The Everyday Watch II from Plain Supplies Review

2 from plane supplies. This minimalist timepiece is affordable and is flexible enough to match every occasion i have the gunmetal color, but it also comes in rose gold with the everyday watch too. You get a genuine leather, strap. This grey elastic woven nato strap, which we’ll talk more about later and a melanie’s stainless steel, strap that’s already attached to the watch. That’S three straps in total there’s, also one adjustment tool for the mesh, strap and four quick release spring bars for the elastic woven, strap man. That was a mouthful this isn’t the first watch i reviewed from plain supplies. I got to check out their blackout 40 watch, which i love by the way quite a while ago. You know where to look. If you want to check out that video the everyday watch 2 is absolutely beautiful. I kind of wish that it came in black but that’s. Just me, the gunmetal finish paired with the white face is super clean. All that, with a thin casing, just makes it one of the cleanest looking watches that i’ve seen it just screams, minimalism and that’s. What i love about it, the most this is currently my favorite watch to wear and it’s my most worn watch besides my apple watch, of course, it’s thin, sleek and very comfortable to wear no matter what strap i go for, and i just love how low profile It is and how it sits on your wrist having a low profile watch comes with great benefits, because you know minimalism on a more serious note.

This won’t get in the way of your daily tasks compared to something that’s, larger and more clunky. In my opinion, it doesn’t feel heavy on your wrist at all, so you’ll forget that it’s there until you need to tell the time so far the everyday watch 2 is living up to its name. Let’S talk about straps baby. These straps use the same kind of quick release spring bar mechanisms. All you have to do is push this little lever down like so, and you can switch in between straps it’s. That simple, this stainless steel strap is the one that comes attached to the watch. When you receive it, it’s easily the most convenient one to attach and remove because of its quick release. Lock, you just adjust it to fit your wrist one time and you’ll never have to adjust it again. The process only takes a couple of minutes of trial and error. This strap matches the watch the most out of the three because it’s in the same gunmetal finish. Just look at how good this thing looks. Next up is the black genuine leather strap, which is my personal favorite. This is the typical watch, strap that everyone knows about, but it’s timeless. This one is more comfortable than the last and i’m, actually not too sure if it’ll patina over time. Just like other leather products, it looks great on almost any outfit, so having a black strap is just a no brainer.

Last but not least, is this gray elastic strap it doesn’t, look like it, but it’s actually really stretchy. I was pretty surprised because of how comfortable it is to wear. This is the strap where you need to use those spring bars. You only need two. So there are two extra just in case you lose them after you attach the strap you just put it on like a regular watch. This is the most comfortable to wear out of the three because of the extra flexibility which allows your wrist to move around more freely it’s the strap that you would use. If you wanted to wear this watch while exercising or going out on a run, the everyday watch 2 looks super clean overall and i just love how the face looks. There are no numbers to tell the time, but you do get used to it very quickly. Do you see that little tiny number by the three o’clock it tells you today’s date, which is pretty neat? What more could you ask for from a minimalist watch there’s, nothing really to complain about at all it’s kind of a fingerprint magnet, but i feel like that’s how all watches are if your hands are all over them, it’s easy enough to wipe down with the microfiber Cloth anyways other than that i have yet to find a downside. Overall, this is a great watch at a great price. The included three straps will match with whatever outfit you choose and the thin profile, complemented with it not being too heavy to wear, makes it a great choice for an everyday edc watch.

Will i be wearing this watch every day? Um, i think i’ll be sticking with my apple watch, but i’ll definitely keep this one around just in case i’m, feeling a little extra fancy. If you don’t need a smart watch, i highly recommend the everyday watch too. From plain supplies: hey you. I really appreciate you good things are coming i’m gon na step up my whole youtube game, so be ready for it anyways. If you found this video helpful, you know what to do.

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