WearPai HW16 Smartwatch

It is a smart watch and it’s based off the series, six uh apple watch. This will just be strictly a quick unboxing video today, so i’ll go around the box here, real quick uh. This is the blue, um blue one. It also comes in black pink and i think, a few other colors i’m, not too sure i’ll leave the link to the aliexpress storefront in the description down below for you guys, so you can check out everything and everything else that’s available for this watch uh the Hw16 is a 44 millimeter uh based uh watch as well, so just around the box here, as you could see what i’m seeing there’s nothing. So we might also go right into the unboxing. Get this opened up here right away, we’re presented with the watch itself. You can kind of see there kind of looks a little bit blue we’ll flip this out here and get a better look at it, and this is just an unboxing today, so there won’t be uh any powering on or anything as though it’ll need to be charged Up a nice little red ring there on the on the dial. I don’t know if you can hear that or not, but it does have a a click to the uh to the watch feels nice and it is an aluminum alloy aluminum casing on the watch as well. We might as well take this cover off. If i can supposed to be a quick unboxing all right there, we go get that undone and there’s a look at the back there.

It does have a two pin charger it’s, not wireless um and, i believe, there’s red leds, as well as the green in the middle uh, for this one i’ll kind of hold it there. If you guys want to take a quick look around the watch there and read some of that, if you’d like it is an ip67 waterproof rating as well, and that is not a button just so you know they’re on the side, so i’ll set that aside up There and we’ll see what else we get in the box here. Okay in here we have our charger. It looks like a proprietary charger, uh, actually kind of looks like your standard. Two pin uh just have a quicker look. Yes, that’s exactly what it is. It’S your standard magnetic two pin uh two pin charger. It seems to hold on there pretty well so that’s nice so set that aside and instruction manual looks for the hw16 we’ll see what it uh. How detailed it is here and have a quick look: that’s, not english! So, okay, here we go. We got some english down here at the bottom. I’Ll give a quick or a slow scan here for you guys, so you guys can pause that at any time. If you want to know a little bit more about the watch, maybe in some more detail, uh bluetooth versions and things like that – and that is not english, so we will just pack that up and there’s the strap so that’s everything you get in the box.

It’S, a nice blue, it seems to match the watch really nice and that there seems to hold really well so that’s a nice feeling. It does not have the pins for releasing like your standard apple watches. Do so i’ll be curious to find out if these straps and the actual apple watch straps will fit into this watch? Um, yeah, nice and snug very snug. I like that that’s, a nice uh, really nice fit it’s a nice look too so anyways a quick unboxing. Today, i will be back in time uh a week or so probably for uh a quick review uh in my opinion, for this uh. Once again, this has been a review for the hw16 uh smart watch uh. This one is from where pi and i’ll leave all the links down in the description for the aliexpress store.

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