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So what toby roblox smartwatch has is it has a little robot? It has selfies. You can do videos you can get fit. You have smartwatch to tell what the time is and you have games and you can also learn let’s get this open. Do what? How do you open this? Oh it’s, like this? Oh my god, oh my god he’s so cute, look at it! So, okay, sending kids! So the toby robot smartwatch has three modes: toby mode menu mode and screen mode. The tobii robot smartwatch is pink, it has blue eyes and it has a camera right here and it’s a watch, so the toby robot smart watch is right now at toby mode, which is this. He has arms and legs and he takes them out. He talks. He thinks of stuff up his head and when he hears this sound, that means he makes a like a face, so he’s cool. So if you press the home button, you’re gon na find the menu mode and you’re gon na see a lot of choices. Okay, so the toby robot smartwatch has games, it has fitness tracks um, it has alarms, it has calendars, it has walkie talkies and you can also send messages to another toby robot smartwatch in your house. Also, the tobii robot smartwatch has a timer and, as you play games, you earn. You earn things to decorate. Also the tobii robot smartwatch has a selfie mode of video mode and you can do learning games and you can also do different games.

Also. The toby robot smart watch has splash proof. If you get a little bit of water on it, it won’t break so sandy kids, the toby robot smartwatch, is so cool. It has so many more options. I love the toby robot smart watch now i’m, going to show you how my toby, robot smart watch, looks like also the toby robot. Smartwatch brings this case. If you want to put the toby robot smartwatch on your pants and something that i love is that i can record my voice, and so i definitely recommend this watch and i think that i’m gon na have a lot of fun. With this now i’m gon na play okay, yay, Music yay, so so do Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, oh Music, okay, kids.

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