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Everything i got i bought from the family dollar. So, with the exception of the oxiclean, which you guys know, i buy at bj’s in bulk, so everything else was um from the family dollar store and i got this container was just lying around at home. So i just used that and then i bought a special grater from the dollar store just to use it. I didn’t want to use the one for the kitchen on this, so that’s why i just got a different one. So, to start off, you start off by gratering the soap. This was the hardest process, because i don’t have a lot of muscle arm muscles or anything like. I am very weak upper body. So this was like the hardest part for me and then i had carter, who wanted to help me. Do every single thing and let me also say i had no measurements so i’m, pretty much just winging it and i’m just eyeballing. It that’s all. But please stay to the end of the video. Then i will give you my final thoughts and if i would use this again, only Music okay, so i did half of it. So i wanted to kind of see how much it would give me with half. I didn’t do all of it because i wasn’t going to make all of it at first, because i was using such a small container and then i realized it wasn’t going to work so i’m, not putting it in a big container.

So that’s, how you see i’m here and i’m, just trying it out just to see like how the mixture is and how what i would want to add more of which and then i did not say i also use baking soda. They say they use washing baking. Soda and this one, but i couldn’t find the wash and baking soda at my local store. So i was just like, oh well, so here i’m, just transferring it into something bigger where i’m able to mix it better and like just separate it and see how much ratio to everything it is. And then i was like okay i’m just going to go ahead and make the whole thing, and if i end up not using it, then it’s fine, i can use it to do other stuff. I can use this to clean the bathroom. I can use it to clean other places in the house, so i just went ahead and made everything all at once and then we’ll just keep adding more of everything. Until i got the mixture that i thought looked or resembled the pictures that i saw on pinterest Music you’re, the only reason you’re is Music is Music. Is Music Music Applause? Music? Okay? So it was kind of hard because to record this part in the laundromat, but just bear with me because i did do some talking, but it came out weird because i did not have a mic on so these are the linen.

As you can see, they are pretty dirty. We had a bathroom leak, so it was soiled in everything. So this is why i chose to use these things to test it out on because i’m like this is the worst of the worst right now. So if it gets this clean, then you know it’s like a very good detergent. I didn’t use any bleach. I just used the mixture that you saw there and the only other thing i added in was a little fabric softener just for the smell of it. That’S only that’s, the only thing i use so the two main things were: the white matte and the white towel that i used to clean up the other stuff. I just washed those because we walk on them. They’Re matte they’ve got wash all together, you’re a rebel. Getting into trouble, you are kind of like a fire like a fire like a fire, unpredictable Music moving like a hurricane. There will come a time for when we can wash away your sins settle down, but until then Music i’m just giving you guys a close up of how it turned out. I will explain more in the next clip after this, but, as you can see, there are still some little stains here and there it’s not too much and i’ll explain everything in the next clip. Hi guys welcome back to my channel. I kind of just wanted to wrap up the video for the diy detergent.

Okay, so let me start by, i decided to try this out because i kept seeing like so many pros on interest and stuff like that, because, as you guys know, i am trying to do more minimalistic things and when it comes to bleach and stuff like that, I really don’t like to use that stuff, so i was like okay. Let me try this. It has like detergent, boosters and all that stuff. I just want to see if it would live up to the hype, so many people boost it up and say: oh, it works and it’s better than regular detergent. Yada yada. So i just wanted to see. If that was true – and i know you guys saw in the beginning of the video how i made it – i didn’t use any measurements, because pinterest didn’t give measurements, they just told you what to use. So i just like eyeballed it it’s like cooking eyeballish, like i don’t know how else to put it that’s just me, but i just wanted to come and show you the towel that i the most soil towel, which would be this one, the white one that um Was that the worst which i feel like would show the more most results which, as you can see like there’s, still some streaks of like brownish color on it? But what i can say is, i didn’t add any bleach and if i was washing this with regular detergent, i would have added bleach into it and i would have soaked it overnight in some bleach water and everything.

But i did not do that because i simply just want to see if it was as good as people say. It is and live up to the hype. So with that, my final thoughts on it is it. It is good. It does work the same as regular detergent because, if i would have did washed it with regular detergent and not put bleach in it, i feel like it would have came out the same, because it has a stain remover. The oxy stain remover was in there the laundry booster was in there, so i feel like it would have came out the same, because when i do wash, i do put um oxy stain remover in the clothes, with the tie that i use. So i feel like it would, it would benefit. There is no, i don’t see think there’s too much of a difference with it. So i feel like it did just a good job. Would i continue to make my own detergent nah it like it’s. Just a lot of work, i i don’t really see me doing that it and it’s not to say it’s, cheaper or it’s, more cost effective because i don’t think so when you buy all the ingredients and everything that you have to use, i don’t think it’s cheaper. I think it’s about the same, because i could get a big bag of tied for what 20 25 at a store so it’s like i, i don’t think i would do it because it’s just a lot of time, management and it’s a lot so for now.

I am going to continue to use it, but i also want to try it out, maybe on kids, like the kids clothes and see if it works on that and then the next time. But for me i would say it: it does work it’s not going to leave you disappointed whatever tide would have done. Just add that same with the oxy and that’s pretty much the same thing to me so it’s not to say it’s, better, not to say it’s. Worse, it’s, just your preference to me because i just feel like it’s just too time consuming for me to do that so it’s up to you, but yeah that’s. My final thought on it. I probably would not do it again, but i finished out the batch that i did make, but i just don’t see me doing it again, like it there’s a lot to do so.

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