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net it’s uh. There goes the cover. It’S uh, as you can see, android 9.0 4g does uh. Four core does uh cellular as well as sailor, as well as the uh fitness stuff. So i got a camera too. Let me just turn it on here. I think that’s, where it goes. We’Ll turn it on a la deng. Android, 9.0 can’t wait. Take a look at this we’re just starting up four core, as the music starts, so we’re gon na see it come up here in a second phone is starting okay, so we got time we got time and we got the date so now let’s see here. We have the apps okay, so we have step app music, all the normal stuff, with android 9 on android wear os. Let me just turn it back on okay, so you have music, video dial, there’s, your phone dial. You have setup let’s, see the step, probably nothing going to be there but sports today. So it shows you how many steps you’ve done. You have setup, has bluetooth, wi, fi, gps, different settings for sound language application storage space. I think this has got eight gigs on this phone and resets and software upgrade upgrade shut down and there’s some other stuff. Here you have uh, google chrome, you can browse the internet on it and uh yeah maps and different things from android, 9.0 and let’s. Just put it down here for a second as i adjust here.

Let me just see here if we can open it up. I just have to put the phone down here for a second and see if i can adjust it we’ll. Just try and uh find that, where the uh, where to pop it open so uh, i believe it’s here so we’ll, just uh pop it open here. Okay, so we take the back cover off. We have the battery and you can pop out the battery we’ll. Just figure out how to get the battery out. I just figured out here just take a second okay, a battery comes out here. Where does it come out here? Not that easy to figure this stuff? Oh, my goodness, battery comes out. Let me just put the phone down for a second and uh we’ll undo the cable and uh we’ll get the battery off. So i undid it undid the strap and the battery comes off like that. You have a battery with the contacts lithium ion battery and you have sd card slot as well as Music. Your sim card so just put the battery back in and that’s the phone in a nutshell, that’s the phone in a nutshell and i’ll just pop the cap. Back on so uh that’s, it uh four core: four g: four core 4 core: 4g camera gps, telephone cellular, internet wi, fi, android 9, all in the watch – and i got it at, so check it out and there’s all kinds of stuff there they have uh.

They started at like 15 and they have uh. They have watches for Music blood pressure. Heart rate steps all that stuff for fitness, so check it out.

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