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This picture is probably one of my favorite pictures. It was making its rounds on twitter this morning, um, and so you see him there with his adorable mittens on his hands or his arms crossed his mask on um, and you know he’s looking a little uh grumpy. I, like that tweet, where rachel um sim writes. I need this picture to become the new. I would prefer not to stand in which i love, and then you might recognize the jacket that bernie’s wearing, because it was the same jacket that he wore in the notorious youtube ad asking for campaign funds, small dollar donations. Of course, during the democratic primary i am asked i’m once again asking for your financial support uh. So it was just a cute uh image and really did warm my heart yeah. It was a fantastic meme. I love that yeah and so that that new image has become one i’m sure you’ve seen the photoshops of people putting that into things like i saw the classic like the workers sitting on like a beam in manhattan or whatever they put them on that and um. I started to work on a photoshop of him and the council of elrond, and i just you know like i don’t need to put 30 minutes into that in the middle of a workday, but it would have been great. It would have been great but anyway it’s. Just yeah, like you see it and you just think it’s, like maybe it’s, just that he like us, is like good good good.

Now, let’s get back to work. You know maybe he’s doing that or he’s, probably thinking a little bit about how close he potentially came at two different occasions, and so my heart goes out to him. For for that as well, did you happen to see the photo of him with the envelope from before that point? In the day i did, i did see that it’s just like the idea that, like he’s gon na head to cvs in the post office afterwards, like he’s, got his whole day planned i’m gon na accomplish so many errands um yeah, oh bernie, bernie and one final Thing um, so i i love what ben mankowitz says about pictures. You know how there’s like that saying that pictures speak. A thousand words ben mankowitz argues that no pictures don’t say anything. They can often be um. They misrepresent oftentimes what’s really going on. So we don’t really know what he’s thinking and while he might look grumpy in you know the original picture that we showed you guys. We don’t know if he was actually in a bad mood or anything like that. I will say i mean he’s been criticized for being curmudgeonly or grumpy in general and based on the interactions i’ve had with him. I can see why people would think that, but i actually really really like that about him. I, like that he’s not fake. I like that, he doesn’t you know, put on a show for people it sucks, because in politics i think that you kind of have to do that a little bit um and i’m i’m one of those rare people who runs away from people who live in my Building who are actually very polite and nice and want to have conversations – and i run toward joe who’s like the 98 year old – who, like does not want to talk to me at all i’m, just like joe joe every time i see him in the lobby like I want to strike up a conversation so um i don’t know i just i like i like that authenticity and um.

I just think that he’s, the kind of guy who’s been fighting for the same things for literally decades uh, while serving in congress and it’s an incredibly frustrating um process. That leads to a lot of disappointment, but he keeps fighting, and so let the man be grumpy. If he wants to be grumpy, i love it. Yeah yeah he’s earned it oh and he’s like he’s, not going we’re talking about him he’s. Still there he’s gon na be doing great work. I hope yeah yeah. No, i just wanted to share some bernie love. Like you know, i know the inauguration ain’t about him, but we can make it about it. Thanks for watching the young troops really appreciate it. Another way to show support is through youtube. Memberships, you’ll get to interact with us, more there’s live chat. Emojis badges you’ve got emojis of me anna john jr, so those are super fun, but you also get playback of our exclusive member only shows and specials right after they air. So all that all you got to do is click that join button right underneath the video.

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