that difference and also there is swimming tracking on the watches pro, which is not present on the watch s. So if you take a look at also the different uh workouts that are given here, there are some similar workouts. If we talk about the running and cycling and those things you have swimming tracking here, which is not present on the watch, s that’s one difference if you are a swimmer and want to track the swimming activity, that won’t be possible and one of the reasons for That is that the watch s comes with an ip68 certification and uh that’s. Okay, i mean it is easily usable under the range you can easily go to shower using the same, but you can’t directly dunk into the water for swimming using the watch s, but with the watches flow. You can do that because it comes with the 5 atm water resistance, so you can actually go deep up to 50 meters. You can’t, you don’t need to go there, but it has a production of up to 50 meters of depth of water and 5 atm pressure. It can handle pretty well so that’s, one other major difference, uh the activity tracking that swimming and everything can be tracked here and the water resistance levels are better on the watches pro when compared to the ip68 certification on the watch s and now about the battery. So far, the battery life uh, based on what i have used uh.

You can also clearly see from the band itself that i’ve used the watches pro more than the watches and uh i’ve just got the watches four days back, so i can’t really claim out the battery on this one. But the company’s claim is that uh, the watch s would give about 15 days battery life. What the watch s pro would give about 14 day battery life, uh and uh. The battery capacity is more on the watches pro because of a 420 mah battery it’s ‘0. On the watches, but the amarra display would drain a bit more battery and also the sensors are heavier on the watches pro that’s. The reason why the battery claim is a bit lesser on the watches pro, but in the end i’ve used this watch for uh. Since the launch i mean not even since the launch, but before that as well and since then i have charged it only once and it’s been working pretty well there. So now, under the application, you can see both of these watches being well connected, that’s, one of the good advantages of real me link, unlike fitbit, where you have only a single device being tracked and being connected. You cannot have multiple devices connected in the same account. You can do that here. So if you go to the watch s pro and you check out the data it’s actually yeah, it has to still sync the data here. Uh. Let me do that on both the watches right now.

Yes, it’s sinking on both of them. So uh, if you’re going to the watch s pro and look at the data here, it has the script tracking strip tracking and also the sleep and heart rate and everything that’s similar on both of them. If you go into this as well, you have the steps, sleep and heart rate and everything – and i have done uh the same kind of uh measurement on both of them that’s five minute interval 53 to 101 is what it shows here and 52 to 97. So that’s small differences that you see here, but another step count if you’re going to yesterday’s account uh it’s uh, yes, it’s, two one, two one steps on the watch: s probe and if i go into yesterday’s stats on the watch s it’s 1942, so there’s that Difference that you would see usually would see because uh the left hand is more of a non used hand. I mean if we walk if we take a long, walk and that’s when, if you see uh the progress yesterday, i went for a half half hour walk during the evening late evening and that’s when the uh phone is being used with the right hand and that’s. Why i feel yes, there was some of the loss of step count on the watch s, and this was the free hand, which actually gives you the proper moment of walking and that’s when the tracking was much different if it also go into a further previous date.

Uh, if you’re going to tenth there’s two six, five, two steps on the watches two six five, two versus – if we go into tenth on this one as well and uh, take a look at it. Three three, two five: you can see the difference here now. The left hand is almost like 700 steps more than the right hand, and that is why you have to always uh decide which hand you need to actually use for the fitness tracking, not for the actual varying of the watch and using it as a watch. But for fitness tracking, you need to use your hand, which is not used for most of the activities like holding the phone or writing down something. It should be the free hand, which is actually free and giving you the giving the watch that indication of walking when you’re actually trying to do some activities, so uh that’s it with this one. But also i took a screenshot of the settings of the watch earlier and this is for the watch s, and this is for the watches pro so there’s. One difference that you see here alarm clock that is not present on the watches i’m. Not sure why, but you don’t have that feature here. Uh everything else is exactly the same here. You also have to find my phone on the settings below here, but everything else is almost the same and the notifications are going to remain the same, except that swimming tracking.

You don’t see everything uh. I mean very differently on the two watches, as i said earlier as well. If you go into this button, you have the option of swimming and you have more sports. Obviously, on the watch watches pro when compared to the watch s in terms of whatever you can track, so you have some of the similar ones, but you also have some which are not present on this one but are present on the watch s pro so uh. The other features, if you go into the main watch face and then swipe it from left to right. You have the battery saving option. You also have the lift to raise, i mean raise to wake and you have the torch light option here, but that’s not given in the settings over here. You have the brightness adjustment levels and also the dnd mode that you can turn it on from directly from here itself. So these are the features that you get on: the real new watch s and the watches pro, and these are the major differences between the two. I would say if you are actually going for the watches pro over the watches and wondering why should you actually go with it and what are the major differences i’ll again give you a quick comparison of the two, this swimming tracking and actually it’s, not just the Swimming tracking that should make you uh, i mean go with it. The major reason is that the six axis accelerometer, which would do a better tracking, obviously there’s a gyroscope as well and gps tracking as well, and this five atm water resistance on the real new watches from this amoled display.

The only advantage that the real way watch s has is the uh 600 nits of brightness, so that’s the only advantage. This also has a sharper display 454 to 454 pixels compared to 360 into 360, and also the size it’s, the same uh dial area or the same size of the watch, but the display is smaller on the watches. So these are the major differences, i would say if you are actually going with the real me watches pro it’s, not a bad choice at all, and it is a full, fledged smart watch with some good activity, training options. But if you have a stricter budget, the real watchers is still not a bad choice, but i would say, if you are somewhere in between that budget, you should try to increase that budget and go with the real me watches pro. If you are considering an option between these two so that’s it guys.

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