User Review: VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Star Wars BB-8 Toy

My seven years old had been asking for a smartwatch and well. We wanted to get him one that could text us but other than a real apple. Others are a waste of money, so i hose to get him. This one – and he was just as happy he loved the touch screen photo and voice recorder function. He got bored of the games pretty fast, but otherwise this was good enough for what he wanted, probably decent for under 10 years. Oh Music, 10 year old son, is in love with this for the price it has way more than i expected it to. He feels like he gets cool digital tech, but i don’t have to worry about things like cellular and social media. It has all the basics, plus really fun extras and he loved the sound effects and camera bonus that the games are simple enough, that they haven’t been terribly distracting so i’m able to let him wear this all day as a regular watch, it’s. Okay, i mean for a kid: they are mesmerized as an adult i’m, not impressed it stars, wars it’s a watch. It takes pictures whatever they love so to me, it’s worth the money. Both my kids have one. Now my children saved their money to buy matching watches. The price was worth the money for sure they are easy to operate and charge. The kids use it to set their morning school alarms and keep track of time.

They even set the timer to make sure they brush their teeth for two minutes. The watch does not connect to a cell phone or internet, so that makes it pretty basic and for children that’s perfect, the games included on it are non violent. The kids also like that you can take pictures with a variety of star wars, character, backgrounds, it also records their voice and they can play it back in a normal voice. Chipmunk voice, droid voice, kylo, ren, voice, slow mo voice and echo which cracks them up. After a long wait time, the watch finally arrived, it is in a very secure box. Once we got the watch out, it does fit an adult, a great gift for all bb 8 lovers. Music best little gift, i’ve, seen yet games camera and keeps up with steps is a must have for kids. I bought this for my nine year old grandson and i am really thinking about keeping it for myself. Not really. It is so cool, as my generation would say, i would have killed to have one of these watches. When i was a kid i charged the battery, so the watch would be ready for christmas and played around with it Music. There are so many different levels on the watch to go to games, calculator, star, wars sounds and camera, the graphics are great, clear pictures and the sound is good. I had a hard time putting it back in the box for christmas.

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